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  1. MotomanDK

    Public Test 12.5 - General Feedback

    Enjoyed Asym very much in test 1 - played 4 battles today, there was ONLY BB's and a few DD's on the enemy side + in one game a CV. I managed to survive in Ägir, Stalingrad and Goliath but it was hard. Please make the enemy team more balanced. AND bots still gets stuck on islands:
  2. MotomanDK

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.5

    Thanks - makes sense!
  3. MotomanDK

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.5

    Looking forward to the 'Asymmetric battle' - this is what i have suggested several times (or similar solution). But i would really like to be able to use ships from lower tiers too, especially tier VIII - why is the choice limited to tier IX and X????
  4. MotomanDK

    Camouflage Contest: Japanese Battleship Yumihari

    Will it be possible to get the drawing in a vector format instead? That would make the creative possibilities even greater. (You graphics people knows what a vector format is :-) )
  5. MotomanDK

    Update 12.4: European Destroyers

    Your right - it is only possible to donate doublons as far as i know.
  6. MotomanDK

    What is WG going to do????

    Yes and no ......... i think that WoWS is worth every penny for me ..... but with all the stuff that kills the game (CV, Subs, nerf's and so on) eventually it could be closed down. And i will most likely make this mistake over and over again!!
  7. MotomanDK

    Visual improvements - Closed Test (DB 445)

    Art dept. is the best - no doubt about that. For the other departments, i guess they do what they are told to do by the management. They are most likely very skilled developers, but they are constantly being pushed to make new stuff, and don't get the time to 'clean-up' and do the bug-fixing. I would suggest WG management to slow down with the new stuff, and let the developers catch up.
  8. MotomanDK

    What is WG going to do????

    Everyone has the right to their opinion, also you! I think though, that expressions like toxic and insults might be a little overkill - as i wrote i love the game, but if the statistic referred to by Flamu is correct, i fear i loose my investment.
  9. MotomanDK

    What is WG going to do????

    WG statistics probably made by Dmitry Peskov .......
  10. MotomanDK

    What is WG going to do????

    I like to play WoWS ...... i like the graphics and the ships ....... and i have invested SO MUCH money into the game. What are you - WG - going to do to make sure that i won't loose my huge investment? Please watch this video with statistics that clearly prove that you - WG - is rapidly driving WoWS into the ground! If you think that these statistics are wrong - please give us your numbers.........
  11. MotomanDK

    Update 12.4: European Destroyers

    I would like to .... how?
  12. MotomanDK

    Update 12.4: European Destroyers

    What about being able to use premium days as 'currency' in the armory .... where did that go? Looking forward for new premium ships for coal ......... i already have the 4 that is up for sale ...... and i have TONS of coal .......
  13. MotomanDK

    Photo Recap – World of Warships in Türkiye!

    The name of the country is Turkiye!!
  14. MotomanDK

    Update 12.3 - Bug reports

    I reported to player support - and they told me that the problem is known and that programmers are working on it. Thank you for the workaround - that will help next time i encounter the problem!!
  15. MotomanDK

    Public Test 12.4 - General Feedback

    This is an english speaking forum!