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Found 92 results

  1. Chaps I wanted to take this opportunity to say that helping your fellow CV Captain win games on behalf of your team (so that means you too) is becoming harder and harder. I want this to change. A lot of this is down to lack of knowledge, or lack of CV knowledge to be precise. Those that simply don't play CV's don't understand the micromanagement involved, the number of tasking they have and expectations (some unreasonable) some people might have. The last 2 nights I have witnessed some appalling teamwork, i mean really bad. Now I know this isnt new but IMHO it's getting worse. So i wanted to give people that don't understand CV's a bit of advise in order to make the CV Captains life easier. In doing so, It will massively increase the likelihood for you to win the battle. Average players thoughts I am a German tier 9 Tank spec Freddy. I am strong and will smash my way through anything. The CV player will surely provide me with a fighter as i am not AA spec and have a torp belt of cardboard. Resulting salt "No support CV, your S***". CV Players thoughts I have 1/2 sets of fighters and 3 ships going solo. I have to spot 3 different caps and attempt to knock out the first DD in time. I need to support that DD going into the cap and stop him form being spotted. I need to position my fighters in order to support the fleet as a whole in case of a strike. I need to recce the enemy team enough for the team to see what they are doing. I need to spot the torps coming towards the BB from smoke. I need to engage the enemy fighters going for my own strike. I need to shot down and strafe the enemy fighters to keep the DD safe. A CV player (good ones) will always try and support you the best they can. But you have to understand that there is a pecking order and you might not even be in the top 10. Here are a few things you can do to help matters. 1) Pair up. If you believe that you have poor AA or not enough to stop at least half the enemy planes then find a AA buddy. That doesn't mean following him around the whole game, but always look for locations that have a friendly AA ship in the general area. Enough to think if that guy pops his defensive AA, the CV player is gonna have a hard time trying to hit you. 2) Enemy AA ships. Take a look (or use the mini map) to see what AA ships the enemy has in on front of you. If you are a DD player and are screaming for friendly fighter to help cap but on the other side of the HIll is a Mino and Des, then the likelihood of the CV player sending fighters are SLIM TO NONE. Don't throw salt at him just because he doesn't have invulnerable planes. Planes last for a matter of seconds in heavy AA if your lucky. Would you push into a Moskva and Des with radar? Then don't expect the CV player to send planes in. 3) Positioning. You are a sneaky DD and are behind enemy lines. You are doing well and then suddenly you get spotted by the CV player .You scream for friendly fighters as your a Shimmy with a rifle on board. Guess what? A CV captain will not send his fighters though enemy ships (most of which have good AA) in order to support your death wish. Factoring the time to takes to get there, the likelihood that when they do they will make a difference (those that are left) and knowing the enemy will now be all over you, isnt going to go in your favour regarding support. Look at the ships the CV player has to get though first and the time it will take. 3/4 times sending plane behind enemy line results in a very few or none returning. Unless you are a AA spec Fletcher, KIDD or DD with good AA (defensive) then come to peace with the nightmare you might now face. If your on the flank and not surrounded by AA ships then completely fine and we/I will always bat enemy planes off you. But make the decision easy for us by not putting yourself in crap positions we cant help you with. 4) Torp dodge. Don't make the enemy CV captains life easy. The amount of people i see sailing in a straight line and getting whacked by torps in simply astounding. Break this down: DD/CA captain both the hardest and easiest to hit. One of the best times to sink a DD is when he starts slowing down in order to smoke. DONT. A good CV player can judge the time it takes for you to stop and when you do will receive a wall of torps. Keep moving, even when in smoke. Create a smoke circle but whatever you do don't just slow down and stop. BB Captains Always turn into the torps and not away from them. I'm sure i don't need to tell you why but in case it's about torp arming and surface area 5) Manuel AA knowledge. You receive a AA buff when you select a certain group of planes right? So knowledge of section is paramount. If you are in a Bismarck and you have a set of Enterprise torp planes and a set of AP bombers coming your way then concentrating on the Bombers will SAVE YOUR LIFE. I know that a AA spec Bis can destroy both but if your anrt then know/learn what planes are going to do the most damage to you. Just one 1 set of AP bombs can blow up a Bis just like that or strip 1/2 of your health, but the spread on the Enterprise torps can only hit so many (if you adopt point 4, 2 if hes lucky) A Fletcher is the opposite and should target the Torps as AP bombs do squat. So know what planes to target first. 6) Helping win fighter engagements. Fighters cant hurt BB's right? So why would you care about the dog fight that is going on near/above your head? Well simply selecting the enemy fighters will apply the Buff and help your friendly CV win what could be a close air battle. Those remaining planes could then be used to at least mess up the drop that will be heading for your team, or spot a incoming DD. Help as much as you can lads. Even sail into AA range to help those fighters out if it doesn't put you in a bad position. A good CV play will always try to use your AA anyway and wont get caught in a fighter battle they cant win, but some people are still learning or have no choice, so give them a helping hand. 7) Concentrate fire. One of the many jobs of a CV captain is spot and hopefully kill the enemy DD's. DD's are IMHO the most important ship in the game so we/you need them dead, pronto. If a CV player is spotting a DD or low concealment ship and has announced it on the F5 then focus fire. It's the best example of the selfish comment a CV captain can make as he knows that those planes will start to fall out of the sky. But he does it for the good of the team. If you don't use that opportunity then the CV captain might not bother the remainder of the game. He's not gonna lose planes for nothing. Chaps, you really don't want to make a selfish CV captain. 8) Priority targets. An action has a reaction right? I have a Zao and a mino in front of me and one is going to die . Now the Mino is just bouncing shells off my bow deck but the zao is burning me alive. Your instinct is to kill the Zao but think about it. That 8.4 km AA mino of death might be a means to an end. If i wipe him from the face of the earth the CV player has a single lovely Zao to drop on. A target not even factored as it was surrounded by the Mino/Des AA. You will also keep DD players happy as another Radar ship as met it's end. If you kill a AA heavy Ship you will increase the likelihood for the CV player to help the team and in turn you. This sounds so simple right but the amount of people i see just tunnel vision on a certain ship and not seeing the bigger picture is shocking. Having a half decent CV captain on your team against no AA heavy ships on the enemy team will 3/4 win you the game. Other 1/4 is the enemy CV captains but he has heavy AA still to deal with. Summary Nothing is more frustrating (in a good way) that seeing the enemy fleet support eachother, play as a team and doing all the right anti CV things. Whilst on your team they are moving around like depressed lemmings, getting killed one by one, and throwing buckets of salt at the CV player for no good reason. I want both teams to be equally as good as it makes the game more interesting and less one sided. I don't care if it makes the enemy CV captains life a misery, but it will make 2 of them, not 1 . Playing your heart out in a CV whilst watching your own team throw it away is tiring and saps the CV life out of you. I hope this helps. P.S You can probably forget all of this when the CV re-work comes, but lets go out with a bang ay.
  2. visualizing destroyed AA

    No idea if this was brought up before, but how about showing a meter or sorts that depicts the state of your AA capabilities. Beginning of the game, meter is full, all AA functional. Eat a lot of HE and you can see the meter go down because of destroyed AA mounts so you can easily check with one glance if those incoming bombers are gonna suffer or not. I am aware you can press H and check in detail what AA is left on your ship but 'nobody aint got time for dat'
  3. Effektive Feuerwinkel bei Flugabwehr?

