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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, New "Yamato" 3D model also brought (unwanted) armor changes... This was posted on Reddit! The "Yamato" in v0.8.2 The "Yamato" in v0.8.3 And @Sub_Octavian responded: Leo "Apollo11"
  2. AkosJaccik

    "What does this thing do?"

    I'm probably not alone in our community when it comes to being totally and utterly clueless about actual and everyday naval issues (sitting in the middle of a landlocked country does not help either). Webpages and books often cover tactics, technical data and whatnot, but I often come across unanswered questions when I rotate the 3D models of ships in-game and look at specific pieces of equipment. What are those? How do they work? What happens when I push the button? While I have doubts about this topic being overly popular, let's give it a shot. The "rules" are simple. - Link one or some pictures about any in-game ship - Ask or tell about one or more of her equipment, or any 3D model part of her. You can even make a picture showing a wild array of explanations with arrows, or you can talk about one specific piece of equipment, how did it work, why did it installed on the ship, etc. You can even share curiosities about things that seem trivial to a seaman, but not to us ("Why is this rope here?"). Your time and help is greatly appreciated.
  3. lolbroek101

    solidworks and ships

    So kicking off with my first thread on these forums... After I started to play WoW I really got interested into ships, and then mainly warships. Once I unlocked the Fuso I got the urge to recreate the ship in my student solidworks version (A 3D drawing program used by alot of companies to make their drawings for products). The ships just looked too awesome in my eyes Sadly this turned out to be quite hard and with the size of the ship even impossible (atleast I didn't get it to work). But after some more trying and tetsing I decided it would be much more fun to create something of my own. So whats it gonna be? well a battleship. big guns are just too much fun . It will be 210 meters long and 38 meters wide at the widest point. with alot of inspiration coming from the Fuso. In this thread I'll be updating every now and then on the progress. So first update . The front gun is almost done, some minor details like ladders and air vents have to be added but thats about it. It is 29 meters long by 10 meters wide. The barrels can take a angle of 30 degrees and have a diameter of 15 Inch. The ship will have 4 of these. 2 on the front, 1 at the back and one facing forward behind the conning tower, just lik ethe Fuso ;). This will be the only one without AA guns mounted on the roof since the barrels of the number two turret would be hanging over this one. Hope you guys like the idea! Cheers -Lolbroek101