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Found 9 results

  1. Tuccy

    Battle of Sagami Bay

    On this day in history the last surface action of World War II took place off the tip of the Bōsō Peninsula. Destroyer Squadron 61 of the US Navy intercepted a Japanese coastal convoy of two freighters, escorted by one minesweeper and one submarine chaser. One of the freighters was sunk and the other damaged. Destroyer Squadron 61 Destroyer Division 121 USS De Haven (DD 727) - flagship USS Mansfield (DD 728) USS Lyman K. Swenson (DD 729) USS Collett (DD 730) USS Maddox (DD 731) Destroyer Division 122 USS Blue (DD 744) USS Brush (DD 745) USS Taussig (DD 746) USS Samuel N. Moore (DD 747) USS De Haven (DD 727), flagship of DesRon 61, on May 14th, 1944.
  2. Tuccy

    Bombardment of Hitachi

    After the British Pacific Fleet joined US Navy off the coast of Japan, British ships joined in the series of coastal bombardments in a night attack on targets around Hitachi. Despite considerable firepower limited visibility lead to less damage inflicted than expected. USA: USS Iowa USS Missouri USS Wisconsin USS North Carolina USS Alabama USS Atlanta II USS Dayton eight destroyers Alabama Royal Navy: HMS King George V two destroyers
  3. until
    On this day in history in 1945, the Japanese submarine I-58 hit heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis with a torpedo. Ship sunk 12 minutes later and her disappearance was not noticed until a patrol plane chanced to spot the survivors on August 2nd. This failure was caused both by lapses in the coordination between two commands and by a secret nature of the previous journey of the Indianapolis - carrying parts of the first nuclear bombs to the Mariana islands. This was the last large ship being lost during the World War II. Note: Time of the event is set to the actual time of attack, July 30 at 00:15 local time. I-58 USS Indianapolis, July 10th, 1945
  4. Tuccy

    Attack on Kure

    Following the attack on Yokosuka, the carrier aviation focused on the port of Kure where the bulk of Japanese Navy surviving warships sheltered. In a series of attacks spanning several days, most of the heavy units including aircraft carriers Amagi and Katsuragi, Combined Fleet's flagship cruiser Oyodo, battleships Ise, Hyuga and Haruna, cruisers Tone and Aoba and a number of other ships were sunk, ensuring almost complete freedom of operation for the Allied fleet. The success however came at a steep price of 133 aircrafts - one of the heaviest losses the US Navy 3rd Fleet suffered.
  5. Tuccy

    Attack on Yokosuka

    On this day in history in 1945, Allied naval aviation attacked Yokosuka. While the attack caused considerable damage, the main prize - the battleship Nagato - survived.
  6. Tuccy

    Second Bombardment of Kamaishi

    the last of the bombardments of Japan was truly international, with the American ships being joined not only by British, but also New Zealand warships. The target were again iron works around Kamaishi and the damage caused was more serious than i the first bombardment. Another attack was planned for August 13th, but it was cancelled both due to technical trouble of HMS King George V and the dropping of nuclear bombs. No further bombardment took place until the end of the war. US Navy: USS South Dakota USS Indiana USS Massachusetts USS Quincy II USS Chicago II USS Boston USS Saint Paul nine destroyers Royal Navy: HMS Newfoundland three destroyers (HMS Terpsichore, Termagant, Tenacious) Royal New Zealand Navy: HMNZS Gambia
  7. Tuccy

    First Bombardment of Kamaishi

    On this day in history in 1945 the series of bombardment and air raids against Japanese coastal targets started. In the first of the series of bombardments, battleships South Dakota, Indiana and Massachusetts, heavy cruisers Quincy II and Chicago II and nine destroyers shelled iron works at Kamaishi (Northern Honshu) while carrier aircraft attacked shipping around Hokkaido and Honshu. This bombardment started a series of other attacks spanning the end of July and beginning of August: July 14th: Iron Works at Kamaichi (USS South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, two cruisers, nine destroyers) July 15th: Iron works at Muroran (USS Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, two cruisers, eight destroyers) July 17/18th: Various targets around Hitachi (USS Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Alabama, HMS King George V, two cruisers, eight American and two British destroyers) July 18th: Cape Nojima radar station (cruisers USS Astoria II, Pasadena, Springfield, Wilkes-Barre, six destroyers) - no damage July 24/25th: Seaplane base at Kushimoto and airfield near Cape Shionomisaki (same ships, little damage) July 29th: Various targets around Hamamatsu (USS South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusett, two cruisers, nine destroyers for USN; HMS King George V, three destroyers for the Royal Navy) July 30th/31st: Shimizu aluminum plant (Destroyer Squadron 25) August 9th - 10th: Second bombardment of Kamaishi (USS South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusett, four cruisers, nine destroyers for USN, one cruiser and three destroyers for Royal Navy, one cruiser for New Zealand) USS Indiana shelling Kamaishi, July 14th 1945.
  8. Tuccy

    Trinity Test

    Submitted by @whiskey_sk On this day in 1945, the USA tested "the Gadget" - the first functional nuclear bomb on a test site in New Mexico. The test site before explosion. Fireball 16 milliseconds after explosion. Mushroom cloud forming at Trinity site.
  9. Hispano

    [SKIN] IJN Yamato 1945 [H]

    Por fin le toca el turno al tan afamado acorazado japones, les presento a su Majestad Imperial ... Yamato. Espero que os guste tanto como a mi ( he decidido seguir con la linea en tonos verdes para que el resto de la flota japonesa no se vea afectada. Sin más, os dejo con las imágenes. Como siempre, os dejo el enlace de DESCARGA Esta vez he optado por haceros más fácil la instalación, simplemente debéis alojar la carpeta dentro de la raíz del juego ( C:\Games\World_of_Warships ) Espero que os guste, un saludo y nos vemos detrás de alguna ola !!!