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  1. EnacheV

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    it doesnt register eggs 2 ranked wins, 7 destroyed ships, cheated of 24 eggs already and yes, the time is past the start time of the event lol
  2. got that too to return to what ? subs and planes ? theres 100 games launched every day, no thanks
  3. EnacheV

    Stop crying about subs

    im not crying i just stoped playing weeks ago checking from time to time to see this game dieing like airplanes game
  4. EnacheV

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    people are still playing this game ? lol
  5. EnacheV

    Why are you lying about the ranked queue?

    they probably hide the real numbers so people are tricked in to playing when they see no subs
  6. EnacheV

    Why are you lying about the ranked queue?

    no queue jumps from 5 to 12 ships in 1 second
  7. So i said lets play a ranked game Join queue , 1 BB 1 CL 3 DD in queue Next second join game, insta 2 full teams (from 5 in queue) and 2 subs in game Why you lie ? No point saying that the experience was awful, despite a win , 3 kills and 90k damage in a Fuso. Got attempted torpedoes by a sub 10+ times, very engaging, lots of counter options, fun game play. The silver is not worth imo, gonna skip And 10000000% im out completely when subs are coming to random
  8. EnacheV

    CUDOS to WG for subs

    just played first ranked , and will be the last there was a sub shooting torps at me for the whole game, extremely engaging, lots of counter options, etc that silver is not worth the brain damage
  9. because people like that exist WG incompetent devs can afford to CV and subs ignoring the huge negative feedback
  10. EnacheV

    Subs in co-op - experiences

    i got 6 subs in port but weegee wants me to spend millions on equipment to "test the boredom" ? lol nope please give me the coal ?
  11. EnacheV

    Battleships Random Battles

    would be extremely easy to implement however to judge they would have to consider them random battles (if its pvp) in terms of resource gained and stats (ofc a down modifier would be applied to rewards linked to damage scaling as there would be lot more hp in battle)
  12. EnacheV

    Battleships Random Battles

    im all for that all cruiser game also sounds fun all dd, subs or cv game ... let them play if they want lol by theoryzing full class modes you can easily spot the parasite classes (cv's, subs) and semi parasite (dd's) the game would do much better with only battleships and cruisers tbh
  13. EnacheV

    Battleships Random Battles

    then im sure WG can afford 1 month of testing of the mode let the players decide i dont know about others but between fighting against 12 bb's vs. 3 bb + 3 cl + 3 dd + 3 cv or subs i would always pick fighting against 12 bb's
  14. EnacheV

    Battleships Random Battles

    the problem is that is not fun to be food for everyone else with zero to almost zero means to fight back
  15. EnacheV

    Battleships Random Battles

    i dont think i ever pressed i need inteligence data there should be 2 random modes Randoms All Classes Randoms Battleships Some battleships will play exclusively slug it out with steel and some battleships who want more flavored game (aka World of dodging subs, CVs, dd's, cruisers torpedos) can still play the Random All version I see no downsides, only pluses You may ask why giving battleships a special treatment? because: a) most popular class in the game b) all other 4 classes feed on battleships as xp pinatas, with 3 from 4 (subs, cv's and dd's) feeding on battleships that have zero or very few ways to fight back