    Hallo Community, es ist mir jetzt etwas peinlich, nach so vielen Spielen eine solche Frage zu stellen, aber niemand im Clan konnte mir das beantworten und mit der Suchfunktion habe ich auch nichts gefunden. Wie werden die Schadenswerte der Flugabwehr genau berechnet? Spielt die Ausrichtung des Geschützes eine Rolle (also z.B. ein vorne montiertes Geschütz kann nicht durch die Brücke nach hinten feuern), oder sind das einfach nur Kreise und jeder Radius hat den addierten Schaden aller funktionstüchtigen Geschütze zusammen? Kann das jemand beantworten? Ich bin allerdings nicht an Meinungen und Eindrücken interessiert, davon habe ich selbst genug ;-) Ich suche jemanden, der das wirklich weiß und evtl. auch sagen kann woher... Vielen Dank
  4. Iowa AA is missing

    I have observed long ago that Iowa is missing a ton of Oerlikon mounts, by the end of the War she had 19 quad Bofors mounts and 52 single Oerlikon mounts, however in the game once you hit C hull, she only has 32 dual Oerlikon mounts. I ask why? The Alabama has the exact number of 52 single Oerlikon mounts and they're great just the way they are, so why doesn't Iowa boast the same historically accurate loadout that the Alabama does? Iowa is missing: -2 Oerkilon mounts on her bow -2 Oerlikon mounts directly fore of her foremost two Bofors mounts, just in front of Turret #1 -3 Oerlikon mounts on top of Turret #2 -2/2 Oerlikon mounts on each side, 1/1 just behind 5" guns 51 and 52 (her foremost dual 5" mounts) For those that do not know, on the NC-class, SoDak-class and the Iowa-class, their 10 5" mounts were 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 on her starboard and 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 on her port side, ie: 51, 52, 53, etc. the 5 indicating the caliber of the guns. And 1/1 Oerlikon mounts just fore of the two lateral Mark 37 gun directors on the two sides of the front funnel -9 Oerlikon mounts just aft of her #3 Turret Alabama's AA layout has been rendered in a historically accurate manner, Iowa's should be as well.
  5. CVs und Anderes

    CVs und Anderes. Idee ist Die CVs ganz generell in 3 Klassen, Strike, Balancend und AS, zu nterteilen. Das ganze also nicht als US vs IJN zu sehen sondern als CV vs Die Andern (Ziele?). IJN Strike: Geringste Jägeranzahl dafür höchstes Schadenspotenzial aber KEINE AP Bomben. US Balanced: Gut in beidem und einfacher zu spielen da weniger Staffeln. IJN Air Superiority: Höchste Jägeranzahl und gutes Mapcontroll dafür geringes Schadenspotenzial. Hangar: Hier habe ich relativ willkürlich mit den Zahlen gespielt bzw sie angeglichen. Wie genau die Reserven aufgeteilt werden ist nochmal eine andere Frage. Die Midway hat einen etwas größeren Hangar um die Überlegenheit der AS Haku etwas auszugleichen. Aus dem gleichen Grund ist der Hangar der Independence etwas kleiner da sonst die Ryujo wohl etwas unterlegen wäre. Staffeln: Ich denke es wäre Sinvoll die Staffelgrößen nicht als national flavor zu verstehen sondern als Mittel zum balancing. IJN US Name Strike Air Superiority J TB DB Hangar Name Balanced J TB DB Hangar Hosho 1/2/0 - a4 a4 - 30 Langley 1/1/1 a5 a6 a5 30 Zuiho 1/2/1 - '' '' a4 34 Bogue 1/1/1 '' '' '' 34 Ryujo 1/2/2 2/1/2 '' '' '' 48 Independence 1/1/1 a6 '' '' 42 Hiryu 2/2/2 3/1/2 '' '' '' 72 Ranger 2/1/2 a5 '' '' 72 Shokaku 2/2/2 3/1/2 '' '' '' 75 Lexington 2/1/2 '' '' '' 75 Taiho 2/2/3 3/1/3 '' a5 '' 90 Essex 2/1/2 '' '' a6 90 Hakuryu 2/2/4 4/1/3 '' '' '' 100 Midway 2/1/3 a6 '' '' 110 HE Bombs HE or AP Bombs HE or AP Bombs J=Jäger, TB=Torpedo Bomber, DB=Dive Bomber Hosho 1/2/0 J a4 bedeutet, dass die Hosho eine Jägerstaffel mit vier Flugzeugen und zwei Torpedobomberstaffeln mit je 4 Flugzeugen hat. Zusätzliches für CV US HE Bombzirkel verkleinern US AP Bombzirkel unter def AA deutlich vergrößern. Der auto drop unter def AA ist kleiner als der manuelle Drop … warum auch immer. Die Größe des manuellen Drops unter def AA wäre auch für den Autodrop angebracht. Generell sollten die Bombzirkel unter def AA groß werden ka wie andere Träger (wie GZ) von def AA beeinflusst werden. Flugzeuge entsprechen der Tierstufe. Skillgap CV Strafe für Jäger abschaffen? (Wobei dann die Saipan nen buff braucht) Autodrop verbessern um nicht Einhörnern zu helfen? CA/CL Def AA ab t5 /eventuell ohne dmg boost?) Def AA & Hydro für alle gleichzeitig Def AA Schaden x2 statt wie bis jetzt x3 Die AA einiger Schiffe buffen wie z.B. die Aoba. Die AA einiger Schiffe eventuell einige etwas nerfen (z.B. indem die longrange AA erst auf 6,5km oder ähnlich ihr volles Potenzial hat). BB Eventuell die AA etwas nerfen (z.B. indem die longrange AA erst auf 6,5 km oder ähnlich ihr volles Potenzial hat). DD Def AA Schaden x3 (x2) statt x4 dafür aber die Dauer auf 40sec (50)sec erhöhen. DD nicht als Fliegerschreck sondern zum Selbstschutz. Eventuell einen AA Buff Longrange buff wenn man die x2 mit 50sec Variante nimmt. Das die DDs eventuell einen weiteren buff benötigen wenn jeder Kreuzer Hydro und def AA dabei hat ist mir klar. Aber mir ist noch nichts großartiges eingefallen (außer das unter Torpedos) Torpedos Penetration vonTorpedos der TBs erhöhen. Am Schaden selbst sollte nichts verändert werden da sonst DDs zu viel abbekommen. Aber wenn schon die Strikestärke von Taiho/Haku/Midway generft wird könnte man überlegen diesen Torpedos zu geben die den Topedoschutz verringern. Z.B: könnten sie so tun als wäre der Torpedoschutz max 30%, damit würde sich der Schaden gegen DDs und CA/CL nicht verändern gegen BBs aber schon. Concealment einiger Torpedos verbessern wenn jeder CA/CL (ab t5) über Hydro und def AA verfügt. Teamplay Rewards für defensive Leistungen wie spotting oder potential damage erhöhen. Awards für defensive Leistungen. Vermutlich wird die Diskussion wieder hitzig und darauf habe ich eigentlich keine Lust ... Trotzdem wollte ich meine Ideen (oder Ideen die ich irgendwo aufgeschnappt habe) mal in den Raum werfen, vor allem da WG ja anscheinend keine Ahnung hat wie man die CVs verändern könnte ... also hoffe ich auf konstruktive Kritik.
  6. Ist der Schaden an Flugzeugen von meiner aa höher, wenn ich sie markiere? Und der Schaden an gegnerischen Schiffen durch meine Second auch? ich höre des Öfteren sowas.
  7. about CVs and AA / Midway nerf

