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  1. serious answer. at least another year.
  2. Mork77

    The King is dead, long live the King

    Guys, the spreadsheet clearly shows that the Russians are underpowered. We need this Kirov-class battlecruiser - Wikipedia The Project 1144 Orlan will most probably address to any balancing issues and will fit nicely into the game. After all Carriers and Subs don't lead to problems either
  3. Well, that was to be expected considering what the community thinks about subs. I personally think they should delete the ping and the homing torpedoes. It would be even better to remove subs altogether but that will not happen. 1.) remove homing torpedoes and the stupid ping 2.) put normal DD Torpedoes on the subs with a longer range. 3) restrict the number of subs in a battle to one on each side
  4. Mork77

    Hiding Our Stats And Ramifications

    Great, no need to hide my stats then...
  5. Mork77

    British Pacific Fleet

    not really British Pacific Fleet - Wikipedia The British Carriers proved to be quite resistant to kamikaze attacks.
  6. Mork77

    Leander Tier VI CL

    i posted the wrong replay :) guess that was the one where i got deleted by the scharnhorst. but thanks for taking a look at it. Will keep your ideas in mind. once again, thanks to all for the tons of useful information! After looking at my own replay ( two brothers) 1. took to long to decide firing. doesn´t feel like that in game, but i could have opened fire more often and sooner. 2. wasted some of my smoke, again. using it wrong. 2a. ineffective fire on the DDs 3. should have concentrated on the Trento instead of getting focused on the Queen Elisabeth, definitely chose the wrong target. when i finally turned towards the Trento, the Ismail deleted it. should have focussed earlier. 4. in the end game, once again, did not throw enough at the wall. should have fired more often, drawing the BB return fire to me. 5. the torpedoes in the end were completely pointless. no chance a colorado can close the gap, even if going at full speed.
  7. Mork77

    Leander Tier VI CL

    there you go. replay goes the full length of the game. so be warned. aware of that. That is why i tier up. only go to a higher tier when i have collected the necessary XP. minimal use of free XP. no premium ships. so don´t worry, it will take a while until you see me with Tier 8 ships, not to mention higher. At least i have found the "shift" button and no longer scroll like in the beginning. sometimes progress is measured in small steps indeed. :) P.S. had the wrong replay attached. leaving the other one attached, since tocqueville summed it up so nicely. the one i meant was the two brothers. 20211104_170234_PBSC106-Leander_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay 20211103_173718_PBSC106-Leander_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  8. Mork77

    Leander Tier VI CL

    That is actually how I played her. Sort off. messed up with the smoke. And wasted it. but otherwise, that is how I played her. guess I had the right idea, just need to get better. thanks for the positive input to all of you
  9. Mork77

    Progress today

    thanks for sharing.
  10. Mork77

    Leander Tier VI CL

    Hi, haven´t had to much luck with this ship. Got killed three times ( one shot deleted once, ouch) and in the battle i survived, everybody was mad at me, probably because i survived (we lost). I had three BBs and an italian CA in front of me in open water, kited in and out of gun ( and detection) range, got a few shots away, but could not cause much damage. Well, the BBs fired at me instead of my BBs ( who died anyhow) and missed me. What do people expect? die early so that no one is mad at you? I find it a little inacceptable to blame it on a CL made out of citadells when they lose the BB vs. BB duel. who kept spotting, btw. frustrating experience. I was just glad to survive (first time longer than 5 minutes) and keep spotting and harassing. Get under 10km range, and you get citadelled on the spot. did not want to go through that a fourth time. Any ideas how to get better at this ship? smoke or no smoke? other ideas? serious answers appreciated. please make fun elsewhere. Had enough of that for a day. thought this is a game. guess i was wrong.
  11. Mork77

    General Submarines related discussions

    Well, I guess Carriers will be in need of a buff...
  12. Mork77

    General Submarines related discussions

    Played two battles with Tier VIII subs. Find them operating ok above water. my two cents. a) reduce the speed, both above and underwater to near historical levels. b) make spotting with active sonar only available to tier X. before that. visual is necessary ( surfaced or periscope); homing torpedos are ok. c) in turn, make spotting dived subs ( below periscope depth) more difficult ( you need sonar activated) d) reduce the number of subs to max. 1 in Coop and ranked, 2 in random. e) since you plan to introduce convoys, how about a special sub vs. destroyer convoy battle? maybe 10 transports, 5 DDs on one team, 5 subs on the other. Or, like Sprockett said, make it players against the AI escorts. even better. f) do not force players to use damage control to "unping" your ship. add an extra button for that. timer can be similar to damage control. Personally, I think that subs should not be added at all. but they will come no matter what.
  13. Mork77

    REMOVE SUBS from COOP please!!!

    yes, a convoy battle mode might be fun. DDs on one team and transports you have to get across the map. Subs on the other team.
  14. Mork77

    REMOVE SUBS from COOP please!!!

    Did they mention anywhere how many subs they plan to include in coop or random battles once they become a part of the game? My 2 cents: three is too many. should be similar to CVs. 0-1 in Coop, 0-2 in random. 0-1 in ranked.
  15. Mork77

    Subs in randoms

    How about the Surcouf? French submarine Surcouf - Wikipedia