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Found 3 results

  1. Hayashio

    The Smith in preview

    The Smith Hey everyone. Welcome to the second last instalment on the Grand Naval Battles ship previews. Today we are looking at probably my favourite gameplay-wise. You can go and check out the other ones I did, currently we have: "What is the Smith?" you may ask. Well, to put it simply, it’s a Sampson with one more gun and a lot less torpedo tubes. At least that was the first impression I had of it. Here I have listed a table with all key differences. Basically, on paper, the Sampson does everything better or on par with the Smith. Later, we will be having another look at these two again in detail. First of all however, I want to focus on the Smith itself. Like in my previous previews, we're gonna have a shakedown of the ship itself, then move on to a short conclusion of the given stats, finally follow up with a verdict and some gameplay. Pros: -Very good concealment. The concealment comes close to that of a Japanese destroyer. 5.6 Kilometres aren’t enough to drop your torpedoes concealed, but allow you to get quite close to your enemies before they can shoot at you. -Great Rudder shift time 2 seconds is a good rudder shift time, beating the Sampson’s by 0.7 seconds. -Large number of guns The Smith is able to fire 4 of her guns in each direction at a time. That’s 1 more than the Sampson and a lot better than the Umikaze. -Great torpedo reload At 11 seconds the Smith has arguably the fastest reload of all torpedo bearing ships -Good Turn circle The Smith comes very close to the Tachibana in terms of turn circle, putting it in second place out of the tier II destroyers. Cons: -Slow for a destroyer It’s 28 knots wouldn’t probably only look good on a cruiser. It’s however manageable with engine boost. -Low count of torpedo tubes The Initial payload the Smith can launch is a lot smaller than most of it’s DD counterparts, Therefore a player has to be quite precise with his torpedoes, as he can’t fan them like with other destroyers. More on that later. -Low amount of hitpoints Even the Storozhevoy beats the Smith in terms of hitpoints. You can’t be shot at for too long since you will die very quickly. -Short range on her armament This is probably in combination with the small calibre. 6.5 kilometres doesn’t leave a lot of engagement space. -Tiny calibre on it’s main armament (76.2mm Main guns) The guns which otherwise would be secondaries (like the Umikaze’s) are considered primary on the smith, the Sampson’s guns are 30mm larger than the Smith’s. With this, penetration and damage output drop as well. AP penetration and fire chance are very low as well. Conclusion: This ship can’t fire concealed, not even with AFT, which can push the gun range up to 7.9 kilometres by the way. The guns are nothing I’d go gunboating with, but can be quite useful when dealing with enemy destroyers and finishing enemies. Overall the first impression feels like the Smith is very much a Kamikaze boat. But so are most Destroyers in low tiers. The Smith and the Sampson Like before stated, the Smith seems to be like a slightly worse Sampson. However, I can tell you gameplay-wise, both ships are very different from one another. The Smith doesn't play like any destroyer I've had. The Models: The Smith's waterline profile sits a lot higher than the Sampsons. This means you are a bigger target for incoming fire. This handicap is only really significant for the bow of the ship, since unlike the Sampson, the Smith doesn't have a lot of mid-ship objects on it. Therefore, it is in fact harder to hit the Smith from the side over the Sampson. The smokestacks are more spread out, with only the 2 and 3 one being close to each other, meanwhile the Sampson carries 4 lifeboats and has cram tightly packed smokestacks, which make it susceptible for HE hits. The weaponry placement: The two ships only share the position of 3 of their guns, these being the front placed, and the front-mid-ship guns which can only fire into one direction. Therefore, the Smith can fire 4 guns each broadside, while the Sampson can only fire 3. The torpedo tubes on the smith have a similar layout to it's mid-ship guns. It has one single tube launcher that can fire in both directions towards the aft, while it has 2 single tube launchers which can fire in each direction respectively. The Sampson has 2 twin tubes for each side at mid-ship. Torpedo Armament of the Smith and Sampson The Sampson can fire 4 Torpedoes in one salvo in each direction at a time, while the smith can only fire 2, the Smith can, however fire her torpedoes twice as fast: Torpedo launches over time Final Conclusion: Is it better than the Sampson? No, it's not. There are clear problems with this ship, it's hitpoints, it's speed, it's armament. The Sampson beats the Smith in every respect. The Smith however, has the unique torpedoes. While firing a whole bunch of torpedoes with a single salvo has a huge damage output, once you fired, you have to reload. While other ships would have to wait a significant amount of time before you can launch torpedoes again. And what if your target dodges your spread completely? You see these kinds of problems don't affect the Smith, at 11 seconds reload time, you're basically firing your torpedoes as some ships would with their main guns. This allows for some very unique gameplay, here is a screenshot of my very first match in my Smith. For the Smith, it doesn't matter whether you miss with some torpedoes, because you can just fire again and again, at some point you will hit your target. You force enemy players to spend their whole time dodging your torps, or get hit. It's not unlike a gunboat at higher tiers, you're the annoying mosquito, that constantly harrasses other ships. Everyone wants you dead. Which is why the bad concealment-torp range is a big problem. You need to make islands work, get your positioning right, use your engine boost to position yourself close to an island and close to the enemy, pop your smoke if it gets dangerous, don't manfight. Surprise battleships that don't expect you coming around the corner. You can bait people with your guns to come into the little trap that you prepare with this nasty little strike package. Use. Your. Torps. I know this might sound like a nobrainer, but your guns are not worth the effort once your enemy is torp range, you can pop some shots at them, but you should really be focusing on your torpedo launching. This is how I feel the Smith plays like. Rapid torpedo launching is it's game, and islands and smoke screens are it's best friend.This is why, for me, this is the best out of the lot. Katori gets all the collector points, but gameplay-wise, the Smith takes the crown. So If you are wondering what you should do with your diamonds, prioritize the Katori if you're a collector, take the Smith if you want some unique and fun gameplay. Or take both, since why wouldn't you if you can! I have read very often people saying that previews and reviews don't really reflect the gameplay of a ship since the reviewers only show the ship at it's best. Therefore I have picked an average gameplay video to present what a match in the Smith might look like. How did you guys feel about the Smith?
