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Found 60 results

  1. Takeda92

    One-day 0.5.3 cruiser stats

    Patch 0.5.3 introduced a nerf for the captain skills that affected light cruisers. I decided to compare the stats from warships.today before and after the patch to see what changes followed this patch. Now, before I post anything, these are only stats for one day. The numbers of battles are so small to draw any conclusions about the balance and the state of the game. I want to see how the changes immediately affected some ships. However, when people start adjusting their playstyle a bit and get used to them, which might take about a week or two, then the stats should be slightly more accurate. For each tier, I'll post 2 pics: the first is two weeks prior to 0.5.3 and the second is one day after 0.5.3. I'll only include the cruisers of tiers 8, 6, 5 and 4 which I think receive the biggest and most important changes (sorry, tiers 2 and 3) Tier 8: As you can see, the biggest changes are in tier 8 between Mikhail and Mogami. Will MK continue to lead the cruisers of tier 8? Did the AFT, BFT and EM nerf really make CLs underpowered? only time will tell. Again, these stats tell very little I've done the same for NA server stats. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/69553-one-day-053-cruiser-stats
  2. So, the new patch will come. We all know that a test server doesn't mean anything, because no actual changes on the patch will be made based on the results of these server, it never happened before and it won't happen this time. So, what are the big changes? AA, Light Cruiser Guns and Captain Skills. Judgement isn't final on the AA changes, some say it nerfs carriers, some say it doesn't. Can't judge it personally as I never had any carrier T6+. Regarding the last two changes and how it affects mid tier gameplay, which is, as the overhelming majority of players says, the most enjoyable of them all, we have to take a look at the balance there now. I think it's the most enjoyable because the balance, both between nations and ship classes, is the best. A cruiser can hurt a BB, but can still be punished. A DD can punish BB's, but it's always riding on an exciting razor's edge. BB's itself are pretty balanced against their counterparts and can be hurt by both other classes and CV's, which are still viable at this tier, although not much fun to play if you are using the American ones. What's high tier gameplay? Battleships driving backwards, afraid of torpedoes from never visible DD's just spamming waves from 15 km away. Cruisers behind them, not able to spot DD's or shoot them even if they should randomly get spotted, because they are instantly deleted by battleships no matter the angle. And even with that extra kind of distance, at one point or another they are getting killed because RNG decides: F*ck you! Can a cruiser take on a BB and concern it even for a bit? No, the only one was Mogami. Zao as well, but that's T10 and by that a bit out of context, because we don't have a comparison how it would far when being low tier. Even WG employees say this playstile by BB's and DD's is annoying and they wan't to do something about it (hello, radar?). But why are you nerfing Light Cruisers then? Badly, I might even say. -10 RoF, worse turret traverse. AFT needed to go, it was stupid and I agree with that change. But now DD's also get last stand for 2 points, which will it make very hard to punish them when spotted. Which essentially replicates high tier DD gameplay, with the added fun factor of American DD's without the ability to torp without being spotted now probably taking their chances at bumrushing Battleships because they won't really receive engine incapacitations anymore and cruisers are severly hampered in their ability to kill them. 0.5.2. was a good patch. 0.5.1. was, apart from AP-gate, not bad. But actively buffing a playstyle in high tier you don't like (Hello faster torps and faster reload!) and translating into the only tiers which really didn't need to be touched is ... I don't know, It's stupid. Stay away from T5 to T7! No, look at it. Look at it as it is and try to translate that into high tier, not the other way round.
  3. vuque

    "Sandbox" Matchmaking

    Merhaba Kaptanlar, "Sandbox" Matchmaking ile ilgili geri bildirimlerinizi bu başlığa yazmanızı rica ediyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.
  4. vuque

    Yeni Başarımlar

    Merhaba Kaptanlar, Yeni Başarımlar ile ilgili geri bildirimlerinizi bu başlığa yazmanızı rica ediyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.
  5. vuque

    Hatalar ve Performans

    Merhaba Kaptanlar, Hatalar ve Performans ile ilgili geri bildirimlerinizi bu başlığa yazmanızı rica ediyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.
  6. Bonjour à tous, Merci d'avance pour vos retours constructifs et argumentés concernant les nouvelles aptitudes pour vos commandants actuellement en test public.
  7. Hier könnt ihr uns euer Feedback, zu den Änderungen an der Luftabwehr und den Flugzeugträgern, mitteilen.
  8. MrConway

