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Found 5 results

  1. Douchebeard

    4k UI Scaling

    So, About 2 years ago I updated my rig to be able to enjoy 4k gaming. At the time I was playing WoWs a lot. I was quite frustrated that I had to bump my resolution down to 1440 to be able to read the UI as it was quite small. WoT has made amazing strides towards 4k gaming support. I decided to give WoWs a spin again and well 2 years later a lot has changed/been added but still no UI scaling option. I understand that to do this for the entire menu system would be a large undertaking. But maybe offer it just for the in game buttons/HUD/UI and that's it, just come our direction a little bit. It seems like a shame that the game looks great in 4k but that one little frustrating thing makes it almost unplayable at high resolution. Any plans to update this WG?
  2. Shisouka

    I can has UHD user interface?

    Habe mir letzte Woche einen UHD Monitor gegönnt, und nun ist das Interface ziemlich winzig. Die Minimap ist auf maximaler Größe wenigstens noch halbwegs nutzbar. ABER .. Sämtliche Crosshairs sind nun nur halb so groß wie sie sein müssten um akurat zu sein. Der Chat ist nur sehr schwer zu lesen. Eigentlich dürfte es doch nicht das Problem sein, die Sachen entsprechend zu skalieren? Oder habt ihr etwa keine Vektorgrafiken/Schriftarten verwendet?
  3. iJoby

    HSF Musashi 4K Wallaper

    Just FXP'd the Musashi and the HSF Perm Camo for 5K Dblns, so I thought I would mess about with Photoshop and make a nice 4K wallpaper for my desktop. Free to anyone that wants it.
  4. KillzoneGB

    Resahde and 3d shaders for 3d Users

    As you say reshade is a grey arear, but what about us users who wish to play this game in 3d. I obtained a shader to allow users with 3d tech to be able to play this game in 3d. The shaders was obtained from the CryTech 3 Dev team. http://reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/2128-sidebyside-3d-depth-map-based-stereoscopic-shader This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. So you are free to share, modify and adapt it for your needs, and even use it for commercial use. Based on You can obtain the Hook and other shaders from https://reshade.me/ Other shaders i use with this package are, fake HDR, 3d depth of fog, improved sharper textures (else WOWS @ 4k the textures are Low res) 3d settings file you have created you might need to add the param`s to the ini file. i have set mine to use Top and Bottom rendering as this gives the best results. (tweak to you harts content) [3d.fx] Alternate_Depth_Map=30.000000 Stereoscopic_Mode=1.000000 Disocclusion_Power=0.025000 Adjust=1.000000 Depth=2.000000 Weapon_Depth_Map=0.000000 Depth_Limit=1.500000 Depth_Map_Enhancement=-1.000000 Weapon_Percentage=5.000000 Custom_Sidebars=1.000000 Perspective=0.000000 Disocclusion_Type=1.000000 Depth_Map_View=0.000000 Weapon_Adjust=0.000000,0.250000,1.001000 Depth_Map_Flip=0.000000 Custom_Depth_Map=0.000000 Near_Far=1.000000,1.500000 Cross_Cusor_Size=25.000000 Cross_Cusor_Color=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 Downscaling_Support=0.000000 Eye_Swap=0.000000 for further updates to WOWS, can you please do the following: 3d, sharper textures, Scaleable UI as the chat text and map`s are hard to read @ 4k. Anyhoo thank you for you time. ShaderFX_Code.zip
  5. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, let me take the occasion of the, now available, katori to introduce me and my tiny channel. I don't do the meme's, i don't do fancy cutting, i mostly just game and talk, still, be welcome to pass by, and listen to my DEUTSCHEN accent. What i do is videos in 4k, with an emphasis on the best quality my setup can bring you. I mainly focus on World of Warships, sometimes tanks (Console & PC), but there is also a chance for random games that might pop up, check out the playlists for content created in the past. Enjoy your stay and thank you for your time. ~Tao