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Found 66 results

  1. Update

    Captains, A small update will be implemented tomorrow morning. Time: 10/05/2018 04:00 UTC - 05:30 UTC Size: ~90 MB Content: Fixed an issue which caused a warship that had just been detected to instantly disappear from sight. For example, a destroyer that quickly shows up from behind an island that disappears in a smoke cloud seconds later is displayed in the Minimap with a transparent red icon ("spotted by an ally") instead of the white one designating the ship's last known position. As part of our efforts to eliminate cases of the AFK/Inactive status being erroneously assigned to players in Tier IX and X battles, we reduced the required minimum distance (in-game kilometres) to be covered in battle by 2 times. Fixed an issue which caused Jack Dunkirk's enhanced skill "Smoke Screen Expert" to be displayed on the skill panel without the distinctive sign normally added to enhanced Commander skills. The following six Commanders with enhanced skills were added to the game: George Doe, Vasiliy Znamensky, Bert Dunkirk, Charles-Henri Honoré, Reinhard von Jutland, Franz von Jutland. The names of two of the new commanders Reinhard von Jutland, Franz von Jutland were previously Helmut Schiffmann and Albrecht Schiffmann. The following ships are now available for purchase with Doubloons right in the Tech Tree of their relevant nation: VII Scharnhorst, VII Atlanta, IV Ishizuchi, VI Mutsu, V Okhotnik, and VI Dunkerque. We removed cruiser IV Yūbari from the Japanese Tech Tree. Actioan Stations!
  2. This is to mention a possible BUG (?) with the new Patch and the client. This may need a hot-fix minipatch, as I know its not just me. I know others are having these issues or see team mates (and probably report them); notably in ranked but also sometimes randoms and especially the first game with a new ship. Please let WG know, as it may not be the players fault when they do not connect at launch. Obviously this is crucial in ranked especially. Please speak up instead of just reporting any player who obviously clearly didnt load in. For many games now, the new patch game client does finish the queing and loading but then DOES NOT complete the load in, the circle just keeps spinning, while you can even hear the game going on. Many times I am failing to load in to the game from the in game client load-in screen even atfter the quieing and game has been loaded, and you hear the battle start, but you don't get into the game, the circle just keeps spinning. (Other times times the client sudddenly freezes mid game or just after the start; with unusual lag spikes.) Also I noticed This happens mostly to destroyers and at higher tiers, and often in ranked. At least 1-2 players fail to connect into the game. I have noticed some other players with the same issue; when I do get in a game; there is often a dd that seems to also only connect / load in late or never. Especially in Ranked mode. I did not have this issue b4 the patch; and nothing has changed my side. When this happens...: I always try to re-boot the client and get back into the game, but either have the same problem, the game loads, then the circle keeps spinning or else the reboot takes to long and the game is over... so then I get the new discipline punishment. Because of new game client load in bugs / issues. I have been banned and turned pink, for the client not letting me in the game. This is VERY frustrating. (I completely support the nes game discipline rules; but I think you should have made provision for context and reasons. CHeck the player's record.. surely an easy algorithm? Can you not pick up when the client fails to load in a player(s) or freezes, and that the player tried to re-connect?? Being "disciplined" for something that is NOT your fault , but a game issue or other player (such as a ship sailing into torps launched 8km away and visible for that long, even if you warn them). BTW : SUGGESTION: Please add Teamwork and assist/encourage team building and improved comms; command notifications & hot keys such as "LAUNCHING TORPS", "DEPLOYING HYDRO / RADAR NOW", or "SETTING SMOKE SCREEN" or "Launching Plane"" etc and a target designating flashing bulls eye on a grid on the minimap (just like in WOT for spgs ) for planned target zone for torps or bombs or even smoke and hydro. (there may be other better wording for different classes. ( as opposed to asking for a smoke screen). FYI I have never purposefully quit a game ever in wows or wot, ( I usually watch the to the end , even if I am sunk...) . Sometimes REAL LIFE actually does happen such as the doorbell rings or an important phone call, but even then I always try finish the game first!
  3. Kapitáni! Ve verzi 0.7.4 jsme detekovali problém, který občas vedl k tomu, že se zobrazovala červená ikonka spotnuté lodi místo šedé ikonky poslední známé pozice. Kvůli toho byste si v takovém případě mohli myslet, že je poblíž neviditelná loď. Rozhodně se nejedná o problém se zpožďováním vykreslování a zobrazování ikonek na minimapě, jak bylo popsáno v informacích ohledně samotné aktualizace. Tento problém je pouze se samotnou ikonkou na minimapě. Momentálně pracujeme na opravě, která bude přidána do hry ihned, jak to bude jen možné. Omlouváme se za nepříjemnosti spojené s touto chybou.
  4. Symmetrical MM in 0.7.4

