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Found 15 results

  1. Major_Damage225

    Cleveland premium cammo

    So i've been wondering this for a while now, and i think it's time to ask @MrConway @Tuccyand co. I know im buggin you but still, a litle info here. During the 2017 new year event we had a chance to earn a premium cammo for various ships the cleveland being one of them, now during the USS Cruiser split that cammo got removed from sayd ship, but is not present in either of the new T6 cruisers, nore is it avalable for the new T8 Cleveland, so my question here is ''where did you guys at wg hide it huh'' and is it ever getting reimplemented to either T6 ship or back to Cleveland. Am awating info on the subject.
  2. Hey everyone! I have been trying to find the music that is used in this WoWs halloween video https://youtu.be/V-EvIrpwpmU Im trying to find the music at 0:36 but i cant find it, if you know it then please let me know.
  3. Hi guys, As you might know, WGFest opened yesterday in Moscow. Wargaming spoke, among other things, about the some of the roadmap ahead in 2018 for World of Warships. The presentation started of with a recap, we're going to skip that, since let's be honest, you guys have been here, and know what's in the game right now. They also presented some statistics from clan battles on the CIS server, which also has limited relevancy for us, and talked about the top 3 clans in Typhoon league. Now, what's new? Event Arcs Wargaming wants to implement something called event arcs. What that basically is, is a period of time where the whole theme of the game is based around a certain nation, and/or ship line (most likely with each new release). This includes, but is not limited to, a special commander for said nation and ship class, and a special, nation themed port. The first line to have this implemented is going to be the new French BB line. This sounds like an awesome idea. Not only will you be able to pick up a new special commander for the new lines, but you'll also be able to receive a new port. This means content, content, content! I know special commanders have been a much requested feature, and the added bonuses will surely bring joy to a lot of players. (what do you guys think?) New USN Cruiser Split This isn't news per-se, but WG touched on the new cruiser split happening in 2018 for the US cruisers. To those that missed it: If this goes like the IJN/RU split, I definitely recommend keeping your Cleveland in port. Wargaming states there will be a lot of bonuses for those that have the Baltimore too (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!). Worcester looking definitely like a Minotaur, only time will tell what exactly the play style is, but think RNCL, but maybe with HE? We'll see. Clans Are Getting Some Love Seems like Wargaming likes the way the Clan mechanics are develloping. Clan wars was an overall success. You can expect to see more clan oriented game modes and rewards for this high tier gameplay! We're also going to see new upgrades for the naval bases. Seems like it's the prime time to join a clan. If you haven't and are thinking about doing so, these are some news that might be of relevancy to you. As for all people that are in a clan already, awesome stuff! Some More PvE Stuff Similarly to clan wars, PvE seems to have been a great success. To comemmorate this, Wargaming has been busy making new, more challenging PvE missions. If you haven't played these CooP missions yet, I thoroughly recommend them. They're a lot of fun. A lot more relaxing than randoms too, and you can earn some sweet medals and consumables while doing so. It's nice to see that the less competitive people get attention too. Stark contrast, huh? PvE and Clan wars. More, uh, In Game Cash? I have some mixed feelings about this. Wargaming wants to add new currencies that you can spend in the game. I do hope it won't be another premium currency. Though if you have played tanks, or maybe World of Warplanes (it's actually pretty good, honest!), you'll have seen things like tokens, and such. In WoT you can buy some extra bonus effects for installed modules or consumables with a special kind of currency (I honestly don't know what it's called though). You can earn it by playing Tier 10 and/or the new ranked game mode (Also tier 10). In WoWp you can collect token via daily missions to unlock the new bomber class. Wargaming said that we'll be able to spend this