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  1. Curepto

    Richelieu Build?

    Hi, i've unlocked Richelieu. Which build best for Richelieu? I don't have any French commanders for Richelieu, so i've started with new commander with no skills.
  2. Curepto

    Matchmaking problem of Co-op.

    But, there's a lot of players (around 40-50 i think) was on matchmaking and i've only waited around 10 seconds and this happened.
  3. Curepto

    Is my progression wrong?

    The main reasons of why i don't like playing againts the real players: 1) I have some weird feeling that makes me uncomfortable when facing with real players. 2) Bots are a lot of easy and makes me allow the play straight without strategy. 3) I hate toxic or salty players that swears or causes team killing damages or something like that. I like playing againts the bots with real players on my team. I have a lot of more fun than playing againts the real players or PvP.
  4. Hi, i'm fairly new player. I like playing PvE style. But, i've noticed something that frustrating. There's a lot of people on matchmaking but sometimes when the game makes the match, only 2 person was real players. I've always lost when this happened. I don't know if is that bug or not. I don't know if it common problem or not. It would be good that matchmaking makes the match with the real players are on your team at least. About 20 minutes before, i've entered the match. All of the bots on my team sunk instantly. Also, the real players are was cruisers, they also dead only i was alive. I've took really good beating from enemy Sinop and Nagato. The match results screenshot. I hope that explains what i'm talking about. You can see my exploding Lyon from the background: I've got around 130K damage 2 kills (Gneisenau and Shchors). I think that not bad for a new player :)
  5. Hi, i've been playing this game for about 29 hours total on Steam page or 15-20 days i think. I've been only playing on Co-op or Operations. I don't like Randoms or PvP. My main goal is get the Richelieu as a Battleship and Charles Martel as a Heavy Cruiser. Because, i like French ships designs. As a premium ship, i want to get Graf Spee if it's possible to get it as a F2P player. I've never spent single doubloons. I've tried save the most Free-XPs i can and have about 62K Free-XPs. I've reached Lyon with playing Normandie on Operations and unlocked Lyon without spending any Free-XP. I have these ships right now: I've only played on French line and have reached Tier 7 on Battleships and Tier 6 on Cruisers. Also, premium ships that i have: (Only bought Yubari, the others are gifts i think.)
  6. Hi, i've been grinding French BB line. I've unlocked Lyon. Which upgrade should i get for Lyon?
  7. Curepto

    Is that hard to get Richelieu now?

    I've played with Turenne for 10 matches i think. Painful things for me was it has short-range (only 11 KM) and very slow turret traverse.
  8. Curepto

    Is that hard to get Richelieu now?

    I've decided Free-XP to Bretagne and start grinding from it. Is that good choice?
  9. Hi, i've been grinding for Charles Martel, but i've regret it. Because, i like the Richelieu. Is that hard to get it now?
  10. Hi, i have these ships right now: I've been playing with this ship. But, i've heard that premium ships doesn't affect the tech tree progression. I want to start with cruisers. Which cruiser line should i start to grind? Thanks.
  11. Hi, i have these ships right now. But, don't know any functions on the menu. Can someone explain the game basics? Thanks in advance.