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Found 2 results

  1. I see that to make the game ever more "just sail around in a BB and shoot at stuff" by removing tactics and variation that the smoke change is about to be inflicted in the most ham fisted way possible. They have therefore removed whatever incentive was left to drive a CA and made the game reward those who play completely, utterly passively (by and large BB players.) There was more than enough of this to wreck DD game play with the ham fisted removal of stealth firing. Yes, it had issues, no it wasn't necessary to create such a brain dead fix - they could for example have made bloom period relative to caliber so a DD firing a 127mm gun would only bloom for 5 seconds whilst a 420mm gun would bloom for the full 20 seconds. But no, the BB players must be given yet more reason to play without thinking. I have not played my Blys since because WG pretended that they would track performance - how about the fact that you almost never see them anymore - when that was just BS. If they were tracking performance they'd have noted that it was a common ship until the "save our BB's from nasty DD players" nerf and now is a VERY rare sight. But what have they done to make the ship more competitive? Nothing. At least this time round WG has had the decency to offer a refund for the ruination of a premium ship. The Blys has just been a €20 mothball without the slightest care from WG apart from the lie that they will track its performance. It was sold as a ship that had no strengths apart from its ability to engage in a very large concealment shadow. It is merely OK at everything else so offers nothing to the player that other ships don't give you better choices in. So now to please arcade warriors in BB's and really finish the Cruiser class off whilst further hampering DD's we have this ham fisted nerf to remove smoke from the game. Which are the only Cruisers that regularly go to the front of the fight? RN Cruisers. Will they now? No, they will probably sit at max range and join the BB's in doing nothing for most of a game as far from the fight as they can get. How about Cruisers supporting DD's in cap? Nope. They need smoke to be an effective supporter in areas in and around cap because they get citadelled by BBs otherwise the moment they fire. Now they fire to support a DD and they get slaughtered anyway. Best thing a CA can do now? Go for max gun range and fire starting ability, sit back at the start line (or go further back if you can) like our heroic BBs do and then spam from max range. Drop all sonar / DD hunting and go for AA modules then cruise around with BBs covering them from air attack and kill steal off the drolling dolts just to annoy them so they can start whining about how CA's should not only be citadelled very easily, they should just blow up altogether if hit by a BB. Oh and they should not be allowed to change tack either. However, there is one Cruiser line for whom this is not viable, who have very limited range, no HE and no ability therefore to start fires: RN Cruisers. Already a highly situational line who need very careful use to get the most out of - rewarding aggressive positioning, punishing a failure to plan hard - are now finito. Especially the Neptune that has for no apparent reason been given an extra 1.16Km of "screw you" by WG. There are inumerable counters to an RN Cruiser - who has no HE remember - sitting in smoke, not least of which is that they are depending on their team to spot and most teams are anything but. Torp wall, radar, sonar and ping! you have a dead RN Cruiser who can be citadelled by a T4 DD. Balance? Nah, why bother! Lets just publish that we will make changes if it seems that RN cruisers are screwed then do nothing because people stop playing them anyway! A simple solution would have been to extend the sonar reach of these ships to match the greatly reduced effectiveness of smoke, but no, they had to finish the RN Cruiser line completely - the Neptune fires and its visible from a completely ridiculous 6.58Km away to ensure that it is seen about as often from now on as a Blys after they got wrecked. The 5.4Km "screw you RN players" the rest get is bad enough but for some reason the Neptune needed to be made completely unplayable. BBs are the greatest poison in this game because every single game I have ever played you can see a cluster of BBs as far from the fight as they can get praying to RNGesus for a bit of long range stat padding. Now they will be joined by CAs for whom there is now no way to utilise smoke to get closer and ambush their much stronger, better gunned, better armoured BB enemy. WG you have sucessfully killed your own game for anyone who wants more than an extremnely passive sit at the back and put your faith in RNGesus arcade game for BBs. Bravo.
  2. Surprisingly enough doesn't seem like CCs are paying attention to this, or at least haven't noticed any videos on it just yet. So here's my stab at it. Changes Showcased Examples how the smokescreen changes look in-game. Ok, in a training room, but it would take too long setting up these scenarios in randoms. Changes Explaned Probably the more important of the 3 videos - explaning how the smokescreens work (or at least seem to work) on 6.12 PTS Why this idea is **** Sort of opinion based video, includes swearing. But I think I make my point quite clear why I seriously dislike these changes, and why in my honest opinion - they should not go through to the live server.