special currency on camo, flags, etc. That I am sure many will welcome. Blasting around in a Tier 10 ship to gain some credits to blast on some Sierra Mikes doesn't sound bad, right? Furthermore you'll be able to revisit some of the old events, maybe pick up that Kamikaze R that you didn't manage to get because of work. Not bad, though I think it's a shame since that'll make those ships just a little bit less special. Our Calls Have Been Heard! I know WG is actively trying to make the game as frustration-free and fun as possible. Though at times it may not seem like this, the following news will be pretty big for a lot of. Wargaming admitted it. Detonations can't stay the way they are right now. While I don't know what they have planned, and I highly doubt that it will be completely removed from the game, they are clearly aware of it and are trying to find a way to, make it less, you know. Annoying, infuriatin- ANYWAY They're also continuing work on CVs since that's an eternal problem still, and want to improve the matchmaker, so you don't end up in tier 9 all the time, while playing your Belfast, you sealclubbing monstr- Some Nice Little Tid-Bits We'll be seeing player emblems making it into the game. Those of you that played LoL (and I am sure a lot of other games have it too), will know what I am talking about. You'll have the choice of selecting an emblem ingame to complement your name, and ranked season rank. You cannot upload your own image (god forbid the amount of monitoring that would require) and WG says that you will have a big enough choice, but we'll see. There's also a new port camera, which will make looking at your boats more...cinematic...? Accessible...? We'll see! Finally we'll see a new free premium ship, the cruiser Varyag. There was a big emphasis on this ship. While it's history is surely important, it was a bit more of fan-service for the Soviet side of the world. Free ships are awesome though. Go Varyag! that's V A R YA G, not a fancy form of a Russian swearword! As always, discussions welcome. What do you think of these changes and upcoming features? Strefs out!
  4. @Tuccy @MrConway Guys (WG) just wanted to say thank you for the seasonal events and containers, they certainly worked very well for me on a number of levels, didn't finish the Scharnhorst cammo campaign (not enough game time as I didn't buy the DoY) but I did get the first 2 stages, and the Gallissoniere was the only ship I actually wanted as I have the others :) ('Free' ships gained by me either campaign or containers were, DoY, Molotov, Arizona, Huanghe and Graff Spee, and a shed load of cammo's). So thank you. Phil edit typo
  5. WG just released some pics for Halloween 2017 Source:
  6. i just received the news when im logging in to the game that there is a new version of available to update since im a new comer i have no idea how to update the client else than downloading the whole thing over again. Is there anyway to update the WOWs client to version without downloading the whole thing?
  7. We are moving into the second half of the year. This is what they promised for 2017. • More branches for the British tech tree - possibly next • Two new branches of French ships - half done • Soviet destroyer changes! Look for two destroyer sub-branches: "Destroyer Leaders" and "Artillery Destroyers" - half done • Legendary Commanders - just one (Seagal) • Earnable ship upgrades - check • Commander Skill Tree changes - check • PvE (Cooperative) missions - check • Clan battles - perhaps delayed • Sound improvements: Dynamic music and the ability to modify the sound files of shots, torpedoes and more! - check • Graphics improvements - check • And much, much more! - for example, the Depot and the alternative interface for CVs. What ships can we expect? From the top of my head: More or less confirmed or probable in the near future: 1. British battleships 2. Premiums: DD: HMS Galant, USS Kidd, perhaps a Polish DD CA: Admiral Makarov (distribution unclear) BB: Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya CV: USS Enterprise 3. Three ships of the High School Fleet (anime). 4. Definitely no new CV line this year (SubOctavian at the Yekaterinburg meeting) In the medium-term by SubOctavian at the Yekaterinburg meeting: 1. Another half line of Russian DDs: Smelyi, Neustrashimyi and a Project 56 destroyer perhaps in 2017. 2. The IJN Akizuki line extended to tier X. P.S.: I forgot Steven Seagal!!
  8. DutchDelightsNL

