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  1. CaravellaCaravan

    Scharnhorst Tips?

    Hi, i've unlocked Scharnhorst B from crates. I have questions, which commander skills should i select and how to play with Scharnhorst? Thanks.
  2. Hi, i want to try Aegis but i don't have any Tier 6 ships. Is that possible to play Aegis without Tier 6 ship? Thanks.
  3. That's happened. I can't post the 10 second long video because i think the site doesn't allow MP4 files. I've very suprised the sunk an battleship that 2 tiers above than me with single salvo.
  4. Hi there. I'm new in this game. I've only played 1 battle. I've heard that new players can get some premium ships(i think it's called like that) like Dreadnought or some tier 2 cruiser. How to get these gifts? Thank you.