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    “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”― Lewis Carroll ―

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  1. _3856794_561538473_

    This is Brutal

    port panic full ? sometimes you gotta just take a dumb idea and see what happens... happiness = reality - expectations - rape... wargaming stay rapey us ! “In my experience there are billions of dollars available for pieces of crap. As soon as the material distinguishes itself by something interesting, financing becomes a problem.” ― Rutger Hauer― I’ve seen broken computers you people wouldn’t believe... stay gaming !
  2. _3856794_561538473_

    This is Brutal

  3. _3856794_561538473_

    Submarine Guide

    At the opening of the game, the video showing a battle between a submarine and a ship is very beautiful! Wargaming congratulations! But the video has nothing to do with the game's submarines.... In a real war, submarines and aircraft carriers are very important and they are my favorites!!!
  4. _3856794_561538473_

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

  5. _3856794_561538473_


    here get some ideas: https://www.hiddensuccesstactical.com/uploads/8/1/0/9/8109678/2020_civilian_and_military_camouflage_patterns_booklet.pdf
  6. _3856794_561538473_

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    who me LOL i have already 1 IRL (hm btw this sarcastic pen reminds me of someone with another nickname......) Ahoy Captain !
  7. _3856794_561538473_

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    I feel a triggering coming on…….
  8. _3856794_561538473_

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    I've been waiting for this moment for a year to play again, I like it very much! Welcome!
  9. _3856794_561538473_

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    Dear teammate, in random battles several teammates insult us and discourage us in the moves we make to fight... but I remind you again that we are in the game to have a good time and to laugh so that the bad stress of our everyday real life goes away !!! Ahoy Captain !
  10. _3856794_561538473_

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    Dear teammate, it is a very good online game but wargaming has to come up with new ideas to get money from its players...! However, the point that makes me laugh, is that some players think that they are heroes of reality while they are only for one day and only in this online game....! I'm also passionate about fighting, it's a lot of fun for me but: let's always remember that we don't confuse the internet utopian world with the real one !!! Ahoy Captain !
  11. _3856794_561538473_


    I'm tired of the typical ship camouflage patterns Give us new designs to choose !!!
  12. _3856794_561538473_

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    I am sure that wargaming designers not able to make this beautiful super model in this 3Dgame............ A Super Submarine Aircraft-Carrier! a wow for wows!
  13. _3856794_561538473_

    anyone else with connection issues on EU Servers

    nah and me i have the same problem... while I'm inside and playing, sometimes the internet disconnects me and wargaming turns me pink and says I'm out of the game also when i play with my two saipan aircraft carriers i lose all the points i earned and it says i was out of the game and turns me pink Wargaming fix these stupid mistakes against players.....or give my money back and take back your useless cvs saipan i have 2 of them