    Royal Netherlands Navy Open Days

    Royal Netherlands Navy Open Days The 2017 Royal Netherlands Navy Open Days will be held on Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June. Navy Day, the official opening day of the Royal Navy, one of the defense components from the Netherlands. In 2017 Navy Days will reside at Den Helder. In June everyone can enjoy the advanced equipment of the Royal Navy and spectacular demonstrations. Navy Days will take place along with SAIL, so tall ships and ships and also the Sailing Heritagecan be admired. Learn all about the free visit Navy Days 2017 date, location, and program accessibility. Navy Days 2017 One of the most spectacular and exciting public events organized by the Royal Navy. We are talking about the Navy days, or the open days of the Navy. More than 150,000 people visit expected the three-day event where you can enjoy and equipment demonstrations. The next edition of the Navy Days will take place on Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday, June 25th, 2017. SAIL Den Helder Simultaneously with the Navy Days There wil be a big event in Den Helder. From Thursday 22 to Sunday, June 25th, 2017 it is also SAIL Den Helder, a nautical event. Because SAIL takes place simultaneously with the Navy Day. SAIL Den Helder embarkes a large numbers of tall ships and ships of the National Sailing Heritage in the city. location As usual, the Navy Days held in the naval town par excellence: Den Helder in northern Holland. The event will take place precisely in the Nieuwe Haven, Den Helder. New Haven is the biggest naval port in the Netherlands making the event a complementation to the envirioment. free admission Navy Days and SAIL Den Helder are free to visit. Both events were already among the largest free public events in the Netherlands, but the combination of the two has almost no equal. Program The exact Navy Days program have not been published as yet, but in 2017 we can expect a lot of spectacle. Of course, the whole event from Friday 23 to Sunday, June 25th, 2017 with the theme of the Royal Navy so the activities will take place on and around the open Sea. As a visitor you can watching the shows and demonstrations from the docks. It is not just watching boats and equipment, but also find numerous demonstrations by the Navy, KNRM, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. Besides the outdoor action and demonstrations is rigged a dock where visitors can take a peek behind the scenes of the Navy. Visitors with car parking The Navy days are just to visit by car. Daman is located at the top of North Holland and therefore many people nicely set back from the road. Daman is accessible from the A7, A9 / N9 and the Dam / N99. It is possible to park the car on a special transfer point where shuttle buses to New Haven. Navy Days receive each edition back hundreds of thousands of interested people from the whole country. Please consider pushed the supply routes and departure home on time. Visitors with public transport If you want to avoid traffic, it is advisable to use public transport. The Den Helder Railway Station is within walking distance (twenty minutes) of New Haven. There is still viewed or special transport for disabled and handicapped can be used. Working for the Navy In addition to serving the Royal Navy to visitors Defense hopes to inspire many people to work in the Royal Navy. Much of the program is therefore aimed at informing about jobs and work at Defense. original page ( in Dutch): http://bit.ly/2orf0Ht impression of the programme as in 2015( in dutch) Every year the military open days. Then present two armed forces themselves and everyone is welcome to take a look behind the scenes. Army Day Date: Monday 8 to Saturday, May 13th, 2017. Location: During visits to hundreds of schools and public events throughout the Netherlands. Meet the Royal Army, its personnel and equipment. More information on the Army Day 2017 here ---- >>>> http://bit.ly/2pfofiN
  9. purpletrain0000

    British CV line for 2017?

    Wondering about CV's for the new class lines they are revealing for the Brits in 2017. Most likely BB and DD's tho. Post thoughts.
  10. So, I have been watching a few videos on this subject and I just wondered what other people thought about this. The possible new secret weapon/aspect WG is creating for 2017? Post Thoughts.
  11. Właśnie obejrzałem wspomniany w tytule wątku materiał i poza typową autopromocją oraz hurraoptymizmem ;) wychwyciłem bardzo interesujący szczegół. W 2017 roku Wg planuje dodanie nowego typu uzbrojenia, które na razie pozostaje niespodzianką. Pożyjemy zobaczymy, ale tutaj ja zgłoszę swoje dwie nadzieje na system uzbrojenia. Jedną z nich jest działo szynowe, czy z angielska railgun wraz z dodaniem nowego niszczyciela premium do drzewka USA - Zumwalt. Druga nadzieje na nowy op system uzbrojenia to niskotierowy monitor wyposażony w katapultę znaną nam z halloweenowego PvE, co da możliwość posługiwania się op nowym uzbrojeniem dla mniej majętnych i nie mających tyle czasu na grindowanie. A jakie są wasze spekulacje i nadzieje na nowy system uzbrojenia w word of warsheeps?
  12. What do you want for wows in 2017? These poll results will be interesting.
  13. We eventually got what we should have in the first place, - Almost equal treatment! So here is some wishes I think will bring the whining rate down. Consistency throughout the servers: Make mission/and event-frequencies more like the other servers in the future instead just a third of it. The EU server lacks of repeatable missions. (as already mentioned - some of the missions are a tad to hard for the average player, therefor some simple repeatable mission is good for everyone) An example: like last Halloween, when you offered the Fujin, you didn't have missions specific for the Fujin like the NA server did. - I'm sure they did it to promote sales, - but at the same time make it more fun for the consumer. And more fun for the consumer is always a good thing. - Another example: This Xmas, x3 commander XP for every win is very welcome (like they got on the NA server), these missions alongside other stuff makes the overall gameplay more vibrant. We just got a third of the missions. Premiumshop: Have the same offers like the other servers - same camo and flags offers. Instead of offering a mixed bag, a with flags you don´t want/need. It does only make sense for WG sales I guess? - my 2 cents
  14. Pues eso comandantes, que si sabe alguien como se van consiguiendo los logros del maraton, tengo ya 4 pero ni se como los he ido consiguiendo... y como necesito pasta para comprar los barcos con descuento, a ver si losconsigo antres de que pasen los 4 dias que quedan... Buenas singladuras
  15. Hey, all. Been a while. Glad to be back. Really like the look of these new ships. Versatile workhorses. Up next, Italian and French cruisers, as well as the re-worked Soviet destroyers. Stay frosty. Cheers.