    Hi guys , another CV topic from me :) so , in the past i started a topic about whats know as ' cancer divisions ' of CVs and AA ships , and i have been meeting alot of them lately an i am kinda sick of it . but what changed from my last topic is that i think i have found a dolution for the problem . first of all , i think the problem is not the AA itself , the AA doesnt matter even if its high , but the toxic cancerous thing is the AA RANGE . in general . in perticulare , the Minotaur AA range , its so high to the point that it make it absurde , imagine a ship with AA range almost equal at its detectably range , meaning to spot the minotaur your fighers HAVE to be in his range , witch is 2 / 3 fighters lost all the time , giving the enemy CV huge advantage , so pls WG nerf that , it makes meeting a CV division a nightmare . also the dds with defensive AA that spotting them cost you the full wave of fiighters , giving again andother Huge advantage to enemy CV . so pls nerf that and give the AA dds the ability to just panic the planes ( exactly like the carrier defensive AA ) last about the Midway nerf . i think its a step in the right direction even tho i am a cv main and i got midway last week and i enjoy it . but pls if you do reduce the hanger 40 planes , consider buff the tier of the TBs , because if you dont , the midway will be unplayble . and tell me what you think of my feedback guys . thanks
  8. How come EVERY CRUISER - INLCUDING GERMANS - use Anti-aircraft consumable when they FULLY KNOW that because of Wargamings intelligence when it comes to balance - There are NO CV'S farting around UNLESS YOU PLAY TIER 4-6 ? High level cruisers (7-10) HAVE NO FLIPPING IDEA on how to hydro - YES, SOME cruisers use radar - but WHY THE EFF are noone using hydro and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF kill those FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF destroyers so our battleships can advance? (PS: Battleships ! STOP FISHING!) Either REMOVE the ANTI-AIR consumable at tier 7-10 or FFFFFFFFFF LEARN TO EFFINGS HYDRO OR HUNT TO FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Destroyers !!!!! Also - Carriers - keep up the amazings :) atleast THEY KNOW how to scout and kill stuff.
  9. Rant about CVs vs DDs

    Hello again guys here i am with a new topic :) i am sorry i have to rant everytime but when you like the gae and you see some bad things in it , its worth trying to fix them first of all i am new CV player at tier 8 ( grinded it very quickly ) , i have shared some topics and got help from you in this forum alot . i think the class is fine and fun and i heard that som changes comming to it , i dont see why ... anyway my problem today is about DDs with broken AA , i dont have a problem with a DD with decent AA , but with AA that is utterly broken to the point where enemy CV lures you to DDs so they kill your planes , its so idiotic . with my Shokaku somtimes ( lots of the times ) i fight tier10s CAs , and trust me when i tell you guys , KIDD and z25 kill my planes faster than Minotaur and Des moins , i wanted to drp a z52 and he deleated my planes without even a chance to drop , and i think this is so bad . it needs to be fixed , i used to be a DD player and i know its annoying when CV start shodoing you with fighters and keeping you perma spotted . but it doesnt mean the DD had to be able to deleat all those planes , its even historicly inaccurate . what you think about it guys .
  10. Mechanika AA