    Public Test #2 Changelog

    Changes between PT #1 and #2: 1. Fixed a lack of icons displaying the takeoff order of aircraft 2. All squads, in which the player is not a member, are now displayed in white 3. The algorithm for distribution of mercenaries to teams has been improved 4. Fixed a lack of a carousel after the transition to the profile window from the tasks window, after the players received the rank decrease/increase notification 5. Fixed a lack of system messages for acquiring and equipping/removing an ensign 6. Fixed an incorrect client behaviour when switching to full-screen mode, after the game window was moved from one monitor to another 7. Fixed an incorrect display of text in the "time remaining for the team season" message window (some letters were displayed as numbers) (English localization) 8. Fixed a bug that caused the display of negative numbers for the preparation timer, when issuing the target for several air groups at the same time 9. The tooltip for the "Superintendent" skill no longer includes the "Repair party" consumable 10. Fixed an issue that caused the disappearance of sight for the fighter planes 11. Fixed an incorrect behavior of the "Last Chance" skill - now it only works at 10% HP or less 12. Fixed the disappearance of the premium recharge icon after using torpedoes 13. Fixed an issue that caused the "Enhanced fire preparation" skill to be displayed in the performance improvement tab, even if the skill hadn't been learned yet 14. Torpedo preemption now properly takes into account the changes in the speed of the torpedoes 15. Fixed a client crash after re-clicking on the rechargeable consumable 16. Fixed an incorrect display of the number of vehicles researched to achieve "Design Engineer" 17. Fixed an incorrect display of the currency in the rechargeable consumables tooltips after the transition from ship to ship 18. Fixed a lack of the star on the squad leader icon in the squad chat 19. Improved the art for loading screen background image 20. Fixed an issue that caused the cursor (that activates with the CTRL key) to follow the camera, even if it is not active 21. Fixed an incorrect display of the indicator for gear shifting and the steering 22. Fixed a client crash after using Alt+Tab in full screen mode when playing on CV 23. Fixed "sticky" RMB after using Alt+Tab 24. Voting items are now correctly displayed in the context menu 25. Fixed the lack of an awards counter in the compact view of the "honoring heroes" window 26. Fixed an issue that caused fighters, instead of following the target, to stay at the area of the destruction of the enemy fighters 27. Improved the display of the teams’ information on the battle loading screen and in the TAB-statistics window 28. Fixed an issue that caused the "Air dominance" skill to increase the amount of fighters not only for CVs 29. Fixed an incorrect display of the third squad icon in the TAB-statistics window 30. Reduced the distance between the markers of the bases in the domination mode 31. Fixed an issue that caused x1.5 experience bonus to not apply in the team battles 32. Number of votes for the commander removal is now equal to the number of the whole team, excluding the commander himself 33. Improved a visual display of the filled ship types in the squad 34. All American bombers: The area size of the alternative bomb attacks now matches the area size for the automatic attacks 35. CVs "Lexington", "Essex" and "Midway": Bombers’ damage increased by 30% (1000lbs ANM65 bomb is now installed on the Curtiss SB2C, Douglas BTD-1, Kaiser XBTK-1 bombers) 36. "Torpedo reload" consumable now active up to 30 seconds rather than 60 seconds 37. Fixed lags in video play in the in-game browser
  9. Ph3lan

