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  1. One_Eye_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    There's a flip side to that comment. I wonder if anyone can spell it out for me, because frankly I can't be bothered.
  2. One_Eye_Potato

    Have you noticed about Karma...

    Are you honestly surprised that players are 'salty'? The matchmaking sets you up in matches you can't possibly win, carriers are a jokes and I'm proud to say, I'm permanently chat banned for telling the imbeciles they're "F!$*ing R£*%"ds", because that's what they are. I've honestly come to the opinion that there's very little point in communicating with the majority of players, because any logic is wasted on them and they'll carry on doing the same moronic things regardless. Incidently, in the six years I've been playing I've never seen anyone with a win rate below 30%, whilst in the last fortnight I've seen two! Personally speaking, I thought this would be impossible to achieve, but, once again, I've been proven wrong. I guess my Karma will remain at zero for as long as Wargaming insist on having this pointless mechanic in the game or alter it in such a way that it detrimentally effects me.
  3. World of Warhips .. oh sorry, thought you said S***!
  4. One_Eye_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    CV's ae F *^'ing S^%* and so are Submarines! Do I get a prize now or do I have to wait until page 500 before Putin himself declares me a filthy Capitalist Pig and sends me a little red book laced with Novichok ! Damn, it looks like I'll have to wait until page 500 to belittle carriers and whatever nonsense Wargaming have come up with between then and now.
  5. One_Eye_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    Whilst Wargaming lack a great many things, I doubt very much if 'funds' could honestly be placed on that list and the reason for not updating the carriers could just be down to hardware limitations. However, I do find it odd that World of Warships Blitz has a pegi 12+ rating and this contradiction could be another reason why Wargaming are 'voluntarily' asking for the same certification to be applied to World of Warships main. I think with their recent push to further monetise the game, even Wargaming themselves have shied away from maintaing the 7+ pegi rating for fear of attracting bad press, not that this would help much in Wargaming's case.
  6. One_Eye_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    What you've written mirrors my thinking entirely and I needn't say anymore. It's a real shame.
  7. One_Eye_Potato

    Best brawler in the game?

    Got to be the Kawachi, all day long. Nothing can top the way it never misses, armour, manoeuvrability and it's sheer good looks .. The queen of tier 3 ;)
  8. One_Eye_Potato

    Chat bans

    I'll tell you something, I'm more or less permanently chat banned and I'm genuinely passed caring. I have absolutely no patience for some some the absolute dregs that play this game and if I'm given the opportunity to tell them why they're complete 'F***ing R*****s' then I'll do so and if I get chat banned in the process then so be it. As far as I'm concerned, there's very little point in actually talking outside of a division anyway and any advice given to the majority of players will at best it will be ignored or at worst have the opposite effect of what you intended. What's more, the number of 'holier than thou sycophants' on the forum are enough to drive anyone crazy anyway and ought to get a job at the BBC. My advice to the OP, I really wouldn't worry about it. Just talk to your clan mates, the people in your divisions and as for anyone else just use the function keys.
  9. One_Eye_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    You can have a bloke with a carrier pigeon if you like.
  10. One_Eye_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    I was initially hoping carriers would be 'nerfed' under the distraction offered by the introduction of submarines. However, when I saw the Submarines and those ridiculous homing torpedoes, I realised they were just an extension of the thinking that lay behind the CV Rework. Wargaming introduces yet another class that ignores all of the game mechanics that surface ships have to play by. All of this just to appeal to a younger demographic who'll probably disappear as quickly as they arrived, because they're not necessarily interested in playing anything else in the game, as the play style is so far removed to what attracted them in the first place. Whilst doing this Wargaming are also throwing the entire game out of balance, so much so, that it's detering long term players from investing their time and money in it. It certainly deters me and that's for sure. It's a continual trend that prioritises short term profit, leading to diminishing returns and the eventual demise of the game.
  11. One_Eye_Potato

    General CV related discussions.

    Yes, I'll admit it, I got the wrong end of the stick and you were also correct, I hadn't had a coffee either ;) But, I had fun writing it, even though it had no relevance what so ever :) xx
  12. One_Eye_Potato

    Stuck in select username screen

    Thanks for that. It's the last day for the Dutch Cruisers missions .. so I wont be able to complete them.
  13. One_Eye_Potato

    Stuck in select username screen

    Good idea
  14. One_Eye_Potato

    Stuck in select username screen

    Customer Support
  15. One_Eye_Potato

    Stuck in select username screen

    With the greatest respect, they usually just bounce us back to the forums.