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Found 1 result

  1. wilkatis_LV

    Dispersion - it's worse than it seems

    Everything written here is based on LittleWhiteMouses work of mapping ships dispersion patterns, thanks her for that Disclaimer: this is not me trying to say that something she has done / shown / written is wrong. Quite the opposite - I'm aiming to add more information to what's already known I'm sure most if not all of you are familiar with LWMs format: 15km, locked onto a Fuso, something like 180 shells mapped, the ship firing is to the right side of the image (not below it). Just a reminder of how that looks: Nice pictures, sure, but I wanted to put some numbers behind them. Lets go with PEFs one as the example here simply bcuz that's 1st one I chose to check, but after testing the same points on multiple others I can say that this isn't just some magical exception We can compare the width of Fuso with the width of the dispersion area in the image by simply measuring them: From that we get their size ratio to be x5.355 Fusos beam is listed as 28.65m, so with the x2 ship size scaling (or was it x2.61? - whoever knows leave it in comments, I'll probably edit the wrong one out) that would be 57.3m (or 74.8m) in game. This gives us horizontal dispersion of 307m (or 401m) Where's the problem? German BBs horizontal dispersion is calculated as Range[km] * 9.8 + 66 = H.Disp[m] In case you're curious, list of "how you calculate h.disp." for all ships: So from that we get 15 * 9.8 + 66 = 213m What we have practically vs what we "should" have had is x1.44 (or x1.88) larger This means that dispersion area, as bad it might have been expected to be already by the numbers given to us... is actually quite a bit worse. Noticeably worse. When asked about it LWMs answer was: Which certainly makes sense. Quite sad, but makes sense. So now when you know your chances of hitting the target are even worse than you might have previously expected - happy hunting P.S. I wonder how this affects CV drop ellipses for bombs and rockets? Today - about an hour ago from me posting this - Fara uploaded video showing the reworked Hoshos gameplay, and there he managed to slingshot an AP bomb way out of the ellipse...