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  1. Bigruss42

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Thought I'd have one last go and got 20 crates as well as these 5 I got 12500 coal X2 as well as the usual flags and camo. Have been very fortunate this year but must admit have been a bit of a whale.
  2. Bigruss42

    Best ship for co-op - what's yours?

    Yes when everything just falls just right you can get some really good results. Beat me there mine was 314,362 hp Okhotnik seems a really fun ship must have a few more games in it.314,362314,362314,362314,362
  3. Bigruss42

    Best ship for co-op - what's yours?

    Highest average XP = 718 in Yoshino Highest XP in 1 game 1710 Yoshino Average overall XP score in Co-op 607
  4. Bigruss42

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    It is on the ships list, I got one too the other day
  5. Bigruss42

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Thanks, I got Yoshino B too, got enough coal along with what I already had to get Yoshino using the coupon which gave me 25000 coal by doing the mission to get Napoli as well.
  6. Bigruss42

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Yes I've been a bit of a whale too, I agree the mega ones seem to have the best return for ships, coal and doubloons. The free containers have only given me camo and signals. The rare ships I've been very lucky to get are: Kronstadt Smolensk Benham Z-39 Got quite a few port Queens and a load of coal and doubloons but got Saipan, Graf Zeppelin and Sims that I'd already got from Black Friday containers so got coal and doubloons back from those too. Got enough gold to get Repulse and also got 2x180 day premium from containers. So all in all I've been very happy and lucky with what I've got. I worked it out and the value has far exceeded what I've spent.
  7. Bigruss42

    A division of Schlieffen is a nightmare.

    They're very good for doing that, killing ships you're not even looking at Third ever game in mine, got 238k+ damage in Co-op in the right circumstances and position the secondaries can be murderous.
  8. Thought blow it it's Christmas so bought 20 mega containers. Got: Cossack Indianapolis Duke of York 2x12500 Coal Camo and flags from the others. Guess I was lucky in value of Ships and Coal alone it was well worth it.
  9. There's one in the Armory and another in the Premium shop for free ;)
  10. Bigruss42

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    For my one mega crate got 12500 coal which wasn't too bad, the other free ones just some camo which I'm unlikely to use.
  11. Bigruss42

    Disappearing Ship

    I know they said that they were improving the AI of bots in Co-op but they didn't say anything about them vanishing before your eyes. Just had a match where a Jean Bart was in front of a Cruiser nosed into an island side by side. I lined up to torp it perfect view almost point black target less then 2km. Launched both sets of torps (Yoshino). Jean Bart disappeared completely and the first set of torps took out the Cruiser that had been behind it. Seconds later the match finished and surprise surprise the Jean Bart survived.
  12. Bigruss42

    Malbourough grind assessment

    My main problem is having to wait until next week for the next mission and so on. I'll have finished the first one either later today or early tomorrow.
  13. Bigruss42

    Zieten is Garbage

    Yes hate that one too, had it a while and just don't bother playing it. Prinz Rupperecht is a lot better and has longer range torps, it's a fun ship.
  14. I can recommend Yoshino, recently got over 314,000 damage in one match on Co-op. 190,000 with torps alone. Quite a long match for once 11 minutes, 30 secs made a welcome change.
  15. I thought the bots had sharpened their accuracy over the last week or so, that statement seems to confirm it. Some of them are still running into islands and each other though.