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    [ALL][EN] "GUNS_Reborn" alternative main caliber sound

    Modification should work. Maybe the mod is in the old folder, solution 1. Move the mod to a new folder : World_of_Warships\bin\<last number>\res_mods\ (<last number> = 6775398), solution 2. Download the mod again and extract to a new folder (the old folder will be deleted later) If you have any more questions write...
  2. как у вас в клане с полит информацией и какой язык? а то зашел я вчера в один клан и... короче ищу новый.
  3. This mod changes the sound of the main caliber shot (about 95% of the ships). Preview: Additional sound changes: 1. Alarm Map Border - muted 2. UI Hits - partially muted 3. Reload TA - replaced 4. Alarms Torpedo Danger - replaced (spoiler) Download link: GUNS_Reborn Installation: 1. Extract to folder: World_of_Warships\bin\<last number>\res_mods\ 2. Activate mod in game: Updates: 30\09: - Reload Air Support - replaced - Minor fixes 23\01 - Minor edits, sound correction