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Found 1 result

  1. RDE Est 2017 ~ Page updated ~ 2nd Sept 2020 Hello and welcome to RDE We are a Uk based mature and casual clan established in 2017. We have members from all over the world and our ages range from 21- 67+ ish. For many of us gaming is a way to chill out after work and escape the real world and for some of us to put on our headphones and pretend not to hear the wife or even the tiny munchkins running amok around the living room. Most of us here have full time jobs, wife's, girlfriends, husbands, partners, kids, life commitments ect... We understand life comes first and not everybody has the time to commit to a hardcore clan with strict activity, yet want to have fun at a casual level and play hard at the weekend or during special events like clan wars. We are a very active clan and most of our members have been with us since our humble beginnings or have returned to us after a game break. Clan member benefits include New player friendly clan. We are all very friendly and have the time to help new players with tips or questions. Some our of members have posted some great guides on our Discord channel 50 member slot clan. You're never alone should you wish to team up and create a division or even be social and have a chat with us on our Discord channel Chance to win free stuff. Win premium account time, doubloons, steam games and more on our Discord giveaway channel giveaway The chance to play in clan battles. Clan battles can be very rewarding and the prizes range from flags, steel and coal, premium account time, doubloons and much more Fully researched dock, everything to the max: Academy +10% commander xp - Research centre +5% XP on all ships of all tiers, Design bureau +25% xp per battle, Shipyard -15% cost to researchable ships of all tiers, Dry dock -15% to the post-battle service for ships of all tiers, Steel port +10% (3/3) and finely the best bonus the Coal port which gives a massive +10% extra coal. New dock buildings ~ Research Institute 2/3 This feature is gives you +3% more research points . Handy if you are re grinding a tier (max is 5+% this is our next upgrade and we should complete this shortly) New dock buildings ~ Treasury 3/5 Containers for every clan member. (our recent container drop was very successful and we had many members get super containers, one lucky member managed to get 2 super containers) We use Discord. You do not need to log into Discord every time you log into the game. However, we are a social clan so stop by to say hello or just log in and sit in the back ground keeping up to date with clan chat Watch the clan battles live on Twitch or other games streamed by our members Low requirements needed to join us.... Age 21+ and able to communicate in English or broken English Minimum Win rate: 48% with at least 1000+ Random games played Hidden stats. Whilst we have relaxed rules regarding this. All new requests to join us must show their in game stats. You may hide them again after 24 hours after being a full member. Farm oil by collecting at least 50 oil a week or 200 oil a month. Each container comes with 10 oil which makes this a very achievable casual target . The most important requirement : You will be presenting a very friendly clan. You must be of a mature manner and respect ALL players friend or foe. Too much salt is unhealthy for you, all us oldies know this ;-) Simple and quick joining No need to fill out questionnaires or meet up with recruiters Just send an in game request to us at -RDE- to be accepted Previous clan results