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  1. SodaBubbles

    Which Ships to use Tier 8 linkable perm Camos

    I would not put the perma camos on the ones you play the most, because you will do well in those and will earn more XP/FXP/credits with other camos. I put mine on ships that I like re-grinding for the Research Bureau. That way I can play them again and again in coop without burning a camo. For example, I have perma camos for the whole German cruiser line T6 and after except Yorck, and for the whole French cruiser line T5 and after. I enjoy grinding them in coop, with their torps and good guns.
  2. SodaBubbles

    Incomparable out of NDA

    ...not with the current CV plague.
  3. SodaBubbles

    Damage Mitigation Discussion

    How would you handle that? Make DD guns able to do only burst damage, but not able to start fires? In Ranked the other day, with burst damage from Shim I killed a Schiff at like 3K health. Would that be acceptable in your view? Or should my shells have done no damage at all? I'm not opposed, just trying to see how the consequences of your ideas would work out...
  4. SodaBubbles

    Incomparable out of NDA

    17.6 km range? At T10? That thing will expend half its health just getting into range. Looks like it might be fun in Ranked and similar modes where range is less important.
  5. SodaBubbles

    Public API is broken - What WG gonna do about it>

    They aren't going to do anything. It's not an aircraft carrier or a Russian superbote.
  6. SodaBubbles

    Is this branch too OP?

    I consider them food, easy to cit, with low health pools, and usually played by idiots who utterly lack the patience to play them properly. I enjoy smashing them in Republique.
  7. SodaBubbles

    Super Carrier with Jets Announced

    It's so sad. When I think what an incredible experience this game could have offered... ....I was seriously considering spending some money too, since I was so pleased with their new, more open attitude in the long dev blog posts. But super CVs? You'd have to have an almost sociopathic disregard for the player base to offer that garbage. My wallet snapped shut when I saw that....
  8. 45% crappers love to play them, thinking it will give them an edge....
  9. Shafted? Those idiotic additions to the game are food.
  10. SodaBubbles

    Possible solution to the IJN cruiser problems

    Wow, interesting analysis. Thanks!
  11. SodaBubbles

    Premium Shells to Counter Superships Announced

    Please remove this thread, its dangerous
  12. SodaBubbles

    New Supership CV Announced

    Pretty much this. I was delighted to see the more open presentation of information and how they think about things. Was thinking about cracking open the wallet. And then, they announce this trash, showing that there has been no fundamental change in the malicious, contemptuous attitude they have toward the playerbase and the game itself. Makes me sad.
  13. SodaBubbles

    Super Carrier with Jets Announced

    Super CVs? This level of malice is mindblowing. It's unbelievable how much the devs hate the playerbase.
  14. SodaBubbles

    How about some new campaigns?

    yes, please.
  15. SodaBubbles

    Assasination play with subs

    Not for the Reds. It is game ruining.