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  1. Maybe they should play with dolls instead of WoWS?
  2. Hi guys and dolls, I am not sure if this is the right place for this post... Would it not be more realistic if servicecosts after a battle would depend on the amount of damage received? Maybe even depending on the sort of damage. Repairing a lost turret would cost more then just some superficial damage on the hull. If no or hardly any damage, this should be rewarded with hardly any servicecost at all. Cheers, Cor (aka Robert Skelton) (BTW, how can I put a tag on a post? Can't find any buttons or whatsoever here)
  3. RobertSkelton

    Looking for a nice clan

    Hi all, I am trying to find a clan that meets my demands. So what are they? Let me start by introducing myself... My rl-name is Cor, 62 yo and I'm living in The Netherlands. English is as much as my second language. Been playing WoWS now for about 8 months. My max tier atm is VII. Beside a monthly premium, I will not spend more money on the game. My luck with clans so far... Just a bunch of people on a memberlist. No socializing, no activity in the chat. Far to fanatical, a militairy organisation whereas you get a very unfriendly correction if not (incidentally) following the rules. Two opposites I am not looking for... I am looking for a clan that is about serious and enthousiastic playing. I want to do battles with teamplaying to enhance my tactics. I want a clan that also makes work of socialising, off-topic stuff. Sure it will take time and effort to become a real member, but is has to come from both sides. So no quiet in the chat and certainly no ignoring. The use of voice like Discord would be great. If your clan does not provide things like above, don't even bother inviting. I will be gone pretty fast again, so don't waste my time (3 days waiting before you can join a clan again, is a loss of time, my time). If you can't find a clan that provides the above, maybe it would be a good idea to create our own clan. Yes, I may be a bit demanding, sorry for that, but I know what I want. I will not settle (again) for less. Cheers, MrCor (aka Robert Skelton)