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  1. ooh_err_missus

    Resource exchange

    So I looked at the new "feature".. and wow.. just wow. If I exchange one resource for a token then exchange that token back to the original resource.. I only get around a tenth of what I started with, sometimes less. That "spread" isn't dreadful, It's neigh on criminal. Come on WG, can you not come up with anything a bit more intelligent than this?.. it could have been done well, maybe a 20% spread, but then you'd have to get your prices right to make the exchanges work well. Look, let me explain something another way: start by researching the "Laffer Curve". At high levels of taxation, you get MORE by taxing LESS. i.e. My own marginal rate of taxation is 66% thanks to exceptionally poor UK laws which mean if I try and earn anything above the threshold where this kicks in I get a lousy £8.70 per hour after tax (below minimum wage)... result: I refuse all overtime, thus damaging UK productivity, which the government says it cares about. If they want me to work more, they should take a lower proportion, leave me with £15 an hour and I'll work for that, they'd get 40 or 50% of something, but at £8.70, no, I'll do DIY as I get a better rate of return, so they get 66% of nothing.. You WG are making the exact same bone headed mistake. "Tax" less and people might use this exchange facility, make it a 20% "cost" to doing the deal and many would exchange, netting you far far higher "clawback" of resources, which I assume is what you're after, or maybe not, maybe that's not what you're after.. in which case what is the point of this exchange.. because the frictional costs are so high you'd have to have an exceptionally good reason for using it.
  2. This is quite simply appallingly badly implemented. If WG wanted to ensure that damage didn't take out all modules at the same time, then they should have a tapered blast / fire damage model.. i.e. the nearer a module is to a fire/impact the more damage is done. Penalising/Buffing players randomly by the massive amounts shown before a match has even begun is not reasonable, fair or honest, this needs to end and it needs to end now. To avoid the "all modules die at the same moment" issue, damage needs to degrade on an inverse square law (or similar that's computationally quick and easy) from impact point. The problem is the simplistic damage modelling. Right now WG need to make some changes, this week, not in 5 years time. For now the range of values should be dependant on the number of items, AND THE TOTAL HP AMONGST EACH CLASS OF MODULE ON ONE SHIP NEEDS TO BE CONSTANT AND DECLARED AS CONSTANT so, no one starts a game with 4 torpedo launchers with only 300 health each, when another player with the same boat and setup gets 2000 health each.. that is iniquitous. If that is already the case then WG need to make a statement to that effect.
  3. ooh_err_missus

    Following NA forum contributers

    So, I have an EU account and occasionally contribute here on the forums. I've found a NA contributer I'd like to follow. But creating a whole new NA account that I'd need to remember to log into to just follow this one contributer seems really dumb. Is there any way I can follow a NA contributer from the EU forum? If not then please treat this as a request, thanks.
  4. ooh_err_missus

    Update 12.3 - Bug reports

    I just wanted to check my a ships stats, specifically guns and fire rate.. something's changed.. I can no longer get an overlay of details, and the details in the plain vanilla list don't include the fire rate or shell damage but presumably entire salvo damage (LESS USEFUL)... should we still be able to get further ship stats?
  5. ooh_err_missus

    Update 12.2 - Bug Reports

    I honestly do not know what's going on... but it's just taken me 20 minutes to TRY and login to the forum Every time I try it KEEPS redirecting me to the DAMN ASIA SITE. How on earth do you stop this stupidity? I've only managed to post this message after going round the houses a dozen times.... what on earth is going on? In addition I'm also seeing regular server disconnects... any connection? (absolutely no pun intended)
  6. ooh_err_missus

    Less bottom TIER games!