    Większość graczy mocno się zastanawia jak to jest, że czasem okręt ze słabą artylerią p-lot niszczy samolot w pierwszej sekundzie po wleceniu eskadry w zasięg dział, a okręt z ogromnym potencjałem AA* nie niszczy ani jednego samolotu. Zatem do boju! Działa przeciwlotnicze Okręty wyposażone są w artylerię przeciwlotniczą o 3 zasięgach: bliskim, średnim i dalekim. Ich wartości podane są w DPS** . Należy pamiętać, że obrona przeciwlotnicza działa na zasadzie aury: czyli okręgu w którym zadawane są obrażenia. Nie ma balistyki poszczególnych pocisków. To co widać w grze jest wizualizacją nie mającą wpływu na mechanikę. Wszystkie działa strzelają we wrogie samoloty w czasie, gdy te znajdują się wewnątrz strefy. Dotyczy to również dział podwójnego przeznaczenia (na przykład, na niszczycielach działa mogą jednocześnie strzelać do celów morskich poprzez kliknięcie lewym przyciskiem myszy - jak i równocześnie liczą się do obrażeń AA). Zatem strzelanie do wrogich okrętów nie zmienia nam obrażeni zadawanych przez AA. Wszystkie działa mają zasięg równy maksymalnemu zasięgowi i nie mają ograniczeń kątowych. Można przyjąć, że strzelają przez wszystkie przeszkody, np nadbudówki. W czasie bitwy możemy utracić stanowisko AA. Wtedy też obniża nam się parametr DPS dla danej aury. Większość z was zauważyła, że ostrzeliwując wrogi pancernik czasem pokazuje się ikonka przekreślonego samolotu. Oznacza to, że zniszczyliśmy przeciwnikowi stanowisko p-lot***. Uszkodzenia naszych dział i aktualne wartości DPS można sprawdzić w bitwie wciskając klawisz "H". Uwaga praktyczna: łatwiej jest zaatakować samolotami okręt, który został ostrzelany wcześniej przez sojuszników, niż świeżutki okręt, który nie ma uszkodzonej artylerii p-lot. Mechanika zestrzeleń Jak działa zestrzelenie? Większość graczy przyjmuje, że jeśli ich DPS wynosi 150, a wrogie samoloty mają żywotność 800 to po 5,3 sekundy (800/150) spadnie 1 samolot. Niestety tak to nie działa! Jak jest naprawdę? W każdej sekundzie przebywania w zasięgu dział obliczana jest SZANSA na zestrzelenie wrogiego samolotu. Porównywane są DPS i żywotność samolotu. W naszym przypadku (150DPS, 800HP) szansa na zestrzelenie 1 samolotu wynosi 150/800*100% czyli 18,75%. Zatem w każdej sekundzie przebywania w zasięgu dział mamy niecałe 20% na zestrzelenie wrogiej maszyny. Dlatego czasem zestrzelimy wroga pierwszym pociskiem (udane losowanie), a czasem przez minutę krąży nad nami samolot i nic mu się nie dzieje (60 kolejnych nieudanych losowań). Każda aura (krótkiego, średniego i dalekiego zasięgu) działa niezależnie od siebie. I w każdej sekundzie samoloty mają "rzut" obronny - czy zostały zestrzelone. Samoloty bezpośrednio nad okrętem (w zasięgu 3 aur) w każdej sekundzie mogą być zestrzelone max 3 - z każdej aury osobno. Jak zwiększyć szansę na zestrzelenie? Mamy do wyboru kilka opcji - nasze działania w bitwie, moduły okrętu, wyposażenie okrętu, umiejętności kapitana. 1. Nasze działania W czasie bitwy można zaznaczyć wrogą eskadrę (ctrl plus lewy przycisk myszy na wrogim samolocie). Daje to 30% więcej DPS dla wszystkich aur przeciw tej grupie samolotów. Można to obliczyć mnożąc DPS dział przez wartość 1.3. W naszym przypadku dostajemy 150*1,3=195 co zwiększa szansę na zestrzelenie do 24% (195/800). Szansa na zestrzelenie pozostałe eskadr liczona jest normalnie (18,75%). Wniosek: zawsze zaznaczaj wrogie eskadry 2. Moduły okrętu Tutaj mamy kilka modułów zwiększające nasze szansę w starciu z lotnictwem przeciwnika. - slot 1: Modyfikacja dodatkowego uzbrojenia - zwiększa o 100% wytrzymałość dział p-lot - mamy większą szanse, że nasze stanowiska przeżyją ostrzał przeciwnika. W mechanice gry oznacza to, że trzeba 2 niszczących trafień by zniszczyć stanowisko AA. - slot 3: Modyfikacja dział AA 2 - zwiększa zasięg każdej aury o 20% - większa aura oznacza, że mamy szansę wcześniej zestrzelić wrogie samoloty - slot 6 - Modyfikacja dział AA 3 - na stałe zwiększa DPS wszystkich dział o 25%. W naszym przykładzie oznacza, że z tą modyfikacją mamy 23,4% szans na zestrzelenie, a wskazując wrogą eskadrę szansa rośnie do 30%. Wniosek: im większa bazowa wartość tym większe zyski z modułów. Np dla DPS 300 (a nie 150) dostajemy odpowiednio: 37% szans na zestrzelenie bez modułów, 48% z modułem i aż 61% z modułem i zaznaczeniem. 3. Wyposażenie. Mamy 2 wyposażenia (zależnie od okrętu) wpływające na nasze szansę w walce z lotnictwem: - Myśliwiec katapultowany - po wystrzeleniu z pokładu krąży on wokół naszego okrętu. Jeśli w jego zasięgu znajdzie się wroga eskadra nasz myśliwiec zwiąże go walką. Prędkość wrogiej eskadry zmniejszy się, a ponadto szansa na trafienie naszego okrętu przez wrogie torpedy lub bomby się zmniejszy - ich stożki (bądź elipsy w przypadku bomb) znacząco się powiększą. Torpedy zostaną zrzucone dużo szerzej (łatwiej je ominąć), a bomby zostaną rozrzucone po większym obszarze. Sam myśliwiec ma szansę wykryć wrogie torpedy (jeśli nad nimi przeleci) oraz okręty po za zasięgiem bezpośredniego widzenia (np za górką). Sam myśliwiec ma zwykle niewielką żywotność i szybko zostanie zestrzelony przez myśliwce lub tylnych strzelców, ale w połączeniu z ogniem AA potrafi narobić wielu szkód bądź uniemożliwić trafienie. - Obrona przeciwlotnicza - zwany popularnie "panic button". Uruchomienie go znacząco zwiększa ilość DPS z każdej aury. Dla większość okrętów daje 3x zwiększenie DPS. Są wyjątki: Amerykańskie DD i Lo Yang oraz RU DD (tier 8+ linia do Grozowoja) mają ten współczynnik x4, Lotniskowce US x1,25 (ale działa on przez 2 minuty) JPN CV - x1,75 Hood - x25 (!) dla wyrzutni rakiek 178mm. Dodatkowo wrogie samoloty mają, tak jak w przypadku myśliwca katapultowanego, większe okręgi celowania bomb i szersze stożki zrzutu torped. Znacząco zmniejsza to szansę na trafienie i jednocześnie zwiększa szansę na zestrzelenie wroga (w naszym przypadku mamy 150x3 czyli 56% szans, a z zaznaczeniem - 73%, jeśli mamy jeszcze moduł AA 3 to maksymalnie dostaniemy 91% SZANS) Uwaga! Dobry gracz szybko zorientuje się, że uruchomiliście obronę przeciwlotniczą i wycofa samoloty po za zasięg oraz poczeka te 40 sekund i was zaatakuje. Czasem warto poczekać z uruchomieniem tak, by samoloty były bliżej - da to większe szanse na zestrzelenie maszyn zanim przeciwnik je wycofa. Jednocześnie i tak tuż przed zrzutem torpedy i bomby "pójdą" szeroko. 4. Umiejętności kapitana Mamy kilka umiejętności, którymi możemy zwiększyć nasz DPS. 1. Centrum dowodzenia samolotami katapultowanymi (perk za 1 punkt) - dostajemy dodatkowy myśliwiec krążący wokół okrętu. 2 maszyny poruszają się jednak o 20% wolniej. Wróg musi zestrzelić oba samoloty, by móc normalnie zaatakować wasz okręt. W przypadku wrogich myśliwców nie ma to znaczenia, ale bombowce lub torpedowce mogą mieć trochę problemu. 2. Podstawowy trening strzelecki (3 punkty) - zwiększa o 20% DPS wszystkich dział - sumuje się to ze wszystkimi innymi współczynnikami. 3. Zaawansowany trening artyleryjski (ciekawe czemu nie strzelecki? :) ) - zwiększa zasięg dział o 20% - sumuje się to z modułami. 4. Ręczne sterowanie ogniem uzbrojenia przeciwlotniczego - zwiększa o 100% DPS zadawany przez działa p-lot o kalibrze 85mm i więcej, gdy wyznaczymy cel! Dotyczy to praktycznie tylko aury o dalekim zasięgu oraz ZAZNACZONEJ przez nas eskadry. Jeśli eskadry nie zaznaczymy DPS się nie zmieni. Uwaga! Ręczne sterowanie ogniem - działa tylko na wybraną eskadrę, jeśli mamy problem z zaznaczaniem wrogich samolotów - nie warto tej umiejętności brać. Wpływ innych okrętów W czasie bitwy możemy płynąć obok innych jednostek. Należy pamiętać, że KAŻDA aura jest obliczana osobno, mimo że obejmuje ten sam obszar. Tak jak aury z jednego okrętu, tak z wielu okrętów są obliczane osobno. Jednocześnie zwiększa się ilość "rzutów obronnych" wrogich eskadr i wypadkowa szansa na zestrzelenie jest większa. PODSUMOWANIE Jak widać z tego wywodu zestrzelenie samolotu jest określane przez PRAWDOPODOBIEŃSTWO w każdej sekundzie. Dlatego też, jak mamy szczęście, to samolot na końcu zasięgu spadnie w ułamku sekundy (miał na przykład 5% szans na strącenie i miał pecha). Należy też pamiętać o zaznaczaniu wrogich eskadr - ZAWSZE nasz DPS dla niej zwiększy się o 30%. Wybierając wszystkie umiejętności, moduły, wyposażenie i klikając na wrogą eskadrę możemy uzyskać: DPSx1,3(zaznaczenie)x1,25 (modyfikacja dział)x3 (ogień przeciwlotniczy)x1,2 (podstawowy trening strzelecki) x2 (dla dział 85mm+) czyli razem prawie 11 razy większy DPS. Jednocześnie proszę pamiętać, że niski początkowy DPS da nam niewielki wzrost szans na zestrzelenie. Dodatkowo mamy mniej niż 100% szans na zestrzelenie. Dziękuję za uwagę! Jeżeli to się spodoba mogę napisać więcej takich tematów dotyczących innych aspektów mechaniki gry. Artykuł nie obejmuje włączania/wyłączanie obrony p-lot oraz wykrywania samolotów i okrętów przez samoloty. *) AA z angielskiego: Anty-Aircraft **) DPS - damage per second - uszkodzenia na sekundę ***) przeciw-lotnicze
  11. AA mount surviveability