    Public Test Patch Notes

    Captains, Feel free to browse the patch notes for the Public Test of Update 0.5.3. DISCLAIMER: Any and all items in the patch notes are subject to change depending on the test results. These are NOT the final 0.5.3 patch notes. Team Battles In version 0.5.3., we add a new experimental game mode called 'Team Battles'. Team Battles become available once a player has achieved Level 12 in the Service Record. Teams will be managed via the relevant tab in the player's profile ("My Teams"). This tab is also accessible via a panel in the Port ("My Teams"). Initially, the player will be able to create one Team only (for 300,000 credits) After playing 10 battles in that Team, the player will be able to create a second and third Teams at a cost (at present, 300 doubloons for each subsequent Team). Once a Team is created, the player assumes the role of its Leader and may invite other players to join it. The Team will have a separate Team chat. A separate chat window will be available for each Team that the player is a member of. The name of a Team is unique. If a player creates a Team, calls it "123", and then tries to create another one with the same name, a message will appear saying that a Team with that name already exists. The player will need to enter a different name. If a Team is created without a name, it will bear the name of the player who created it. The Team may be renamed at any time later by clicking on its name in the "My Teams" screen. If you skipped the naming stage when creating your Team, the first renaming instance will be available free of charge. Subsequently, each renaming will cost 600 Doubloons. The Team's name is not released to open access even if all players leave it. The Team will retain its name even if there are no players in it. Absolutely all players that have achieved Level 12 in the Service Record may be invited to join the Team. To search for players, use the invitation form available in the relevant Team's panel or your contact list. To invite a player, open the context menu by right-clicking on the player's name in the contact list and select "Invite to Team". Invitations are sent via the invitation from in the Team's screen. To do that, click on the name of a player you wish to invite to your Team. The Team Leader receives a notice that a player has been invited by means of a system message. The invited player is marked with a 'letter' icon until he accepts or declines the invitation to join the Team. The invited player receives an invitation to join the Team. It contains the name of the inviting team and its Rating. Any member of a Team may suggest a candidate to be invited, in which case the voting process is initiated. The Leader may invite players to the Party bypassing the voting procedure. Players that have been offline for 21 days may be expelled from the Team by its Leader bypassing the voting procedure. Decisions on issues of key importance for the Team require a vote. Different types of voting require a different number of votes for a decision to be accepted. The required number of votes is displayed in the voting form. The time for voting is limited. Teams may consists of up to 10 players (seven principal plus three in the reserve). Seven players take part in a Team Battle. Any player may be a member of three Teams at the same time. He may also be the Leader in three of his Teams. The members of a particular Team will have an option to dismiss the Leader from his post. To do that, right-click on the Leader's name and select "Dismiss the Leader". The dismissal option will come at a cost (600 doubloons, paid by the player initiating the vote). The vote to dismiss the Leader is initiated. The dismissal of the Leader requires a unanimous vote of all participants of a given Team. The time for voting is limited. If the Leader is dismissed, he is reimbursed for part of the amount paid to hold a vote to dismiss him. The dismissed Leader is excluded from the Team. The Leader functions are transferred to the player who initiated the vote. The Leader may Transfer leadership at his own discretion. To do that, right-click on the name of a particular player within the Team and select "Transfer leadership". If the Leader leaves the Team, leadership passes to the member with the longest tenure in the Team. Apart from that, the Leader may designate any Team member as its new Leader in the exit confirmation screen. Teams have Ratings. Ratings may go up and down. It is assigned after a battle and determined a Team's place in the League. The higher the Rating, the higher the League that the Team will belong to. The number of Leagues is specified by the terms of the relevant season of Team Battles. A season may last for a predetermined number of days\weeks\months. However, battles will be fought at a specifically designated time of the day. E.g. from 12:00 till 23:00. At any other time, Team Battles will not be available. The Tier of ships is also designated in a Team Battles season. A group of seven players take part in a Team Battle at a time. To announce the recruiting for a Team Battle, press the "READY!" button in the screen of the Team that you want to enter a Team Battle with. The person who announces the recruiting becomes the group's Commander. Invitations to join a Team Battle are sent to all members of the Team staying online at the time when the invitations are sent out. An invitation to join a Team Battle may be accepted by pressing the "Accept" button or declined by closing the invitation window. If the recruiting has already been announced, simply press the "READY" or "JOIN" button on the panel that replaces the list of the Team's members at the time recruiting announcement time. Any permanent member of a Team can send that Team into Battle. Team Battles impose certain ship restrictions. At present, a Team may have no more than one aircraft carrier and two battleships. If you do not have enough Team members to enter a Team Battle, you can invite any player who has reached Level 12 in the Service Record. Even if that player is not on your Team. Mercenaries remain in the group for the entire session or until they are excluded from it by the group's Commander or