  2. Seems the info will be in any minute: update on the top, descending to older stuff: ____________ get the FAQ here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51247-grand-navel-battles-faq/ ____________________ already completed missions in week 2 are no bug, but rather intentional! _____________ Its the second comming! The links are working - get in everyone! NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOW. ____________________ _____________ and said re-surfaced article is gone again. __________ so much for info any minute: recently instead of more inof two (other) articles have been pulled - which of whom the boot-camp one is back. Still the links to the event-progress-tracking site are 403 ..... lets hope ...... _____________________ SPANISH STRIKES AGAIN: Hello everyone! Tranquility,captains.Todaywilltheinformation onthe first missions!(Will come outbefore we gettoMay 5, I promise).:Honoring: + BigBadVuk: Ok, regarding Grand Naval Battles event: IT will be ready today, and once you see it on portal you can assume that it has started ______________ The links: http://worldofwarships.eu/es/gnb/about/ or http://worldofwarships.eu/en/gnb/about/ both are 403 tough - at least for the moment. _____________________ €: the progress tracking site error 403 - acces denied atm. translated from spanish via google: Dearcaptains! This special event, spiritualheir to theRproject,begins today atWorld ofWarships.Take partin the bignavalbattlesthroughout themonth ofMay!Fulfillmissions,grow strongerandCollectdiamonds(this timeare notpearls)to swap themforgreat prizes! Have ye hereall the informationabout the event. And herethe event pagewhereyou can followtheglobal progress. Also,informthat apart fromdiamondscompleting questsableto getin-game(styleoftheRproject),you can alsogeta few extradiamondsparticipatingin activities organized byour partner11ACR.There will beone or two perweekduring thismonth! I encourageyou to usethis threadas a meeting placeto discussthis event! _____________ Whats known yet: When does it start? 4th of May. How long will the event last? "A month long" Whats the point? Looks similar to KamiR (and if it is, it will be awesome), and there is stuff to be had through playing (well?) + (hopefully) instead of lighting the camp-fire. (if you want more details look up the main page news ....) sums it up the best: Rarity-month! so go collect those Diamonds - and hopefully this time a forum riot is not needed! ..... but you never know; so, if you riot then at least use this thread. In the mean time until tomorrow: get hyped .....
  3. May 7 marks the anniversary of the first day of the first real Carrier battle, with both sides striking over the horizon and without the use of any guns at all... Proper target ID and why is it important... On May 7, 1942, both sides knew that, in the confines of Coral Sea, enemy carrier task force is lurking... Somewhere. Both sides launched scout planes. Both side's scouts reported sighting of enemy carriers and, subsequently, strikes were launched. Type 99 dive bombers searching for US task force, morning strike, May 7 And both missed. The Japanese commanders, confused by sighting reports from two places, distant from each other, picked the one that they felt was more likely - strike wave subsequently combed the sea around target coordinates, but instead of two carriers and their escorts they found just a tanker Neosho, accompanied by destroyer USS Sims. For want of better target, they attacked "consolation prize" - quickly overwhelming and sinking Sims and setting Neosho on fire. USS Neosho on fire. Despite being thoroughly wrecked, tanker remained afloat until May 11, when the survivors of her and Sims crew were rescued. At the same time, US Navy struck a place, where scout plane reported (due to error in coding) two carriers and two destroyers, finding instead a solitary light carrier Shōhō. Her air group - a rag-tag mix of old A5M Claude and modern A6M "Zero" fighters - was unable to protect her from the terrible punishment coming her way - according to Japanese damage reports, the light ship was hit by at least 13 bombs and 7 torpedoes. No wonder the light carrier cannot take such punishment - it was more than enough to sink anything afloat (after all, while Musashi and Yamato suffered more, a lot of ordnance was wasted on them when they were already beyond rescue). After this first wave of attacks concluded, action shifted down South - a cruiser task force under Admiral Crace became a target for intense bomb and torpedo attacks by land-based G4M and G3N bombers. However the tactics that worked against British Force Z so well failed here for the first time - with no air opposition, but against modern AA armamament of US and Australian ships, the land-based bombers utterly failed. HMAS Australia under attack by torpedo bombers. Upon return of the strike groups, both sides knew that they missed the main prize. As the weather worsened and day was getting late, only the Japanese admiral dared to launch another strike - this was, however, extremely ill-fated. Dispersed by bad weather and by encounter with the Wildcats of US combat air patrol, strike planes had to ditch ordnance into the sea. And when they finally found carriers to land on... They turned to be American! When the Japanese strike returned home, they lost 9 planes in exchange for one US fighter shot down by their gunners - and to guide them home several hours after dark, admiral Hara had to order searchlights of his carriers be lit - an extremely dangerous move. As the dark fell, both sides were getting ready for the big showdown next day.