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Found 14 results

  1. Douchebeard

    4k UI Scaling

    So, About 2 years ago I updated my rig to be able to enjoy 4k gaming. At the time I was playing WoWs a lot. I was quite frustrated that I had to bump my resolution down to 1440 to be able to read the UI as it was quite small. WoT has made amazing strides towards 4k gaming support. I decided to give WoWs a spin again and well 2 years later a lot has changed/been added but still no UI scaling option. I understand that to do this for the entire menu system would be a large undertaking. But maybe offer it just for the in game buttons/HUD/UI and that's it, just come our direction a little bit. It seems like a shame that the game looks great in 4k but that one little frustrating thing makes it almost unplayable at high resolution. Any plans to update this WG?
  2. Mikhail__

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Please just do it. How many people with good PCs have to struggle in Full HD before you change your priorities? Its 2017 and YOUR game looks alot better in 4K! Is it so hard to implement it? GTX 980Ti, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 can handle 4K on high-ultra settings + max AA. 4K gaming is common now. Especially in EU/US. The game can become interesting for many new players / rich paying customers with strong hardware. New group and income. Help me out and post your comments here to make it important.
  3. Shisouka

    I can has UHD user interface?

    Habe mir letzte Woche einen UHD Monitor gegönnt, und nun ist das Interface ziemlich winzig. Die Minimap ist auf maximaler Größe wenigstens noch halbwegs nutzbar. ABER .. Sämtliche Crosshairs sind nun nur halb so groß wie sie sein müssten um akurat zu sein. Der Chat ist nur sehr schwer zu lesen. Eigentlich dürfte es doch nicht das Problem sein, die Sachen entsprechend zu skalieren? Oder habt ihr etwa keine Vektorgrafiken/Schriftarten verwendet?
  4. iJoby

    HSF Musashi 4K Wallaper

    Just FXP'd the Musashi and the HSF Perm Camo for 5K Dblns, so I thought I would mess about with Photoshop and make a nice 4K wallpaper for my desktop. Free to anyone that wants it.
  5. KillzoneGB

    Resahde and 3d shaders for 3d Users

    As you say reshade is a grey arear, but what about us users who wish to play this game in 3d. I obtained a shader to allow users with 3d tech to be able to play this game in 3d. The shaders was obtained from the CryTech 3 Dev team. http://reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/2128-sidebyside-3d-depth-map-based-stereoscopic-shader This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. So you are free to share, modify and adapt it for your needs, and even use it for commercial use. Based on You can obtain the Hook and other shaders from https://reshade.me/ Other shaders i use with this package are, fake HDR, 3d depth of fog, improved sharper textures (else WOWS @ 4k the textures are Low res) 3d settings file you have created you might need to add the param`s to the ini file. i have set mine to use Top and Bottom rendering as this gives the best results. (tweak to you harts content) [3d.fx] Alternate_Depth_Map=30.000000 Stereoscopic_Mode=1.000000 Disocclusion_Power=0.025000 Adjust=1.000000 Depth=2.000000 Weapon_Depth_Map=0.000000 Depth_Limit=1.500000 Depth_Map_Enhancement=-1.000000 Weapon_Percentage=5.000000 Custom_Sidebars=1.000000 Perspective=0.000000 Disocclusion_Type=1.000000 Depth_Map_View=0.000000 Weapon_Adjust=0.000000,0.250000,1.001000 Depth_Map_Flip=0.000000 Custom_Depth_Map=0.000000 Near_Far=1.000000,1.500000 Cross_Cusor_Size=25.000000 Cross_Cusor_Color=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 Downscaling_Support=0.000000 Eye_Swap=0.000000 for further updates to WOWS, can you please do the following: 3d, sharper textures, Scaleable UI as the chat text and map`s are hard to read @ 4k. Anyhoo thank you for you time. ShaderFX_Code.zip
  6. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, let me take the occasion of the, now available, katori to introduce me and my tiny channel. I don't do the meme's, i don't do fancy cutting, i mostly just game and talk, still, be welcome to pass by, and listen to my DEUTSCHEN accent. What i do is videos in 4k, with an emphasis on the best quality my setup can bring you. I mainly focus on World of Warships, sometimes tanks (Console & PC), but there is also a chance for random games that might pop up, check out the playlists for content created in the past. Enjoy your stay and thank you for your time. ~Tao
  7. Btl_Ostmark

    Neuer PC, eure Meinung?