    It's one of the reasons I like playing DDs.. Ignoring the Tier 7/8 cliffedge.. lower tier ships have better concealment than higher tier. Playing a low tier DD can be quite comfortable, but I agree if you can't hide as low tier then it's very easy to either be in a lot of trouble or completely ineffective, the line between the two being very narrow bordering on non-existant.
  7. ooh_err_missus

    Submarine "counterplay"

    Rock paper scissors..... hmmmm... So what beats CVs? , I'm at a loss when people came up with the tripple perma-smoke DD div to hunt and kill the enemy CV WeeGee threatened those players will all sorts of stuff.. so it's really Rock-Paper-Scissors-ThermonuclearBomb.
  8. ooh_err_missus

    Update 12.2 - General Feedback

    well for me I'm taking a break from WoWS until autospys map mods are back... the normals ones are way too basic to play with when you're a DD and trying to manage radar + hydro + subs + aircraft spotting + ......
  9. ooh_err_missus

    the "carry harder!" thread

    The other day I got my highest ever kill number: 7 ......we lost ..
  10. ooh_err_missus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Playing Mahan exclusively today, got 10 straight wins. As usual focussing DDs and Subs. mostly deleting them or at least making them run away, which often wins games.. Lucky on a couple of T9 battles where I was unable to put as much pressure on things and the team just played well instead.. average XP doing well today (even if the hit points vs the small stuff ends up low) Not repeating yesterdays exceptional 7kill game, but you can't have it all.
  11. I get the question, but as a DD main I can see a whole slew of embarrassing ways it's all going to go horribly wrong... well horrible for the DD, less so for the Red team who cheer the easy kill, and laugh at how the noob has thrown the game in their favour. So... anyway lets say that against all odds the DD doesn't get killed before getting close enough, and despite coming under a maelstrom of enemy fire, get's to the BB....... WITH THE TORPEDO TUBES INTACT..... and actually manages to drop the torpedoes such they, by some miracle, actually kill the BB. all pretty unlikely, but even it if works... No.. in general, not worth it. DDs win games by providing vision, and by denying the enemy team vision, everything else is secondary.
  12. not if the BB was British and the DD got HE blatted before he could release torps! not if the DD was EU line and the torps only took off a bit of paint. not if it's a German BB and it's secondaries rip the DD to shreds before it can get close not if there was an unspotted accompanying cruiser who pressed "delete" before torps were released. not if an enemy radar popped up just as the BBs team realised they were spotted and the DD dies in a maelstrom of enemy gunfire. not if an unspotted enemy DD radio located the attacking DD and is coming in for the kill, spots the DD as it yolos the BB ensuring the DD dies in a maelstrom of enemy gunfire. These all come under the general heading of "how not to DD"
  13. ooh_err_missus

    "how satisfied were you with this game" ?

    oh yes... this. We are asked for metrics and have various surveys round at work, and it's quite obvious the higher management live in an isolated world where the realities of our engineering development don't really permeate... it's not that higher management are useless, it's that there's a disconnect between their view of what we do, and our view of what they do, this is most obvious with QA and HR, where they really are on another planet entirely. I've worked in smaller companies where the gulf tends to be much much narrower, I assumed WG was quite small, so ought to be relatively immune to this problem, but perhaps it isn't.
  14. a question aimed firmly at WG. So I just had the message "how satisfied were you with this game?" pop again. I'm not at all sure what WG are looking for here.. How satisfied with the match making?.. How satisfied with the map?.. How satisfied with my performance?.. How satisfied with my teams performance? My last game as a T5 DD, I got mown down my a charging T7 BB. Partly this is mea-culpa, partly this is what happens with being double uptiered, Partly I was just cross at being kicked out by a suicidal player that died very shortly afterwards. Partly I was pleased there was no CV involved. Partly we had a sub and hadn't worked out where the damn thing was so was, less fun. What exactly is it you were looking for?... the artwork is very pretty!.. does that count? My personal guess is the answers you will get will always reflect how the player did in the game.. I'm not sure that's what you want.
  15. ooh_err_missus

    Torpedo indicators

    So, here is a VERY clear picture of a torpedo (a dangerous one with a red marker).. and because it was relatively close to me, the marker was small by comparison, it's quite clear here that the red marker is on the tail... not the front of the torpedo.