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  1. HarbingerWOD

    Training for newcomers

    Thanks. I'll check if it is one I have not seen. Still in'training' as every time I make a move from CO-OP Battle to Brawl or 'against players, I (or my team) get thrashed! I only hope it is Commander skills, lol!
  2. HarbingerWOD

    Training for newcomers

    Thanks very much for the helpful response. I am a bit late to the game. Hope I do not develop lots of bad habits. See you on the sea!
  3. HarbingerWOD

    Training for newcomers

    I don't think I have ever seen a game when you have to do 200 battles just to get to the training section.
  4. HarbingerWOD

    Beginner - Downloaded today

    Download game, look through the 'Static' training slides on Basic; Ship Types; Control and come to section "How it Works". Hopefully, finally, somewhere I can sand box and learn. 'How it Works' does not work. Blank. Any where I can just practise getting used to the interface; lead on targets, etc?