    With the introduction of RN BBs you hear more and more that the AA mounts die to fast to HE spam. Also from non RN HE spam. But if that is a problem! USE THE (freaking) 100% AA mount surviveability UPGRADE!! Yes you heard it here first. THERE IS A UPGRADE!! Not even a skill. Not in the later slots. No in the 1st one. So, ANYONE can have it! No need to train comander or anything. A 100%, yes that's correct 100% survivability boost! My mounts stronger than your puny little he shells! You find the other upgrade more important? Than what are you whining for, If you don't equip it. You obviously don't need it that much. Dual purpose AA mounts are magical anyway. Can shoot secondaries and AA at the SAME Time!
  12. Air Craft Carriers

    Air Craft Carriers are the seriously ignored class of Ships in the game. These are the reasons Why 1- In lower tiers its playable, but as one advances , the insane AA makes it impossible for CV players to maintain interest in the game. 2- Every now and then Buffs are coming for different ships except for CVs 3- New ships/lines being introduced are having such insane AA. Others have Defensive AA. 4- Every Player has the ability to increase his captain skills to Be able to increase his AA DPM by basic , advance and Manual skills, yet CV doesnt get any Captain skills for improvement of Squaderent health and endurance. 5- BBs and cruisers who are AA specked are already untouchable, add to that new DDs like KIDD and Grozovoi and US DDs Defensive AA, so CV can actually have no impact in the start of the game. 6- CV does spotting, Defends allies and also at times harldy manages to strike on enemy despite all defensive AA and enemy CV AA planes and at the end the Reward for CV is the worst in all the ship types. 7- New changes to DDs AA is further Humiliation to CVs. Either CVs need to be buffed or AA needs to be nerfed with good rewards at the end If wargaming keeps the same trend , one day people will say, remember when there used to be CVs in the game??

    KIDD AA NEEDS TO GO .T 7 and t8 cv is almost impossible to play as CV. Kidd can kill T 10 plane no problem. Not even the broken Saipan stand a chance . War gaming you keep [edited]up with premium ships .and you don,t dare change them because you will get sued .Think before you release .Look what happened to the Graff ZEp and she is still no good I and the thing is, its T10 AA on DD. If it would be on a BB like the Kii, which i also dislike because of the rediculous AA, you could spot her 12 km away.you can plan ahead, and avoid her if possible. A good kidd player turns off aa, waits until hes planespotted by the cv, then presses P and DF and enfoy even t9 planes, propably t10 planes dropping out of the skies. And the CV gets punished for something he could not plan ahead. He doesnt made any mistake and maybe wants to spot for his team but when it comes to premiums they say: NO COUNTERPLAY ALLOWED So the CV needs to be so careful that the enemy cv has nearly full air control, leats to no spotting, leats to no cap controll because your dds get crushed (theyre spotted and you cant help because kidd is nearby), leats to losing the game. Of course not every Kidd knows that but the fact that this is possible to do by a good player makes me sad.
  14. How large is a defensive AA bubble

    I wondered how large a defensive AA bubble is, since I've got my first ship which can install it. Is it equal to max AA gun range, or even larger? Reason I ask, is because in a CV game a long time ago, our CV's fighter squadrons got wrecked by one of their fighter squadrons, whilst not being under direct AA fire. Either that guy had gone berserk on the RNG sacrifices, or perhaps it was inside a defensive AA bubble?
  15. "Who's doing the shoot? Who's doing the shoot!" (saving privet Ryan) 1. Air detection gets same max range detection mechanics as if shooting guns, but for AA range. Meaning : Active AA = max range AA AIR detection, Let’s use the Minatour, Gearing and Grozovoi for example (the ships most likely to be effected by AD-AA changes), numbers are in km Minatour (stealth + AA specd) : AA range = 8,6 6.12 : AD = 7.2 (+2,01) = 9,2 6.13 : AD = 7.2 (+X) = AA max = 8,6 Gearing (stealth + -AA specd) AA range = 5,0 - 7,2 6.12 : AD = 3,5 (+2,01) = 5,5 6.13 : AD = 3,5 (+X) = AA max = 5,0 - 7,2 Grozovoi (stealth + -AA specd) AA range = 5,2 - 7,5 6.12 AD = 3,9 (+2,01) = 5,9 6.13 AD = 3,9 (+X) = AA max = 5,2 - 7,5 Considering this ONLY DD who where AA range specd (indifferent of stealth spec, but increasing of course the stealth gap). Could use (DF)AA without being detected. The proposed changes will ONLY increase AAA-AD(active anti air – air detection) for DD who are AA Ranged Specd, for all others it will do NOTING, remember these changes apply ONLY when AA is active (+2km AD), as for now AA does not have a bloom period1! Meaning the 6,12 +2km1 or 6,13 max range penalty removes immediately when AA stops or gets out of range. Making this an effective measure vs. invisible AA, while not punishing the AD while AA is not active/out of range. 2.AA guns do NOT get the same firing in SMOKE detection mechanics as shooting guns. Shooting main battery guns in smoke does not increases air detectability becouse: As it stands now AD in smoke is non existence! Implication in game, CV: minimal · Planes lost to invis “in the open” AA is minimal (aka sniping) · Invis “in the open” DF is really RARE, it has a large inpact, but occasions that it happens are too few. DD: minor · Sniping planes not possible any more. This ability was minor and now removed · Invis DF usage where rare, and removing the stealth from this doesn’t impact the usefulness of it. BB & Cruisers: No changes Conclusions: small nerf to the stealth of AA specd and using DDs. The INVIS AA annoyance Invis (DF)AA is an annoyance, not because there AA range is longer than their AD. But because of SMOKED AA. Since there are no OBVIUS visuals that your planes are in AA let alone form which direction. Making it mind taxingly hard to pinpoint the SOURCE of the AA. Making it mind taxingly hard to play accordingly to it. This annoyance skill floor/roof increase arose when 1. The Minatour arose: long range strong AA with its own smoke. 2. DDs got DF module as a choice 3. Captain skills and upgrades increased AA range of 1&2 even more This change doesn’t address this in any way since invis AA has to do with smoke mechanics and DF / long range AA from that smoke. More than the “In the open” invis AA Proposition To address the annoyance and skill floor/roof increase created by smoked AA platforms. I have a few propositions, you can use any number in any combination. 1. Disable DF while in smoke 2. Decrease air acquisition range while in smoke by X% or Xkm. Meaning smoked ships cannot see the planes (and not shoot) even when there detected by something else until there in view range (acquisition = view range NOT detection range!). think Cyclone for the smoked ship, but less effective. 3. Give Smoked ships an AD that has the same detection mechanics as “shooting guns in smoke“, with AA guns and different penalties /stats of course. As insinuated in the "bad advise" series a. Give “shooting main guns in smoke“ also some airdetection stealth penalty 1 Information about these mechanics might be outdated (especial on the detectability of planes), Since i don’t have a Original WG source! source: PS. Proposition 2 could also have been a great mechanic to change the smoke heavy meta, instead of the “shooting guns in smoke“ detection mechanic!
  16. A problem with modules destruction

