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Found 12 results

  1. Ph3lan

    General Feedback

    Please leave any general feedback on version 0.5.9 here. If your feedback is concerning one of the following topics, please leave the feedback in the respective thread: Other ship changes Improved Matchmaker Map Changes US Battleship Armor Models Account Level Revamp New Minimap Options Co-op Battle Missions Visibility System VOIP Chat Bugs
  2. Ph3lan

    Co-op Battle Missions

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the changes to Co-op battles in this thread! Co-op Battle Missions Assault/Defence scenarios More challenging than standard co-op battles Players outnumbered For IV-VIII ships, 3 maps
  3. MrConway

    Public Test Update 22/07

    Captains, during the server downtime today, we deployed a patch with some fixes and adjustments. Please note: Players who are going to update the client from 0.5.8 (who didn’t play the first iteration of Public Test 059 and didn't update the client from PT058) will have to perform a full update of the client ~ 10 GB. Players who are participated in first iteration PT 059 will only have to download a ~70 MB patch.
  4. Ph3lan

    Visibility System

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the Visibility System in this thread! Visibility System Changes to Situational Awareness More predictable smoke screen Smoke Border Display
  5. Ph3lan

    Improved Matchmaker

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the improved matchmaker in this thread! Matchamker Improvement Ship nations will be more evenly distributed in Randoms, whenever possible
  6. Ph3lan

    New Minimap Options

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the new minimap options in this thread! New Minimap Options Settings saved for each ship individually Numbers assigned to minimap circles (ranges) can now be toggled in settings Minimap circles transparency can be changed
  7. Ph3lan

    VOIP Chat

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the VOIP Chat in this thread! VOIP Chat For Division members only, voice chat directly in game Selection between push to talk and continuous
  8. Ph3lan


    Please leave any bug reports in this thread.
  9. Ph3lan

    Map Changes

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the map changes in this thread! Map Changes Removed Domination from Islands and Polar Moved Big Race and Solomon Islands from Tier I battles Changed tier spread for Ocean and Trident Other minor changes
  10. Ph3lan

    Other ship changes

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the ship changes in this thread! Other ship changes Warspite: deeper draft - improves survivability; Also receives improved model Atlanta: Radar consumable added: Range: 8.5 km; Active For: 25 seconds; Reload Time (Surveillance Radar I): 360 seconds; Reload Time (Surveillance Radar II): 240 seconds; Number of Charges: 2 (Surveillance Radar I)/3 (Surveillance Radar II) Tirpitz: we revised the dimensions of the bulkheads in her forward and aft ends. Now the armor runs from side to side of the ship while previously it protected the citadel only. Now it will be impossible to hit her citadel with a shell that bypasses slopes of the deck and transverse armor protection of the citadel Omaha and Marblehead: for these ships, thickness of the casemate bulkheads was increased from 6 to 10 mm for the casemate closest to the forward end of the ship Phoenix: casemate armor was extended from 10 mm to 13 mm Pensacola and Baltimore: we fixed the error in their armor models where barbettes of the first main turret had not extended to the magazine deck. Now the armor layout of these in-game models is more historically accurate Mogami: small inconsistencies in armor of her barbettes were corrected and the middle of her hull was modeled with more detail Krasnyi Krym: torpedo range has been increased from 3,7 to 5 km, as the previous characteristics were not in line with the ship's competitors on tier VI.
  11. Ph3lan

    US Battleship Armor Models

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the US battleship armor models in this thread! US Battleship Armor Model Same as previously cruiser, updating armor models Increased chance of bounces from bow or stern More realistic armor shape
  12. Ph3lan

    Account Level Revamp

    Please leave all your feedback concerning the revamped account levels in this thread! Account Level Revamp Faster leveling up New display of UI changes with leveling up Players will get Level 10 in test, with quick progression to high levels