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    [ALL]Bronya Voice Mod(Honkai Impact 3)

    "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance." I cant upload my image:(
  2. Hoshimiya_Mei

    [ALL]Bronya Voice Mod(Honkai Impact 3)

    At first, I'm from China, so sorry for my poor English.Today, I would like to suggest my MOD "Bronya Voice Mod ". (Thank ROKA for borrowing his article format) Who is "Bronya (布洛妮娅·扎伊切克 )" ?: She is one of the protagonists of the game "Honkai Impact 3" Features: This mod changes crew voices into "Bronya" voices. Demonstration: There are 347 voices in this MOD. This is just a partial sample https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1mu411Q7QM?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0 Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wmiivdzmd1yokoe/Bronya.zip/file (Ignore the pop-up advertisement when it appears.) Installation: 1. Extract the .zip file you downloaded. You can find "banks" folder in the .zip file. 2. Open WoWs folder "World_of_Warships" in your computer, and copy "banks" folder as below. World_of_Warships/bin/xxxxxxx(usually the biggest number)/res_mods/banks/Mods/Bronya 3. Run the game and open AUDIO settings. 4. Choose "Bronya" at "Voiceover modification". Choose "Custom" at "Sound preset" and maximize "Voice message volume" as shown by the figure below. The volume of voices other than crew voices (e.g., button-clicking voices) can be adjusted using the "Interface volume". 5.Enjoy! Uninstallation: Just delete "Bronya" folder you copied at installation Step2.