leave themselves. All players that have been recruited for a Team Battle press "Ready" (similar to the way they do it in Divisions). Doing so, they confirm that they are ready for battle. All players unwilling to join a Team but looking to enter a Team Battle have two options: select the "Team Battles" battle mode and press "Looking to join a Team Battle". From then onward, the player will be displayed in the list of players awaiting an invitation to join a Team Battle, or simply to enter a Team Battle on a ship of appropriate Tier. In that case, the player will be randomly thrown into an understaffed Team in queue for a Team Battle. Teams may enter a battle at either reduced or full strength. The matchmaker will fill all understaffed Teams with mercenaries before matching them against another team, i.e. players that do not belong to any Team but can enter battle as mercenaries. A Team can only be matched against another team at full strength (fully staffed). Understaffed Teams are not matched against each other, only fully staffed Teams (7x7) can face each other. The minimum number of ready Team members required to proceed to matchmaking is 4 (four). When you shift to the Teams screen, you'll have to read and accept certain instructional materials about Teams. It's a number of pop-up messages with descriptions for the new functionality. Players will need to read them carefully and press the "Got it!" button. Game interface changes: No more than three system messages may be displayed at the same time. System messages will appear in the order that will depend on their priority as well as on the tab currently accessed by the Player. All messages are saved to a log of system messages. Once the player leaves a battle, the state of his armament panel will be saved to keep: The last selected type of shell; Torpedo cone and the condition of AA guns\secondary armament (on or off); For aviation, only the condition of AA guns\secondary armament (on or off) is saved. Once a player enables the "Enlist me in a Division" status, the player will be able to leave a short message (up to 150 characters) describing himself and the aims he pursues in looking for a Division. These messages will be subject to the rules of in-game chat and all violations of the rules will be sanctioned. Game Maps and Modes New map: Tears of the Desert New ports: 23 February Battle mode was changed from "Domination" to "Standard Battle" in all maps where the "Domination with 2 Key Areas" mode was present: Solomon Islands Strait Big Race North Fault Line Islands of Ice Two Brothers Islands Northern Lights New Dawn Hotspot Land of Fire The Atlantic Shatter Tears of the Desert On the Ocean map, the battle mode "Domination with 3 Key Areas" was added. Balance Corrections: On the Hotspot map, some islands were removed in the rear part of the map On the New Dawn map, height was decreased for the large island located in the "upper" teams' part of the map Ranked Battles: In the version 5.3, the point gain in Ranked Battles was decreased for maps played in the modes with 3 Key Areas: from 9 points every 10 seconds to 3 points every 5 seconds. Sound: Shot sounds were improved, including those for the 5.1 surround sound Ship movement sounds were enhanced Sounds were improved for aircraft falling after being shot down Ship destruction sounds were enhanced Now the music will totally stop and resources will not be consumed when the music volume is decreased to 0 New music tracks were added Security: In version 0.5.3, a new system is introduced for protection from unsigned mods. When you install mods, you put your game client's stability at risk. Arpeggio: Various types of missions are introduced for the Arpeggio of Blue Steel modification Players will be able to get a ship without a Commander or a Commander without a ship as a reward for completing a mission An Arpeggio icon will now be displayed on the corresponding missions and challenges (in order to separate common missions and challenges from Arpeggio ones) When a mission is completed whose reward is an Arpeggio ship and Commander, they will only be displayed in the Arpeggio Port A new condition is added for completing a mission — completion of the previous missions It will be possible to complete missions in several battle types (except for the Introductory Mission) Ranked Battles: An irrevocable Star within a Rank was added. Players' Ranks will now be displayed in the battle statistics window (displayed after the Tab key is pressed), and in the battle loading screen Tooltips were updated in the help window for the Ranks Appearance of Ranks displayed in the Port was unified (first the Rank as icon, then the number of the Rank) It will be possible to select a certain season in the Summary tab for Ranked Battles and see the statistics for this season By default, the overall statistics for all the seasons is displayed Settings were modified for additional Stars issued when a new Rank is achieved in Ranked Battles Matchmaker: A new matchmaker was added for low-tier battles. Now the novice players and veteran players will be separated. However if the player count in the queue for novice players is too low, then a novice player will be transferred to the usual matchmaker. Distribution of players into the teams was slightly improved: Now, after the two teams have been formed, the matchmaker will try to distribute players in such a way that teams would consist of players with approximately equal ships. For example, if there are two Clevelands on one team and two Aobas (both Tier VI cruisers) on another team the ships now will be "intermixed" if it is technically possible, in order to have one Cleveland and one Aoba on each team. Economics: Increased XP ratios: Hakuryu +3% Iowa +3% Montana +5% Hermelin +5% Kolberg +5% Karlsruhe +5% Yorck +5% Hindenburg +5% Ibuki +5% Derzki +6% Izyaslav +5% Gnevny +5% Ognevoi +5% Reduced XP ratios: Ranger -3% Zuikaku -6% Gearing -2% Isokaze -2% Mutsuki -4% Increased credits ratios: Hermelin +6% Kolberg +4% Karlsruhe +2% Königsberg +6% Nürnberg +6% Yorck +6% Admiral Hipper +6% Sampson +2% Nicholas +5% Fletcher +5% Gearing +8% Storozhevoi +10% Derzki +10% Izyaslav +10% Gnevny +8% Ognevoi +8% Kiev +8% Tashkent +8% Launching Game Client in Safe Mode: Implemented launching the game client in safe mode (with mods disabled). This option is available in the launcher. Game balance changes: Some Commander skills will be modified. Because of this, all players will have the possibility to redistribute skill points of Commanders for free. Expert Loader: skill effect was increased from -30% to -50% to reload time. Torpedo Armament Expertise: skill effect was increased from -10% to -20% to servicing time of torpedo bombers. Torpedo reload time modifier was not changed. Vigilance: skill effect was increased from +20% to +25% to the detection range of torpedoes Last Stand: moved to the second level of skills, into the Special Skills column Jack of All Trades: now provides -15% to reload time of consumables Advanced Firing Training, Basic Firing Training, and Expert Marksman: caliber of low-caliber guns affected by these skills is now limited to 139 mm. Last Chance: used to be -9% to reload time of all types of armament if the ship's HP is less than 20%; now is -30% to reload time of all types of armament if the ship's HP is less than 10%. The Basic Firing Training and Advanced Firing Training skills will now affect all secondary battery guns regardless of their caliber. Preventive Maintenance: skill effect was increased from -34% to -50% to the risk of incapacitation of modules. The following skills were added: Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament: secondary guns open fire only at targets designated by the player. This way, the fire efficiency is significantly increased. -15% to the maximum dispersion of secondary armament shells for Tier I-VI ships; -60% to the maximum dispersion of secondary armament shells for Tier VII-Х ships. Manual Fire Control for AA Armament: Significantly improves the efficiency of large caliber AA guns fire at a designated target. +100% to the efficiency of AA artillery with a caliber of >85 mm when a priority target is set for AA guns Survivability Expert: Increases maximum amount of HP. + 400 hit points for each tier of the ship Torpedo acceleration: Increases the speed of torpedoes launched from ships and aircraft at the expense of a reduction in their travel distance. +5 knots to torpedo speed; -20% to the torpedo travel distance New consumable named "Torpedo reload booster" was added. When this consumable is activated and the torpedo tubes are being reloaded, the reload time of torpedo tubes is reduced to the value specified for each type of the consumable. Fixed the situation when the guns incapacitated in the result of the magazine incapacitation remain inoperative until the end of the battle Yamato: The efficiency of the Repair Party consumable was reduced by 33%. Now, the efficiency of this consumable for Yamato is the same as for the rest of battleships Mikhail Kutuzov: rate of fire increased (from 6.75 to 7.5 rounds/min) firing range increased (from 15910 m to 19100 m) turret traverse speed increased (from 5.4 degrees per second to 7.2 degrees per second) Albany: A different detection device is used: a portable range finder (with 0.8 m distance between optical axes) mounted on her crow's nest. Firing range was extended from 6350 m to 8470 m. Viewing distance was increased from 8200 m to 13180 m. Farragut: hull B was changed from AA defense-focused to standard artillery-focused hull. The number of AA guns was reduced, while one main gun was returned (5 main guns in total now) Reworked AA defense and aircraft Revised Tech-trees of aircraft Reworked the AA armament efficiency (efficiency of AA guns at long-range distance was significantly improved, other AA guns were revised as well) Gain in efficiency enjoyed by the player when setting a priority target was reduced by 12% (now, the intensification factor is x1.1) Defensive Fire consumable effect was reduced by 33% (now, the AA armament boost is x4 when the Defensive Fire consumable is activated ) When the Defensive Fire consumable is activated, both dual-purpose guns and large-caliber automatic AA guns will be affected by it. For assault setups of Midway and Essex aircraft carriers, one squadron of torpedo bombers was replaced with one squadron of dive bombers One squadron of fighters was removed from Lexington aircraft carrier default setup Changes game achievements: added initial achievements that can be received only once Title Earning conditions Reward for earning Naval warfare.Arson Destroy an enemy ship by setting her on fire None Naval warfare.Flooding Destroy an enemy ship by flooding None Naval warfare.Ramming Destroy an enemy ship by ramming None Naval warfare.Lucky shot Destroy an enemy ship by causing damage to her magazine resulting in its detonation None Naval warfare.Tactics Capture the enemy base None Naval warfare. Basics of weapons Cause 1,000,000 HP of damage to enemy ships None Junior Naval Designer Research a new ship None Naval Constructor Research 10 ships None Chief Naval Architect Research 50 ships None Initial Capital Earn 5,000,000 credits None Stream of coins Earn 20,000,000 credits None Profitable business Earn 100,000,000 credits None A day without adventure is a wasted one Complete at least 1 daily mission per day for 5 days in a row None In the thick of things Complete 5 daily missions None Nonstop Complete 50 daily missions None Fully armed Complete 100 daily missions None Amateur For 10 victories in random battles None Warrior For 50 victories in random battles None Veteran For 100 victories in random battles None Battle Hero Earn any 10 Battle Hero achievements None Legend of the Seas Earn any 50 Battle Hero achievements None Bane of the Oceans Earn any 100 Battle Hero achievements None Changed the earning conditions for several existing achievements: All downed aircraft are accounted for earning the Clear Sky achievement, regardless of the player setting them as priority targets of not. Close Quarters Expert is now awarded only if the final direct damage was caused by the secondary battery guns.
  10. Greetings, Please leave any feedback about the balance changes to AA and Carriers in the 0.5.3 update in this thread. Please try to stay on topic, any off topics posts will be removed.
  11. Sehales

