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  1. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    In version 0.11.10, the path to eco-bonus icons has changed. Fixed.
  2. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    Mod updated for 0.11.10. Added flags and camouflages from update 0.11.10.
  3. Carkiller1972

    For those missing Dasha

  4. Carkiller1972

    [All] [MULTI-LANG] Dasha in the Navy

    A woman on a warship is already a rarity, and even in such a frivolous outfit ... It's time for Dasha to put on a military uniform. The mod replaces the image of the special commander Dasha with Dasha in military uniform. Installation Unpack the [All] Dasha in the Navy archive to the bin/client_build/res_mods . Removal Delete the mod files from the directory bin/client_build/res_mods/gu/crew_commander/base . Image example
  5. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    No, there are no such plans. It's strange... But it doesn't matter
  6. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    Ok. You need to delete the files World_of_Warships\bin\6359964\res_mods\PnFMods\ModsInstaller_4_3\mods\OldScoolInterfase.xml and World_of_Warships\bin\6359964\res_mods\gui\unbound\OldScoolInterfase.xml. And also in the file World_of_Warships\bin\6359964\res_mods\gui\uss_settings.xml delete the line <xmlfile>../unbound/OldScoolInterfase.xml</xmlfile> Problem with camouflage selection frame. Sorry for the disadvantage.
  7. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    Yes, there is indeed a problem. Do you use any other mods or just this one?
  8. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    What is the bug? Please clarify. Everything works correctly for me.
  9. Source? WG, PaintNET and, in the case of Doorman, a photo from the Internet . Well, I participated a little.
  10. Can I suggest you an icon more in line with the style of the original ones?
  11. Carkiller1972

    modstation out ?

    Mise à jour ModStation
  12. Carkiller1972

    Update 0.11.9 - Bug reports

    When updating the "Daily tasks" shows completed the fourth and fifth
  13. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    Now only here Не и здесь, а теперь только здесь
  14. Carkiller1972

    [ALL] "Old school" interface icons

    The mod returns the old (before version 0.11.6) icons of credits, all types of experience, coal and steel. Previously, the mod was on the CIS server. Мод возвращает старые (до версии 0.11.6) иконки кредитов, всех видов опыта, угля и стали. Раньше мод был на сервере СНГ. The old image of flags and camouflages on the "Appearance" tab has also been returned. Также возвращено старое изображение флагов и камуфляжей на вкладке "Внешний вид". Reworked icons of economic bonuses in the old school style. Переработаны иконки экономических бонусов в стиле «олдскул». Installation Unpack the [ALL]_OldScoolInterfase archive to the bin/client_build/res_mods/gui folder. Установка Распаковать архив [ALL]_OldScoolInterfase в папку bin/билд_клиента/res_mods/gui. Removal Delete eco_boosts, externals, reward_icons, service_kit folders from bin/client_build/res_mods/gui. Удаление Удалите папки eco_boosts, externals, reward_icons, service_kit из bin/билд_клиента/res_mods/gui. UPD. 25.10.2022 Disabled camouflage and flag selection frame 02.11.2022 Added flags and camouflages from update 0.11.10 06.2022 Update mod related to changes in the game