    Hi captains, So wargaming recently nerfed a couple of things on the conqueror, but imho they forgot one thing: the ability for RN BBs captains who spam HE to obliterate the AA of the ship they target in a single volley or two. I recently played a game with an American BB, got focused by a Conq. 1st salvo, half of my mid range AA destroyed. Second salvo, I had like 1/4th of my AA power remaining. This is excessive. By encouraging the players of this line to fire mostly HE shells, you basically buff drastically the CVs, whose planes are no longer quickly enough endangered by AA. I think that RN BBs HE shells should be nerfed, not about their fire chance or damage (this is another topic here that I don't want to raise now) but about their capacity to destroy modules. Cheers
  17. Flugabwehr. Idee zur Änderung

    Ich möchte hier einen Vorschlag zur Änderung der Flubabwehr machen. Mich selbst stört die momentane Situation. Als Flugzeugträger hat man es teilweise sehr einfach, weil es kaum starke Flugabwehr gibt, oder man spielt gegen höher stufige Schiffe mit viel Flugabwehr, wo man keine Chance gegen hat. Es hat dabei überhaupt nichts mit Skill zu tun, sondern einfach nur mit dem Matchmaking. Es ist Zufall, ob man sehr stark sein kann, oder eben überflüssig. Für Flugabwehr (aa) muss man nichts können. Sie ist immer da und der Spieler muss dabei nichts bedenken. Meiner Meinung nach sollte ein Spieler dafür belohnt werden, wenn er gut mit aa umgehen kann, und bestraft, wenn er schlechter ist. In Steel Ocean, ein Spiel ähnlich wie World of Warships, muss die Flugabwehr selbst bedient werden. Das ist allerdings auch nicht wirklich der richtige Weg, da dass zu sehr von dem Bedienen der Hauptgeschütze ablenkt. Also meine Idee, wie man Flugabwehr ändern sollte. - Es gibt nach wie vor einen Kreisbereich, allerdings wesentlich schwächer wie bevor. Weniger all 33% der momentanen Stärke. - Die Hauptstärke der Flugabwehr muss "eingestellt" werden. Ähnlich wie bei den Torpedos könnte man einen Kegelbereich haben, den man ausrichtet, um die Hauptfokus-Richtung der Flugabwehr einzustellen. - Der Kegelbereich kann von Schiff zu Schiff sehr unterschiedlich sein. - Für noch mehr Vielfalt und Komplexität könnten mehrere Kegelbereiche einstellbar sein, abhängig von der Schiffsklasse. Schlachtschiffe könnten mehrere Bereiche Abdecken, wie ein Zerstörer. Mehrere Kegelbereich könnten aber zu kompliziert sein, daher könnte man auch nur über die breite Unterschiede ausdrücken --> Wie man es mit mehreren Kegel umsetzen könnte. Man hat einen Key für Flugabwehr, sagen wir einfach mal die Taste 'Q'. Dann wird in den Flugabwehrmodus gewechselt, so wie wenn man in den Torpedo-Modus wechselt. Angenommen wir haben nun 4 Kegel einzustellen, so können wir mit einem Marker in die gewünschte Richtung anvisieren und eine Taste von 1-4 drücken, um den Kegel dort festzulegen Die Spielweise wäre so, wenn ein Flugzeugangriff erfolgt, muss man nun darauf achten, dass die Flugabwehr richtig ausgerichtet ist, um maximalen Schaden anzurichten. Aber man muss sie auch immer wieder mal neuausrichten. Der Flugzeugträgerspieler hat so die Möglichkeit auch einen Gegner auf dem falschen Fuß zu erwischen, wenn er nicht genug Acht auf die Flugzeuge gibt. Bitte gebt keine "Find ich scheiße" Kommentare ab. Wenn ihr bessere Ideen habt, dann teilt sie mit, seid konstruktiv und nicht destruktiv
  18. fixing aa vs cv

    so im just curious if wargaming are ever gonna get their crap together and deal with how utterly [edited] the aa system is 100 aa rating the highest you can get would logically have some impact on fighting planes, or atleast thats what i would think it should do.... so why is it you see again and again and again and agian and ........................... a million times again that a cv even tier 8 vs 10 ship with 100 aa rating and not a single plane is shot down, or maybe you get 1 how is that supposed to be balanced? i seriousely dont understand how anyone in their right mind can say yea this is working just fine, not broken at all and accept it onto the live server in the utterly pathetic broken state it is and has been for well YEARS could we atleast give aa something like dps, i know it says it has dps, but it clearly doesnt work for crap, but actually dps that give an amount of damage per second, and say planes actually have hit boxes or life bars, so when they take enough damage they actually fking die not that i dont find it funny to get dropped say in a montana with aa spec by a shokaku and get zero planes downed.... oh wait its utter [edited] [edited] to leave the defence vs something that you cant dodge because lets face it you royally fucked up how easy it is to play cv and drops, maybe just remove manual drops all together and it could balance something the only defence you have against cvs are A: your team.... which in the most cases are utterly retarded B: your aa rating, which in most cases dont do [edited]crap i simply dont understand how you cant just give planes a set amount of freaking hp and after taking that amount of damage they die, in order..... because clearly the way you are doing it atm dont do fking anything. i mean sometimes you see a freaking spotting plane circle your ship for minutes before finally dying, vs 100 aa rating... clearly 100 aa rating either dont mean crap or the game needs to be balanced so the highest posible defence vs planes actually does something remotely useful
  19. Aerial combat

