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  1. This exists in WoT, where platoon mates shows as light brown-ish both in chat, screen and death/kill notes above the minimap, so they have the code ready for such thing.
  2. GargamelSE

    Shooting Teammates reduces Karma?

    Noobie question. What is karma ( in this game)?
  3. Hello all! I have now played this game for like 3 days/nights. I noticed to love the torpboat play style, even if i sorta suck at it, going in too much "hot head" some times. Are my stats kind of ok/average/bad for being 3 days old in the game? https://wows-numbers.com/player/576516132,GargamelSE/ I just jumped into T-22 and love it the few games ive had in it. How many skill points can one commander get? Is it possible to get all the uh 3-4 point worth ones (if one even wants those tho)? Why are the quests "so bad" (for me)? I mean, most quests demands certain ships i probably never want to play, in WoT atleast you can select quests maching your tank/boat type etc etc.. Is between 6k - 70k damage ok only running torpedos? (IV and V levels) I love how WoWs is sort of "slow pace" compared to WoT, in WoTi can 1-3 hitted and dead under a minute if i YOLO too much.. But here in WoWs, i need to take "a billion" hits to die (unless i eat 1-6 torps at once). Also, "why" do my queue line show sooo few people? compared to WoT that can show like 100k online and like 1k queueing, i see like 6 / 14 matching my level. Are most players in level like 7++? I noticed at level 5, i can see like 14/40-59 people matching me. Also, when i see like 15 people in my level range, why can i then get a game with only me as a human (random)? how does this work? I probably have more questions, but i cannot remember any other atm. Thanks in advanced for answers and suggestions.
  4. GargamelSE

    How to have fun in this game.

    I found out that i like to play torpboats, and today after 3 days of gameplay got into T22, after deviating via some carriers (which is hard to play-ish i noticed) I love how to see the gazillion torps hit the target for something between 9k and 35k damage (in total over all hits) My best damage record is close to 70k damage with this dinger.
  5. I'd like a referal link, thanks.