    Hallo Kapitäne der sieben Weltmeere, ich möchte mir einen neuen Rechner anschafffen und diesen natürlich selbst zusammenbauen. Da ich beruflich aber nur mit Apple arbeite bin ich in diesem Gebiet leider nicht der beste. Aber das zusammenbauen ist kein Problem, dort reichen meine Kenntnisse. Ich bin kein "Pro Gamer" oder jemand der 6 Stunden am Tag spielt, ich spiele 4-5x die Woche Abends, lege jedoch Wert auf Grafik und Performance. Da System sollte nicht viel mehr als 1200 Euro kosten da es mir mehr nicht Wert ist. Er sollte aber doch die neusten Spiele auf Full HD schaffen und 3-4 Jahre halten. Nun meine Fragen: Was haltet ihr von meinem System? Passen dort überhaupt alle Komponenten zusammen? Benötige ich dort eigentlich noch zusätzlich irgendwelche Kabel die ich noch nachkaufen sollte? Mainboard: Asus Prime B350-Plus AM4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 mit Wraith Spire Kühler Graka: Zotac GeForce 8GB GTX 1080 AMP Edition RAM: Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s Festplatte: Samsung SSD MZ-75E500B/EU 850 500GB und eine vorhandene 1TB HDD Netzteil: Hätte ich noch mein vorhandenes Sharkoon SHA 450W Aber ich bin mir nicht sicher ob die 450W reichen? Ansonsten: Sharkoon WPM600 Bronze 600W voll Modular System: Win10 Pro Vielen Dank und ruhige See -DivisionGermania
  8. Nachdem der "Fragen an Wargaming"-Thread geschlossen wurde, versuche ich mal hier, an Antworten zu kommen. Meine Frage lautete: "Wann wird es DX11 oder DX12 geben? Wie sieht es mit WQHD und UHD aus?" Gut, hier sollte man vielleicht präziser fragen. Denn die letzten Antworten zu diesem Thema gab es Mitte August 2016. Zeit ist ein dehnbarer Begriff, aber nach 10 Monaten reicht mir persönlich ein "bald" nicht mehr aus. Dann nehme ich Sehales mal beim Wort: "Wir werden natürlich weiterhin so gut es geht eure Fragen in den verschiedenen Threads beantworten (...)". Meine Fragen: 1. Wie sieht es aus mit DirectX 12? Was ist geplant, ab wann dürfen wir mit Ergebnissen rechnen? 2. Was ist mit dem UI-Scaling bei höheren Bildgrößen jenseits von FHD? Was ist geplant, ab wann dürfen wir mit Ergebnissen rechnen? 3. Wann werden Bildgrößen jenseits von FHD "supported resolutions" sein? Was ist geplant, ab wann dürfen wir mit Ergebnissen rechnen?
  9. bobvdvalk

    problem: resolution won't change

    Not sure this is the right place to mention a problem.. But I used to play wows on my laptop with a 4K screen. Until today no problems occurred. But now wows automaticly resized to a 4K resolution. But if I change to resolution to a different size it does not resize back.. How do I resolve this? Thank you in advance.
  10. Any one else doing 4k on a 40" screen? I've got two GTX 980 in SLI config so my frame rates are great. The GUI however is still very small even on a 40" screen.. seeing that 4k gaming is ever increasing the option should be for the GUI to scale a bit better.. the chat window is very small and the fonts are almost too small. Thanks
  11. Xyrixer

    UI scaling for menus ect. (?)

    I've been playing wot in 4k resolution for some time and there are no problems because there is option for scaling menus. So then I heard that wow is now open so I rushed to test it I was suprised to see that wow lacked any support for high dpi monitor, everything looks so tiny that I cant see really anything. How is this possible in year 2015? I could somehow manage tiny menu buttons ect. but even in-game minimap looks like post stamp...that is hurting my gameplay big time. Otherwise game looks pretty sweet in 4k... I hope that UI scaling will be added asap. Meanwhile I'll just keep playing wot
  12. OrcinusStormborn

    High-DPI monitors and UI scaling

    The UI does not scale with resolution increase thus rendering anything above 1440 hard to use, meaning 4K and 5K are unusable on normal sized screens. Please add a UI scaling option.
  13. masek

    Short review: Gaming@4K

    Hi, I am playing World of Warships at a 4K resolution. My setup is a Intel Core i7 4770K, 32GB RAM, GTX 970 and an Asus 32'' monitor. Resolution is 3840*2160. Here are my experiences so far: On the plus side: Proper performance with max details (60+ fps, only 60 fps are actually shown since that is the maximum for 4K) Game is stable, everything works as intended On the negative side: All text becomes unreadable (chat, item descriptions) for me. I am 50 years old, my eyes are no longer what they used to be Maximum Minimap size still too small for 4K resolution. Especially with low contrast maps, I have trouble there Ingame and Port UI does not scale up Yours, Martin
  14. masek

    Usability Feedback

    Hello, some observations: I cannot play in Fullscreen Mode. In that mode I do not see a mouse pointer and everything becomes difficult to operate (Setup, Selecting ship to play, etc). In Windowed Mode, I have the problem that Windows (8) keeps interfering. The taskbar and other UI elements keep popping up and preventing me e.g. from shooting. In 4K resolution, the GUI is much too small (even on a 32'' monitor) for an old grazer like me. Is there a way to scale the UI. The game crashes, but very rarely (about 1:50 matches). Yours, Martin