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Found 1 result

  1. The AA mechanic is so ridiculously broken not because of the raw DPS, but how WG decided to make DP guns contribute to most of the damage AND blanket nerf to multiple mount AA. Most importantly..... (more on that later) 1. It make AA spec cruisers set up a massive no-fly-zone rather then sailing close to the friendly it escort. It is also not historical, since medium AA is most successful in terms of AA. This "feature" makes AA escort way too simple and boring. The ideal situation should be that long AA will disrupt attacks, medium AA do the actual killing and short range AA just retaliate. 2. WTF single mount in with open sight will have more dps per gun then radar ranged equivalent? I am looking at Warspite's pom-pom... I can find all the pompom directors with type 282 ranging radar and turns out pompom do less dps per gun then 20mm with open sight... REALLY? (I am aware of the problems with the pompom, BUT it already got crap range compair to bofors already... which is running the mk 51 director with no ranging equipment... on Cleveland) Oh, look at the AA dps of high tier US dd is even more funny, Fletcher (5 guns) have more AA dps then Gearing (6 guns). WHAT BLOODY NICE WG LOGIC! (AND DON'T bs me with how multiple mounts are inefficient, since under DIRECTOR control, having concentrated guns is BENEFICIAL to reduce errors could be made in the FC chain) 3. If you guess BARRAGE ability is the crux of the problem, give yourself a cookie Now you know the answer look at the ability again x3 dps AND panic ALL squad in range Imagine two squad of TB trying to cross drop a ... Fletcher with AA ability, when BARRAGE is active the 5"/38 a) manage to put up 3x fire (plus x1.3 to a designated one) to the planes and panic both squad... the punch line is... there is only 1... ONE Mk 37 directors! How the F did you manage 3x dps and panic two squad from both side your ship!? Let me side step a bit and let you watch watch what barrage REALLY means... From 1:50 "Barrage sacrifice accurate prediction for the volume of fire" This translate in game to... a) no stacking with designation b) REDUCED dps (per squad) c) PANIC WG, WHAT THE FXXK? I will list how changing the above things closer to real life solves many in game problems. Changes 1. barrage ability no longer gives buff to large AA dps but remain the panic ability, and no designation bonus for large AA during barrage 2. add a BIG multiplier (x3/4/5 depending on FCS and different lines) for designated target to all medium AA with modern director control (no slap on open sight guns will get that bonus) so average AA ship can defend itself with some reliability 3. Nerf large AA dps, but add something back a) TACKLE and PANIC when DESIGNATED a target for ships with good long AA guns and FCS (USN ) (flying in straight line in a barrage is brave, flying in straight line when pointed by modern long AA is suicidal) (If WG decided that giving all modern AA ship with TACKLE is too much, it would be ok just to make BARRAGE and designated tackle a active/passive relationship for AA ability) Results 1. No more WTF moments when all the squads suddenly melt because of Cleveland pop barrage 5km from your squads.... 2. Designation becomes much more useful, and squads now melt one by one instead of together 3. more skill dependent on both side (CV players have more ships to worried about but will not lose all squads in an instant, while most ship have some strike resistance but not always inflict crippling plane kills) 4. AA escort now have two level: Panic the attack (could be done in range) and melt planes (need to sail much closer) 5. CVs can choose to do long drops (by the "calm squard" ) to save its plane (low risk low reward) 6. barrage still ruins CVs attack and group up ships will HURT A LOT 7. NO FANCY REWORK, just putting together existing mechanics, the aura/dps concepts still hold 8. Now USN strike and IJN strike have two approach to the same problem: US use DB to brute force through AA and wrecked the medium AA on deck BUT it may take multiple run just to clear the AA and there will be loses every time DB run the gauntlet (not to mention coordinated AA) IJN use multiple squads (especially TB) to fool the poor soul Unsyc attack will back fire so hard... 9. AA mechanic will be more fun then "fire and forget" for AA cruisers ATM 10. More faithful to real life (just a small bonus compare the game play advantages)