    I mean ... yes we wanted FAIR MM regarding radar ships, but symmetrical MM just seems and sounds boring. I dont think thats a good thing for the game play diversity. + from the queue waiting line perspective ... the +-1 MM would do better. So let me hear the (+-1mm is not implemented because of the waiting queue) no more.
  5. Falls es nicht bereits einen Thread zu eurem Thema gibt, so könnt ihr uns hier euer Feedback zum Update 0.7.4 mitteilen. Patch Notes: https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/updates/update-074/ Feedback Threads: Verbesserung des Matchmaker System zur Verhinderung von unsportlichem Verhalten Sonstige Änderungen (UI, Karten, Schiffe) 9. Saison der gewerteten Gefechte Fehler und Probleme mit Update 0.7.4 Video zum Update:
  6. Mit diesem Update nehmen wir einige Verbesserungen am System zur Verhinderung und Bestrafung von unsportlichem Verhalten vor. Was meint ihr? Mehr Infos dazu, findet ihr hier.
  7. Die gewerteten Gefechte gehen in die 9. Runde. Habt ihr Feedback dazu?
  8. In diesem Update gibt es auch diverse kleinere Änderungen und Verbesserungen an der Benutzerberfläche, Schiffen und Karten. Hier könnt ihr uns euer Feedback zu mitteilen.
  9. Der Matchmaker wird nun versuchen komplett gespiegelte Teams zusammenzustellen, was die Klassen und Stufen angeht. Wie gefällt euch diese Neuerung? Mehr Informationen dazu, findet ihr im Artikel zum Update 0.7.4.
  10. Hier könnt ihr uns über Fehler und Probleme informieren, die für euch mit dem Update 0.7.4 aufgetreten sind. Schaut bitte in die Liste der bekannten Fehler, bevor ihr einen Fehler meldet und haltet euch dabei an folgendes Schema: 1. Beschreibung Klar und deutliche Beschreibung des Problems Beispiel: Das Aufklärungsflugzeug der Aoba funktioniert nicht mehr. 2. Schritte um den Fehler zu reproduzieren Alle Schritte, die unternommen müssen, um den Fehler zu reproduzieren. Beispiel: 1. Wähle die Aoba aus. 2. Gehe ins Gefecht (Zufallsgefecht). 3. Versuche das Aufklärungsflugzeug zu starten. 3. Ergebnis Was passiert genau im Spiel, wenn der Fehler auftritt? Beispiel: Wenn man den Button drückt, um das Aufklärungsflugzeug zu starten, wird nur ein Sound abgespielt, aber nichts passiert und das Flugzeug bleibt auf dem Katapult stehen. 4. Erwartetes Ergebnis Was sollte eigentlich passieren? Beispiel: Das Aufklärungsflugzeug wird gestartet. 5. Technische Details Beispiel: Zeitpunkt des Fehlers: gegen 19:30 Uhr (MESZ); Replay, python.log, DxDiag (Wie erstelle ich einen DxDiag Bericht?)
  11. Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    Captains, Please leave any general feedback on update 0.7.4 here unless it concerns one of the following topics with dedicated feedback threads: Matchmaker Improvements System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct Other changes (UI, ships, maps) Ranked Season Bug Reports As usual a full list of changes can be found on our portal.
  12. Matchmaker Improvements

    Please leave your feedback on matchmaker improvements here. More information about the changes can be found here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/update-074/#mm
  13. Other changes (UI, ships, maps)