    There is a mechanic that I do not have clear and I can not find a clear explanation. I put it here in case someone has additional information. AA Anti-aircraft guns (AA) do not work like the rest of the guns (the tracers that are visible in-game are purely cosmetic). The cannons have a range in kilometers and a DPS (average damage per second) Example Atlanta It has three groups of AA guns, 20mm (8), 28mm (16, 4 batteries), 127mm (16, 8 batteries) These last ones are also main guns, that serve like main battery and AA. This happens with primary cannons of DDs and secondary of the rest of classes (not always, there are secondary of dual purpose and others not). Despite being the main cannons magically can shoot as main battery and AA at the same time (this is not a simulator) In total 40 AA guns in 20 batteries. The operation of the AA is forming a series of circles centered in our boat according to the reach of each group of batteries. At a distance of up to 2.4K we cause a DPS of 195 (the sum of all AA groups) Between 2.5K and 3.7K a DPS of 163 (the sum of 3.7K and 6K) Between 3.8K and 6K a DPS of 133 (only the group of 127mm) Don't work exactly as we expect. The normal thing would be that if a squadron of fighters of a Hiryu (VII) has life points of 1551 and 4 airplanes, each airplane will have 387.75 That makes a plane down every 3 "to 3.8k-6K, 2.3" to 2.5K-3.7K, 2 "to 2.4K. But it's not like that. According to the wiki works as a percentage (similar to causing fires) The probability of shooting down a plane per second will be. 195/1551 = 0.1257 a 12.57% / sec up to 2.4K 163/1551 = 0.1051 10.51% / sec between 2.5K and 3.7K 133/1551 = 0.0857 to 08.57% / sec between 3.8K and 6K So that the more stay a squadron within the area of our AA more likely to be shooting down, but as you see is a probability, can be a squadron 1 minute or more at a distance and not lose any plane or be 10 seconds and lose the whole squadron. (As with fire, a projectile produce a fire or 12 produce none) There are modifiers of these values with improvements and abilities Modification 2 AA improves the range by 20% (if installed it will be immediately seen in the characteristics of the ship, increases by 20% the range of each AA group) Modification 3 AA improves + 25% DPS (same will see the effect on the characteristics) Same with the skills Basic training of fire + 10% DPS (same will see the effect in the characteristics) Advanced fire training + 20% range (same will see the effect on the characteristics) Manual gun control AA + 100% DPS of guns greater than 85mm above the designated target (it is very important to note that if the captain has this ability the guns of caliber greater than 85mm only fire if the enemy squadron has been designated Manually (CRTL + Left click), the lower ones trigger normally without improvement) As it was said with the secondary ones you can establish a squadron as a priority objective (an icon of a plane in a circle) (CTRL + left click) In AA increases DPS by a factor of 1.3 In our example 32 becomes 41.6 30 to 39 133 to 172.9 It would give a total of 253.5 instead of 195 The defensive fire consumable of CAs and some DDs produces an increase of factor 3, but only the long range AA (does not specify that it is the long range, but is supposed to only affect the longer range cannons) 133 spends 399 In WOW all effects are cumulative so that if we designate a squadron and activate the consumable factor is 3.9 133X1.3X3 = 518.7 With these values we recalculate with designated objective and consumable AA Probability 599.3 / 1551 = 0.3864 a 38.64% / sec up to 2.4K 557.7 / 1551 = 0.3596 a 35.96% / sec between 2.5K and 3.7K 518.7 / 1551 = 0.3344 33.44% / sec between 3.8K and 6K Several considerations * Marking an enemy squadron significantly increases the effect of our AA, the concrete effect is not documented but we can deduce that it increases the effect against all squadrons within the circle of AA not just the designated * AA consumable produces a "panic effect" on enemy squadrons (discussed in CV section, torpedo cone and larger bombing ellipse) * The circles of several boats together do not add effects, each boat interacts independently with each enemy squadron. But it is the same that we have commented, the more a squadron within the reach of AA the greater the probability of shooting down a plane of the squadron, if we add several circles on a single squadron increases the probability of shooting down. * The P key deactivates the AA and secondary, this is especially useful for hiding DDs (there are DDs that have more AA range than their aerial detectability eg Shimakaze maximum range AA 5K air detectability 3.8K (if the AA is triggered it goes to 5. It is advisable to always always deactivate the AA in these cases and only activate them if there is an air attack, if the scope is less than the detectability is not necessary. Do not forget that the vanilla client (the game without mods) already includes the indicator of last known position, and from the moment you shoot and you detect a plane or boat your position is on the minimap and the enemy knows where you are. ************************************************** ************************************* This is the explanation of the AA As I understand the air combat between fighters or the rear gunner of the attack aircraft works the same. As a percentage, a probability of shooting down an enemy aircraft. But I have some doubts. 1-How often is calculated the shooting down ?, how long last the ammunition?, The munion is spent uniformly or in function of the objective (the same lasts the attack in function of the enemy squadron, number of planes and tier)? 2-For the purposes of calculations we are supposed to calculate the average damage per second using the total number of squadron fighters, not one fighter vs one fighter 3-What % of ammo consumes the strafing and how much is the increase of damage? An example Fighters Zuiho Stock VI against VI 1210 192 (48 * 4 = 192) 192/1210 = 0.1587 (15% chance of shooting down) 48/1210 = 0.0397 (4% probability shooting down) Stock VI to V 192/990 = 0.19394 48/990 = 0.0485 Stock V to VI 171.6 (42.9 * 4 = 171.6) 171.6 / 1210 = 01418 42.9 / 1210 = 0.03545 With air combat expert Air Combat Wiki and AA Http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aerial_Combat The question arose when I was asked why in a Zuiho battle against Zuiho you loses more planes than your enemy.
  20. Combate aereo

