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Found 1 result

  1. https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2018/08/world-of-warships-devs-nerfs-and-buffs.html These changes are 'intended to' blah, blah, blah, but I predict they'll instead herald the demise of this ship type completely in competitive Tier 1 Random battles. When I used to do this, before running out of port slots (full disclosure: 213 battles and a 9-point captain), Black Swan was never the ship of choice for the real veterans; they'd go with either Hermelin and Orlan for the more preferable traits of speed (24 kts and 25 kts) and artillery range (9.0km and 8.8km) buffed with AFT to achieve 10.75km and 10.55km, rather than Black Swan's very situational AP shells. Those 102mm AP shells are already plagued with shatter, ricochet, and over-pens, unless the opponent makes the mistake of showing broadside. Yet they claim she's over-powered? Well unless you're looking at the very narrow metric of top 5% of players (where her WR is 76.62% against Hashidate 76.39 and Orlan 76.38) for top 10% and top 25% she ranks much further behind those two in WR and average damage. In fact for overall damage she ranks 5th out of 7. High volume of fire output doesn't translate into high damage numbers, obviously, due to the above-mentioned outcomes frequently observed. With this nerf she'll have the joint worst speed, poor range, the smallest guns with poor burn % that don't reload any faster than the typical 5" guns of her opponents, and no chance of penetrating the citadel armour of Hashidate or Hermelin... Yeah, great idea on paper, but is it just me or has this come out of nowhere, with no consultation and no evidence to support their reasoning. If she was a contender for best ship before, with her RN gimmick, she'll just become truly mediocre afterwards, and Orlan will be top dog. That's right, the Russian ship. The QF 4" gun was a Royal Navy feature on all of her small ships. They're supposed to be quick-firing by design, which means the reload should be faster than the others! If they hate QF 4" guns so much then rather than this mega-nerf they're inflicting, simply replace the ship type entirely with something more suitable for the 5" gun HE ammo standard of the tier, even if it's some paper project so beloved of WG to pad tech trees. Black Swan needs her gimmicks to be competitive: please don't implement these changes as planned. Hunt-class Destroyer escorts could be a suitable replacement: same QF 4" guns except 4 of them rather than 6, and the fastest speed in the Tier (27.5 kts, woohoo) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunt-class_destroyer and historically superceded the Black Swan-class in production orders.