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  1. tomekc77

    Update 0.11.4 - Bug Reports

    same here. It only stops when I remove all mods. Refreshing mods does not help (as in previous time it was happening).. now I have 6 battles penalty
  2. tomekc77

    Update 0.11.1 - Bug reports

    Same for me, post above… seems like it is caused by new patch. Also, now on the port screen all items are showing ‘new’ tag. For example, every single collection item obtained in the past now shows as ‘new’… some serious mess was created …..
  3. tomekc77

    Update 0.11.1 - Bug reports

    Hi there, Facing issue since today. When i go to battle (pressing 'start battle' on prebattle screen), the map and ship view does not load. I'm still on pre-battle screen, but i can use controls (WASD) and fire guns. I can hear these actions happening, but i still see pre-battle screen. After the battle is over i got the penalty for unsporting behavior. Please note, this is not disconnection, battle is happening in the background, i can see ship icons going dark when killed etc. So it is not connection issue. Please note battle timers at the top of the screen - they are displayed but should not be part of pre-battle screen.. The counter actually shows time (not visible on the screenshot). I dont want to be penalized for technical issues at your side.
  4. tomekc77

    Which TX DD?

    Indeed I might be overdoing this a bit for a person with wife, kids, job and normal life :D However, I’m nowhere close to your game count, you need to discount over 2k coop battles I did. 1 randoms game is probably equivalent to 5 coops, these things last few minutes. If you are in slow BB chances are you will fire 5 times before it is done..
  5. tomekc77

    Which TX DD?

    Thanks. I was mostly doing BBs and CAs recently, especially with tx ranked I did not want to be liability to the team in a DD. Ohio can seriously influence the games and Hindy is fun to play (although less influence I think). Dds wise I have done both ijn lines to the top and am at fletcher and lightning respectively - but did not really play them yet. i guess I will go with popular vote and skip DDs for now. Will get Stalin for now to see some citadels (and receive some as well I guess).
  6. tomekc77

    Which TX DD?

    Playing since 1 year. I think it is relatively new, but probably you are right that I spend some time.. I have 1 steel ship (coupon) and 1 rp ship so far plus some more coal ones. I don’t have 60k rp yet, but I plan ahead, since I have steel and directional decision should be now. Each quarter I regrind 1 line for 2x rp, using some free xp if I get tired.. i believe steel accumulates at some 2.5-3k per month, not counting snowflakes
  7. tomekc77

    Which TX DD?

    Well, I humbly appreciate that 6k battles (out of which 2300 is coop) and 1 year of play is far below many of the people who write here. At this stage I can have opinions on things, but likely not yet as thorough as opinions of others here. Especially that I play for fun and don’t aspire to achieve WR that many people here seem to be having. I would think this is average players like me who should be asking questions (rather than give answers) but your comment seems to be suggesting otherwise.
  8. tomekc77

    Which TX DD?

    Hi everyone, Looking for your advice on TX ship selection. I’m in this favorable situation that I currently have 27k of steel and will soon have ~60k of RP. Already have first choice of steel/rp ships (Bourgogne and Ohio). Now it looks like I should take some TX DD (Ragnar, Druid, Vampire II). I’m not good at DDs so I don’t want to take more than 1 of these. So, I either take Ragnar now and wait for rp to take what (what else non-DD rp ship makes sense)? Or I don’t take Ragnar and then what do I select for steel now? I would think stalin, but what do I know, I’m relatively new here.. and which rp DD should I take is such scenario? Share your wisdom please.. hint - I don’t take cv and don’t want shiki. BTW - if anyone wanted to advise this, I’m not going to wait for 25% coupon. I’m getting resources faster than I get coupons, even with this steel purchase I’m going to have another one available after coupon is provided in 2nd half of the year.. thank you! regards
  9. tomekc77

    Karma - why it’s pointless

    I don’t care in greater sense. I just wonder, what is the point and usefulness of this.
  10. Hi All, my first post here. I’m really annoyed now. My karma is usually zero, I gain some then I lose some. I dont play divs so I rarely get complimented. I also did not pay attention to how I lose it. I do not abuse people in chat, so mostly I should be losing karma for bad plays. I surely have many bad plays, so no problem with that. But today I had a good run in brawls in okhotnik. Won many games and surprisingly also got some karma. Then I switch to t8-t10 randoms in Iowa. I have pretty decent game, 1st in the winning team, 3 kills, over 2k base xp. Then what? Lost 2 karma. Some dd guy reported me, possibly he felt my bb did not help him in the cap (he got killed almost instantly after rushing into it). How does it make sense to lose karma while winning big time, just because some delusional loser had bad moment. Is this bad luck or it just look this way here?
  11. tomekc77

    Auction : The Lighthouse

    They did not earn anything now, or at least not that much. Most of these doubloons were purchased/obtained well before auction. They earn at the moment when purchase is made, not the moment when doubloons are spent..
  12. tomekc77

    Exchange rate

    It is not your exchange rate. These things seem rather expensive in pretty much any place in the world. I mean, other games seem to be having cheaper in-game content.
  13. tomekc77

    Rumble Bumblebee prize.

    You have to select your prize. This is a bit tricky, as you need to click on it, but it only works when you click around the name of the commander, not just in any place on the commander tile. Do some clicking and your selected commander will highlight - then ‘claim’ button will activate.