    Hay una mecanica que no tengo clara y no encuentro una explicacion clara. Lo pongo aqui por si alguien tiene informacion adicional. AA Los cañones antiaereos (AA) no funcionan como el resto de los cañones (los disparos son meramente visuales). Los cañones tienen un alcance en kilometros y un dms (daño medio por segundo) Ejemplo el Atlanta Tiene tres grupos de cañones AA, los de 20mm (8), los de 28mm (16, en 4 baterias), los de 127mm (16, en 8 baterias) estos ultimos son a su vez los cañones principales, que sirven como bateria principal y AA. Esto sucede con cañones principales de DDs y secundarios del resto de clases (no siempre, hay secundarios de proposito dual y otros no). Pese a ser los cañones principales magicamente pueden disparar como bateria principal y AA a la vez (esto no es un simulador) En total 40 cañones AA en 20 baterias. El funcionamiento de la AA es formando una serie de circulos centrados en nuestro barco de acuerdo al alcance de cada grupo de baterias. a una distancia de hasta 2.4K causamos un dms de 195 (la suma de todos los grupos de AA) entre 2.5K y 3.7K un dms de 163 (la suma de 3.7K y 6K) entre 3.8K y 6K un dms de 133 (solo el grupo de 127mm) El funcionamiento no es como esperamos exactamente. Lo normal seria que si un escuadron de cazas de un Hiryu (VII) tiene unos puntos de vida de 1551 y 4 aviones, cada avion tendra 387.75 Eso hace que derribariamos un avion en 3" a 3.8k-6K, 2.3" a 2.5K-3.7K, 2" a 2.4K. Pero no es asi. Segun el wiki funciona como un porcentaje (parecido a causar incendios) La probabilidad de derribar un avion por segundo sera. 195/1551=0.1257 un 12.57%/sec hasta 2.4K 163/1551=0.1051 un 10.51%/sec entre 2.5K y 3.7K 133/1551=0.0857 un 08.57%/sec entre 3.8K y 6K De tal modo que cuanto mas permanezca un escuadron dentro del area de nuestras AA mas probabilidades de derribo, pero como se ve es una probabilidad, puede estar un escuadron 1 minuto o mas a distancia y no perder ningun avion o estar 10 segundos y perder todo el escuadron. (igual que con el fuego, un proyectil y producimos un incendio o 12 y ninguno) Hay modificadores de estos valores con mejoras y habilidades La modificacion 2 AA mejora un 20% el alcance (si se instala se vera inmediatamenten en las caracteristicas del barco, aumenta un 20% el alcance de cada grupo de AA) La modificacion 3 AA mejora +25% el dms (igual se vera el efecto en las caracteristicas) Igual con las habilidades entrenamiento basico de fuego +10% dms (igual se vera el efecto en las caracteristicas) entrenamiento fuego avanzado +20% alcance (igual se vera el efecto en las caracteristicas) control de tiro manual del armamento AA +100% dms de cañones de calibre mayor de 85mm sobre el objetivo designado (es muy importante destacar que si el capitan tiene esta habilidad los cañones de calibre mayor de 85mm solo disparan si el escuadron enemigo se ha designado manualmente (CRTL+Click izquierdo), los de menor disparan normalmente sin mejora) Como se dijo con las secundarias se puede establecer un escuadron como objetivo prioritario (un icono de un avion en un circulo)(CTRL+click izquierdo) en las AA incrementa el dms en un factor 1.3 en nuestro ejemplo 32 pasa a 41.6 30 a 39 133 a 172.9 Daria un total de 253.5 en lugar de 195 El consumible fuego defensivo de CAs y algunos DDs produce un incremento de factor 3, pero solo las AA de largo alcance (no especifica que es el largo alcance, pero se supone que solo afecta a los cañones de mayor alcance) 133 pasa a 399 En WOW todos los efectos son acumulativos de tal modo que si designamos un escuadron y activamos el consumible el factor es 3.9 133X1.3X3=518.7 Con estos valores recalculamos con objetivo designado y consumible AA Probabilidad 599.3/1551=0.3864 un 38.64%/sec hasta 2.4K 557.7/1551=0.3596 un 35.96%/sec entre 2.5K y 3.7K 518.7/1551=0.3344 un 33.44%/sec entre 3.8K y 6K Varias consideraciones *Marcar un escuadron enemigo incrementa sensiblemente el efecto de nuestras AA, no esta documetado el efecto concreto pero podemos deducir que aumenta el efecto contra todos los escuadrones dentro del circulo de AA no solo el designado *El consumible AA produce un "efecto panico" en los escuadrones enemigos (comentado en la seccion de CV, cono de torpedos y elipse de bombardeo mayores) *Los circulos de varios barcos juntos no suman efectos, cada barco interactua independientemente con cada escuadron enemigo. Pero es lo mismo que hemos comentado, cuanto mas este un escuadron al alcance de las AA mayor la probabilidad de derribo de un avion del escuadron, si sumamos varios circulos sobre un unico escuadron aumenta la probabilidad de derribo. *La tecla P desactiva los AA Y secundarias, esto es especialmente util para ocultar DDs (hay DDs que tienen mas alcance AA que su detectabilidad aerea pe Shimakaze alcance maximo AA 5K detectabilidad aerea 3.8K (si se dispara la AA pasa a 5.8K aerea y 7.9K superficie)) Es recomedable llevar siempre desactivada la AA siempre en estos casos y solo activarlas si hay ataque aereo, si el alcance es menor que la detectabilidad no hace falta. No hay que olvidar que el cliente vainilla (el juego sin mods) ya incluye el indicador de ultima posicion conocida, y desde el momento que dispareis y os detecte un avion o barco vuestra posicion queda en el minimapa y el enemigo sabe por donde andais. *************************************************************************************** Esta es la explicacion de la AA Segun tengo entendido el combate aereo entre cazas o el artillero posterior de los aviones de ataque funciona igual. Como un porcentaje, una probabilidad de derribo de un avion enemigo. Pero tengo algunas dudas. 1-cada cuanto se calcula el derribo?, cuanto dura la municion?, se gasta la munion uniformemente o en funcion del objetivo(dura lo mismo el ataque en funcion del escuadron enemigo, numero de aviones y tier)? 2-A los efectos de los calculos se supone que tenemos que calcular el daño medio por segundo usando el total de cazas del escuadron, no caza a caza 3-Que % de municion consume el barrido (strafing) y cuanto es el aumento de daño? Un ejemplo Cazas Zuiho Stock VI contra VI 1210 192(48*4=192) 192/1210=0.1587 (15% de probabilidad de derribo) 48/1210=0.0397 (4% probabilidad derribo) Stock VI a V 192/990=0.19394 48/990=0.0485 Stock V a VI 171.6(42.9*4=171.6) 171.6/1210=01418 42.9/1210=0.03545 Con experto en combate aereo Wiki combate aereo y AA (en ingles) http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aerial_Combat La cuestion surgio cuando me preguntaron por que en una batalla Zuiho contra Zuiho te derriban a ti mas aviones que tu a el.
  21. Hallo zusmamen, auf reddit hat ein polnischer User 3 exzellente Listen erstellt, die aufzeigen welche Schiffe auf welchen Stufen die beste AA haben. Noch besser wird der Vergleich unter Bezugnahme der manuellen Flak. Hier geht es zu den Kreuzern: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6fjev0/tables_best_aa_cruisers_at_each_tier/ Hier geht es zu den Schlachtschiffen: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6flmj2/more_tables_best_aa_battleships_at_each_tier/ Hier geht es zu den Trägern: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6fnepx/even_more_tables_best_aa_carriers_at_each_tier/ Manche Sachen waren allgemein bekannt (bspw. Cleveland, Bayern), manches habe ich bis dato völlig anders gesehen (Nürnberg, Belfast).
  22. Defensive fire for Akizuki?

    In light of the recent removal of stealth firing, I find that Akizuki is still a very viable option. Less viable than before? Yes, because regarding evasion, the less said the better, so the best firing range is a bit farther out than before. Now, this topic has been brought up a few times on reddit posts and forum posts on the NA forum (couldnt find anything on the EU forum). So, to bring up this topic again, is it an idea to make Akizuki a more versatile (not better, like buffing guns or anything) choice? Switch out her torpedo reload booster for Def AA, thus effectively halving her Torpedo strike capacity. This effectively really makes you choose: Become a full DD escort, or stay inbetween a torpedo boat and a gunboat. I'd like to know how you guys think about this possibility, is it now a viable 'buff to versatility', or should we maybe wait and see what WG is planning to do with the soontm carrier rework?
  23. Akizuki - competitive play build

    Hi guys, I am thinking of using my Akizuki in team battles or for competitive play with my clan (I understand that team battles and more coordinated team battles are different environments). Anyway, I have couple of questions considering the use of Akizuki and I am very interested in you opinions. What role should Akizuki fulfill? I guess, there might be few of them, but some other ships might be better pick for such role. First, and nowadays mostly used role for Akizuki is AA protection (CV scouting denial) with enemy spotting. This one will be more useful in clan battles, whereas next option seems more suitable for team battles. It is a DD hunter and cap contester, but Benson seems to be better pick. Is there any other possible use? How would you spec Akizuki and captain for the role of your choice? Suggested AA build for clan battles: https://goo.gl/Cyjuwe
  24. Hindenburg: manual AA vs AFT

    Which of those skills provides more for pure self defense purposes. I do know how AA auras work and that it is a dice roll if a plane is shot down and so on. But as 1/3 of the AA damage is coming from the big guns (~150 out of 450) I was wondering if the extra damage on one of my auras is worth the loss of range on all auras. So is there any theorycrafter out there who knows how to calculate that or has maybe even done the math before?
  25. Hey zusammen... ich möchte mit auf Tier 4 ein Schlachtschiff erstellen, dass entweder eine richtig starke Flak oder eine starke Secondary hat (ggf. auch beides). Bisher war die Wyoming mein stärkstes Low Tier BB, das Dank 33er FLAK Wert auch ganz gut Flieger vom Himmel geholt hat (AFT). Als nächstes würde ich das Schiff noch mit BFT ausstatten (36er FLAK) und dann ist das maximum leider schon erreicht, da manuelle FLAK auf dem Schiff nix bringt. Nun habe ich aber auch im letzten Jahr die Kaiser durchgespielt und erreiche bei gleicher Skillung auch eine 33er FLAK (AFT) bzw. 36 mit BFT. Allerdings hat die Kaiser die deutlich besseren Secondaries, die man ja mit nem gescheiten Kapitän auch nochmal verstärken könnte. Hat jemand von euch diesen Aufwand vielleicht auch schon einmal betrieben oder hat Erfahrungen? Ist ein anderes Schiff dafür ggf. besser geeignet?