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  1. snadge666

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    I am unsure as I do not own the ship but it is on my 'to get' list, any chance you are willing to test it whilst you have free respec? There is a thread about it somewhere will find it and link.
  2. snadge666

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    Do you use 'swift in silence'? Supposedly that skill makes the Emilio outrun it's smoke and become detected.
  3. snadge666

    A Quick European DD Skill Question

    double post
  4. snadge666

    A Quick European DD Skill Question

    This is my 14 point Smaland Captain I have another 14 point Captain for Pan/EU which I am going to keep in reserve until I am happy with choices, reason I use superintendent instead of SE is that I feel it synergises better with AR, especially early game.
  5. Yeah it's a bummer, my max Captain is 16 points, I will be putting Radio Location on the back burner for a month or 2 now, just got it and was getting to grips with it, very good skill.
  6. Genova is a floating Citadel and slow reload, Graf Spee is ridiculosly slow and slow reload, decent range though, Exeter is very good.
  7. snadge666

    General CV related discussions.

    Flambass has a new video out which showcases just how OP FDR is.
  8. snadge666

    Captain for all classes, not.

    All Captains, 1 silver ship and 4 class of premium. No 50% of skills either, you get nothing. I'm sure I missed this when reading up about the whole kerfuffle but I thought I could at least keep a few Captains and trade the rest for XP to train up the few I would keep.
  9. Well, here I was looking at Captain skill rework through the rosiest spectacles available and as a newer player, took solace in the fact that I would be able to use my Bert Dunkirk for my Daring, Fiji, BB of choice and CV of choice. LOL, no, premium ships only and a single tech tree line. bummer, teach me to read better.
  10. snadge666

    FIJI gets buffed update 0.10.00 !!

    I love my fiji now I'm just CV fodder, unbelievable how anyone could think this was a buff. Don't worry, it is gonna happen to your favourite ships as well, CV's are money makers for WG, newer players love them because all of a sudden they are at back, taking no damage and they can wreak havoc, even without hitting a thing. I'm also a newer player and think they are OP as well, I thought this game was about naval warfare.
  11. snadge666

    ☆ Time for the next step WG ☆

    senpai, by the looks of the avatar.
  12. Would like to install Aslains but it seems to batter my ant virus, so no go, have the WG modstation and am still trying to get to grips with dynamic crosshairs, if shell time is say 10 secs, I lead by 11 secs ( on say a RL cruiser 32ish knots) and my shot misses by a country mile, this is with nomogram one, is that same as noros one as that does not seem an option in modstation. I went back to static as at least I can calculate at full zoom.
  13. snadge666

    Legendary Pan EU Captain

    You are telling me stuff that I know already, why? Just because I am a new player, why, do you not think the mechanics of game are convoluted, no they are simple, extremely so, the hard part is acclimatises to different ships .,