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  1. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Exchange Resources for Ships and Other Resources!

    at least he is not a leech...
  2. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Exchange Resources for Ships and Other Resources!

    This bargain is for people who lives in asylums. You can spent 1 125 000 Credits to buy 1 Armory Vouchers. Then you can use this Voucher to buy 150 000 credits.... You have to be mental to do so. That's is probably why you live in an asylum.
  3. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Players with < 50 battles in tier 8 ship

    How can you tell a player with 45 battles that it's his 45 first battles? Maybe he has an another account with 45 000 battles and decided to try again? The thing that breaks this game the most is rude and unpolite players.
  4. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    SUICIDERS in Operations. ENOUGH !

    If there was an abuse reporting tools that worked, it would be abused as everything else kids gets their hands on.
  5. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Is it worth coming back ?

    If you like spoiled brats "adult" comments.... then yes
  6. Mazter_Of_Puppetz


    Why do you present camouflage as something valuable when it's a worthless commodity?
  7. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Update 12.2: Trouble in the Hot Tub

  8. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    General Bitching

    The only feedback that WG listen to is their revenue. When you have such knowledge about what ships eats who, why don't you choose the ship that eat other ships? It's the law of the jungel. Kill or be killed trying.
  9. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Chatbans and you.

    When chat-banned, is the chat then disabled? I wish the function disable chat would work permanent, but you have to reset it every battle. Even then it sometimes don't work. World of Warships 2023 01 24 21 08 52 - YouTube
  10. Mazter_Of_Puppetz


    You never hear anything from the winning team about bad matchmaking.
  11. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Update 12.0 - Bug Reports

    Disabling messages from other players ain't working. https://replayswows.com/replay/174518#stats
  12. Mazter_Of_Puppetz


    The only benefits from camouflage is that you can sell it a get som credits. Since there is no other benefits from camouflage why does it then cost dublons? It's like handing out seawater to sailors. Total useless and a wasted of time and energy. Make them useful or just drop them.
  13. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    [ALL] ModStation

    Yes. The old login error is replaced with a brand new login error... he he
  14. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    [ALL] ModStation

    Wait a minute then a new error will replace the old error.
  15. Mazter_Of_Puppetz

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    Another bait to lure me spending money on this game. And I'm sucker that falls for it every single time.