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  1. The_Corsair52

    Server issues?

    Can some one from wargaming please give an update as to when they are going to check the servers er I mean FIX the servers we all know you have not bothered to check them yet because that would cost MONEY, but you will start loosing money soon if no one can connect to the servers. And we all know why that post was deleted PLEASE just fix the servers so we can start to play again.. With out being punished for being disconnected by YOU !! does not seam remotely fair to punish us if you are not going to FIX THE F_____________________________________ servers..
  2. The_Corsair52

    Server issues?

    I give up they don't reel care if you can play or not all they want is more money, I played to battles today to see if they had checked the server, first battle was nothing but very bad lag, second battle i got disconnected two time and still got three kills, two other players said they were getting really bad lag but their is no point complaining because it happens all the time at the moment. So the DATA is the most important thing and we all have to remember if the DATA says every body is wrong then the DATA must be right so no point checking the FACTS that some thing is wrong.
  3. The_Corsair52

    Server issues?

    Iv had the same issue all week end since Friday but iv been told its just my end, er sorry i mean its all the players faults. I was told that the DATA shows their is no problems. Hope that makes it clear the DATA shows the SERVERS are just fine so they feel their is no need to check them.
  4. The_Corsair52

    Server issues?

    Can some one please give an update as to when you are going to check how bad the EU server connections are its no good simply saying the DATA says, its ok if players keep getting kicked some one needs to check the servers or maybe even try and play a few battles so that when you get kicked out as well you will know some thing is wrong !!
  5. The_Corsair52

    Server issues?

    I thought it was just me but i have been having a lot of server problems with getting kicked from matches or pausing then restarting. And being asked at the kick out screen to reconnect to the game. I did mention it in game chat a few times always being told it was just me, but on one occasion two other players were having the same problems and just said its because of the new update as if its normal for it to happen all the time.
  6. The_Corsair52

    Mission: Battle of the Coral Sea

    Seams odd the Japanese Fleet would sail all the way round Australia to fight a battle on the south west coast, They would have had to fight three navies at the same time Maybe some body could explain naval history to the developers or maybe just give the a MAP that shows were the Coral see is, and how far Queensland is from Japan and how far it is away from the Battle !!!
  7. The_Corsair52

    Update 0.10.2 - General Feedback

    I just like to say what a really nice update can i ask when you are going to fix the NEW BUGS you ADDED. A part from them may i suggest fixing them asap before even more players stop playing. Have a nice DAY.
  8. The_Corsair52

    PT 0.10.2 - General Feedback

    Im not very sure how to leave any good feed back how about, getting rid of the commander rework and fixing the bugs and making it more stable and balanced instead. Ho wait yes that's feed back thank you i new id work it out!!!!!!!!!
  9. The_Corsair52


    So i was watching the streamers team battles for over 5 hours was a lot of fun watching. Does any body know when wows will enable drops again, did not watch just for the drops, the streams were a lot of fun just to watch. My question is wargaming say they are changing the way drops work. Is it going to be random because logging in to the streams it says they already work on a timer system witch is simply not true yet, or is it because like the old system its random meaning you can watch streams every day for hours and only get a one in a five day chance of getting a drop. Never mind i reread the news about drops if it is not displayed that drops are enabled then their is no drops. Ho well my bad maybe i should just watch the wows streams to see if they have it enabled yet.
  10. The_Corsair52


    So as the title was in game right at the end of battle game crashed and was kicked back to log in screen with the message CONNECT, in red could not reconnect is that because even after all this time the game when being updated is still very unstable, and even though the game crashed will i still get auto punished like normal even though i probably had the highest score. I'm still waiting to be able to reconnect, just seams very odd to me though when the game or servers crash if you are in battle you get auto punished even if it's right at the end of battle and you just won.. I was also watching some organised events, when the server crashes why are they not auto punished like normal players would be.
  11. The_Corsair52

    Cmdrs Skill

    So we are supposed to level feed back for the PTS. I tried that. What i have found is during the PTS if you do not use any skill points for your cmdr's even if you have 21 you will find most of the time your ships perform better. During the live server if you don't use any Cmdr skill points your ships will perform better about 60 too 70% of the time, and almost every body agrees the new recommended skilll points are a total waist of time and so do not use them. That is the best feed back i and almost every body else can give this update for cmdr's is a total waist of time, and you are btter off ignoring it. PLEASE wargaming think about what you are doing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The_Corsair52


    thank you..
  13. The_Corsair52


    I can i ask when do the ships get taken out of the game i.e Thunderer and so on iv been trying to collect coal like mad i can just about get it if i use all my steel as well.
  14. The_Corsair52


    Ok i have asked this before, why do players get auto punished every time the game becomes unstable during updates. All you are doing is trying to stop players from playing, giving players auto punishments during updates will drive players away not encourage more people to play.. So come on sort it out if your game becomes unstable during updates players should not get an auto punishment for wanting to play.
  15. The_Corsair52


    Hi so iv been watching a lot of twitch live streams, and my account was linked only got one drop but do not think that is important, because i was enjoying them. Only seams i was enjoying them and being to nice because one of the streamers said i am a bot because i was enjoying his streams to much, he banned me from chat. He needs a shave and to learn some manners if some one is being nice and enjoying your streams why would you ban them. Any way i have unlinked my accounts now because you don't get any thing from them any way. not sure if i can name them but im going to any way the streamer i was enjoying and said so is edited but i would not recommend any body watching his streams because he needs a shave and to learn some manners and not to ban people being nice in chat.