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  1. I installed warships new on another part and now it is working thanks for your help
  2. ok I tried this, but that didn't help. It looks like that something blocked the search. I can only select desktop folders but not connections to other folders from E or G
  3. hey, the client is installed at E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\World of Warships Executable folder E:\World of Warships ModStation Data folder E:\modverzeichnis hm, there is not a modstation.log file? I found WorldOfWarships.ModStation.exe.log - WorldOfWarships.ModStation.Diagnosis.exe.log
  4. I dowload it yesterday. Version
  5. Hey all, hope you can help me. I installed today the Modstation, but I cannot select the client. I found only old threads about this issue but the resoled with a new update. No one of my friends has this problem (all Steam User). follow things I have already done install the Modstation on every hard drives partition deactivate all anti viren programs / windows defender Start with administrator permission Hope someone have any ideas