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  1. ooh_err_missus

    Dockyard not loading

    I tried to join a random battle today and got a "server overloaded" error.. 1st time I've ever seen that.
  2. ooh_err_missus

    Coal Cruisers

    oh joy!..
  3. that's what I thought... guarenteed perma spotted, with torp soup and uptier BBs all over the place. on the bright side there was no CV!
  4. ooh_err_missus

    Coal Cruisers

    a little search didn't reveal an up to date version of this... simple question, what would you concider the best high tier "coal cruiser" currently/imminently available? I ask as I've recently returned to WoWS with a new account and suddenly got a load of coal (3x15k from supers + >120k saved + 25% discount voucher), I'm sticking with cruisers for now, I'm up to the Buffalo, and will get the DM soon, will somehow get the perma camo (got 1.7k dubs free already, may pay the difference but want to keep payments to an absolute minimum), I'd like a cash cow. Also once I've got the DM, I will probably grind the russian cruiser line. so.. what's good, what's a liability?
  5. Yesterday I played 6 random matches, 2 of them were double CV... at Tier 8!! Both are pure hell on earth as it's like playing on ocean due to the permaspotting, which for a cruiser is near instant death (I'm playing the Baltimore.. and no, even the US AA doesn't have any effect) on top of that it FEELs like the CV torps have suddenly been buffed.. I'm losing 40% of my health to single air-dropped torps, in a baltimore.. I don't remember them doing that much damage!. What's going on, are WG aiming for everyone to main on CVs?