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  1. Redov_WG

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hello Amiral, New ST Academy certificate was reissued, and sent to your current email. Feel free to reapply in the ST enrollment thread.
  2. Redov_WG

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hello, only language that we use on ST is English. Please complete ST Academy, and you can apply to ST program after. Thank you.
  3. Hello commanders, In this thread, you can leave a request to include you in the group of participants in the Supertest Academy. Group enrollment is open from September 1st to September 28th (inclusive). In order for you to be enrolled, it is enough to leave a message in the thread: Sign me up. Your post will be automatically hidden and will be visible only to you, the administration of the game and the Supertest Academy curators. The training is conducted on the Discord server. A working headset for voice communication is required. A week before the start of classes, everyone who signed up will receive instructions on further steps by a personal message on the forum. Reminder: Classes are conducted in English, verbally and textually. Knowledge of the English language is mandatory for the training participants. The timetable of classes: 3 October 18:00 – 19:00 UTC Tasks and methods - theory course The main goals of the group What/why/how we test Questions and answers 5 October 18:00 – 19:00 UTC Feedback What is gathering feedback and its value Feedback: how and why? Feedback: structure (formatting and standards) Practical tasks 7 October 18:00 – 19:00 UTC Bugreport What are bug reports and their value Bugreport: Tools Bugreport: describing steps of reproduction Bugreport: preparing the necessary files Practical tasks Upon completion of the training, each participant who has successfully passed all three main stages receives an electronic version of the Supertest Academy certificate. The certificate will be sent to your email within a week of the course ending. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important: if you signed up on this thread and did NOT receive access to the STA Discord, please check your forum messaging. Even if the invite link has expired, you have until the 2nd of October to contact us - just reply to the message you received via the forum /// Ecotech, STC-EU
  4. Redov_WG

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hello Arashi, Sorry for the long wait, I've sent you a message.
  5. Redov_WG

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hello, next STA will start in the beginning of May. It is not possible to participate in the ASIA STA and apply to EU Supertest. Thank you.
  6. Redov_WG

    Supertest – FAQ

    Hello, thread for applying to ST Academy is located in the ST Academy section of the forum. Thank you.