    There were several changes made to ships, maps and the UI. Leave your feedback on here. For a list of changes, check out the update article.
  14. You can leave your feedback on the new system for prevention and punishment of unsporting conduct here. More details are available on the portal.
  15. Ranked Season

    Please leave your feedback on the 9th season of ranked battles here. More information: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/update-074/#ranked_battle_s9
  16. Bug Reports

    Dear captains, Please share all bugs encountered version 0.7.4 here with the template we provided below. Before submitting your report please check if the bug is listed in our known issues already, in which case no report is necessary. 1. Description Clear and substantial description containing all necessary details. Example: the cruiser Aoba: scout is inoperable. 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. Example: 1. Select the cruiser Aoba 2. Enter the battle (Training or Random Battle). 3. Try to launch the scout. 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug. Example: When you press the scout activation button, you can hear the sound, but nothing actually happens. The aircraft stands still on the catapult. 4. Expected result In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present. Example: The scout has to be launched by the catapult. 5. Technical details Example: Bug time: about 19:30 (UTC).Replay (attempt at 01:00), python.log, DxDiag. If you encounter this error, please zip your ~\crashes\ folder, upload it to any online file storage and add the link to your report.
  17. Kapitáni! Seznam známých potíží verze 0.7.4 najdete zde.
  18. Kapitáni! Ve verzi 0.7.4 proběhne úprava v Matchmakeru. Samozřejmě tradičně ožehavé téma. Jak bude nový matchmaker fungovat zjistíte ve speciálním článku na našem portále. Co na tuto podobu Matchmakeru říkáte?
  19. Kapitáni! V rámci aktualizace 0.7.4 přichází změny ohledně nesportovního chování. Speciální článek na toto téma najdete na našem portále. Co na tyto změny říkáte? Doufám, že nebudete zlobit!
  20. Update 0.7.4

    Captains, the new update is here on Thursday morning. What does it bring? Check out below! Unsportsmanlike Conduct Prevention System | Improved Matchmaking | Changes in Ribbons and Achievements | Naval Flag Selection | Port Interface | Ranked Battles Season 9 | Ship Spotting System | Maps and Locations | Game Balance Changes | Active Targets | Other Improvements and Fixes | Game Engine Optimization | Community Contributor Support | Content Changes and Additions | End of Clan Battles Season 2 Do not forget to leave us feedback in the appropriate forum section. Action Stations!
  21. Kapitáni! S aktualizací 0.7.4 přichází nová sezóna Hodnocených bitev! Informace najdete v tomto článku na našem portále! Co říkáte na tuto sezónu "rankedů? Jak se vám daří?
  22. Kapitáni! Ve čtvrtek 26.4.2018 přichází očekávaná aktualizace s pořadovým číslem 0.7.4! Informace a video s Dashou najdete na našem portále. Vlákno pro: Hlášení chyb Vylepšený Matchmaker Systém prevence nesportovního chování 9. sezóna Hodnocených bitev Jak se vám tato aktualizace líbí? Napište nám své postřehy, náměty, poznámky, cokoliv!
  23. Capitani, Scrivete qui sotto tutte le vostre opinioni in merito all'aggiornamento. Per aiutarci a raccogliere il vostro feedback per gli sviluppatori, cercate di commentare in modo chiaro e costruttivo e di non andare off-topic. Se avete del feedback da offrire per questioni specifiche, ecco i link alle discussioni nel dettaglio: Aggiornamento 0.7.4 - Miglioramenti al Matchmaker Aggiornamento 0.7.4 - Stagione delle battaglie classificate Aggiornamento 0.7.4 - Sistema di prevenzione alla condotta antisportiva Aggiornamento 0.7.4 - Altri miglioramenti (Interfaccia, navi, mappe) Aggiornamento 0.7.4 - Segnalazione bug Grazie
  24. Capitani, Postate qui il vostro feedback sui miglioramenti al Matchmaker. Grazie
  25. Capitani, Postate qui il vostro feedback sulla nuova stagione delle battaglie classificate. Grazie