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  1. MotomanDK

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.4

    Please look at this FLAMU video - submarines in 11.4 is totally off ......
  2. MotomanDK

    Update 0.11.4 - French Cruisers Early Access

    Thank you so much - i understand the explanation! Tried it in a CO-OP ....... and you are right! See attached screen-shot. /Henrik
  3. MotomanDK

    Update 0.11.4 - French Cruisers Early Access

    Thank you for your reply - i don't really understand what you mean by this sentence. Could you please elaborate? /Henrik
  4. MotomanDK

    Update 0.11.4 - French Cruisers Early Access

    I am sorry .... but i see NO reason at all to buy these ships, they are basically BB's in all aspects. I have the Gascogne that is superior to Cherbourg in all aspects, bigger guns, longer range, same reload, marginally higher speed, MUCH higher HP, and better concealment. Same goes for Brest versus Jean Bart! Buff the reload to 15-16 seconds - speed to 34 - ruddershift to 12 - consealment to 14, and i might be interested........ Maybe i have missed something?
  5. MotomanDK

    Recruiting problem

    I had the impression, that WG was eager to make us already hooked players try to get more customers - since this brought no attention, i guess that it is not the case.
  6. MotomanDK

    Recruiting problem

    Hi when i try to send the recruiting invite to Facebook friends, only the text i enter turns up in the receivers messenger post, NOT the WoWS add. Am i doing something wrong, or .......... ?? /Henrik - Denmark
  7. MotomanDK

    Modification Rules

    am using a programmable keyboard, where i can program sequences of key strokes/mouse clicks. One of the benefits is, that i can program the keyboard to send a number of mouse clicks rapidly after each other, so all canons fire almost at once. I use it, because i cannot use my left hand for keyboard, only for mouse, and it is very impractical to use the left side of a normal keyboard with the right hand. And even though i use this keyboard, i still totally suck at the game .......... :-) Is the use of this keyboard illegal? /Henrik - Denmark
  8. MotomanDK

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    I have received all rewards promptly. /Henrik
  9. MotomanDK

    Public Test 0.11.4 - General feedback

    Hi - i would like to repeat my comment from the former tests - the movements in waves for DD's are much too much. I was in the navy sailing FPB with a weight of around 250tons - those ships moved like the DD's in the game. The game DD's weigh 2500tons, so ......... I understand that the movements bring more 'life' to the game-experience, but feels really wrong to me. /Henrik
  10. MotomanDK

    Public Test 0.11.4 - General feedback

    I give up on this test - i hate submarines already, and i was just in a battle with 4 submarines out of 9 ships - no thanks!
  11. MotomanDK

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Has anyone received the rewards for sprint2??? I have not..............
  12. MotomanDK

    Public Test 0.11.4 - Bug Reports

    BB Wujing still make transaction error when i try to change to camo type 10 (the standard for this ship). I have reported this as error in the latest 2 versions.
  13. MotomanDK

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    I received mine on the 21'st as announced - try to contact player support. /Henrik
  14. MotomanDK

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Yes you are right ...... but i don't deal in 'could have been' - hope they do it better next time. I just wanted to warn people ....... called trying to help!
  15. MotomanDK

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    PLEASE READ - so we might avoid frustration later!! As I read the rules, the egg counter for the second heat start with the number on you had on the counter, WHEN the second heat started. In my own case, i had 485 on the counter when heat 1 ended and heat 2 started, so i have to have 885 (6?) egg's on my counter when second heat ends, in order to obtain all the prices, including the one for 400 egg's. /Henrik