    Neue Auszeichnungen

    Hier könnt ihr uns euer Feedback, zu den neuen Auszeichnungen für Anfänger, mitteilen.
  12. Greetings, Please leave any feedback about the new commander skills in the 0.5.3 update in this thread. Please try to stay on topic, any off topics posts will be removed.
  13. Ph3lan

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Greetings, Please leave any general feedback about the 0.5.3 update in this thread. Please try to stay on topic, any off topics posts will be removed.
  14. Has anyone written up a quick idiots guide on what you probably want for each class? We have a nice free skills reset available and I'd like to mess them up less than last time.........................
  15. Merhaba Kaptanlar, Denge Değişiklikleri: Uçak Savar ve Uçak Gemileri ile ilgili geri bildirimlerinizi bu başlığa yazmanızı rica ediyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.
  16. vuque

    Yeni Kaptan Yetenekleri

    Merhaba Kaptanlar, Yeni Kaptan Yetenekleri ile ilgili geri bildirimlerinizi bu başlığa yazmanızı rica ediyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.
  17. They seemed to have changed a lot so I wondered if there is a reset coming, meaning that it would make sense to add extra tier 1 and 2 skills now rather than waiting for 2 more points for a level 4, for example?
  18. Bonjour à tous, Merci d'avance pour vos retours constructifs et argumentés concernant ce nouveau consommable additionnel pour le rechargement des torpilles,
  19. So in 0.5.3 with the new captain skill changes. The already meta affecting and game dictating Shimakaze gets the following: +4000 hit points from the new lvl 4 Skill. 72km Speed Torpedoes that travel 12km and do 24k damage max or 72km Speed Torpedoes that travel 16km and do 20k damage max. The price of these UBER buffs? Either losing Last Stand or Losing Superintendent. Let's not forget the indirect things that will also affect it positively: Increased AA will probably make the CV population, which had started to increase again, decline. Less TB for the Midway which means even easier to survive vs it in the cases it does meet it in battle. You are addressing a non issue, as for me personally CVs are at an ok-ish level atm and you are buffing both directly and indirectly the most game affecting ship in the game. Terrible idea.
  20. Sehales

    Teamgefechte: Gameplay

    Wie gefallen euch die Teamgefechte vom spieltechnischen Aspekt her?
  21. Greetings, Please leave any feedback about the "Sandbox" Matchmaking in the 0.5.3 update in this thread. Please try to stay on topic, any off topics posts will be removed.
  22. vuque

    Genel Geri Bildirim

    Merhaba Kaptanlar, Bu güncelleme ile ilgili genel geri bildirimlerinizi bu başlığa yazmanızı rica ediyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.
  23. Tanatoy

    Camouflages permanents

    Bonjour à tous, Merci d'avance pour vos retours constructifs et argumentés concernant les 10 nouveaux camouflages permanents introduits en jeu lors de ce test public.
  24. Hier könnt ihr uns euer Feedback zu den neuen Verbrauchsmaterial Torpedo Aufladung weiterleiten.
  25. PanzerGert

    Team Gefechte

    Hier könnt ihr uns euer Feedback zu den neuen Teamgefechten geben.