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  1. Setterus

    Thank you..

    all fellow players for all good battles. No one cares but I want to also thank wg for straight directing me to free up space on my hard drive. Wish you all be well BB....
  2. Setterus

    Orkan, Loyang or Haida?

    I'm enjoying z-39 for now. Not god concealment like haida at 5.7, but is the only t7 that can equip a concealment module from T8(6.1km) and also t8 hydro, very good guns and not mention torps that have great reload, hit hard and are 8.5km range. Think about that also. Orkan is nice too. Had some Gr8 games on it
  3. Setterus

    Sound issues

    You have the ambient sounds muted that's why is working for you. As I said in first post, if the surroundings are high, they'll mute your guns. So I think has something to do with this. Anyway. I'll wait till a fix for now as I don't want to mute anything.
  4. Setterus

    Sound issues

    Client repaired, game redownloaded and runs in vanilla. SOund issues remain. It acts like wide dynamic range is on . In general guns are muted while surroundings are full level (gun firing, dmg etc).
  5. Setterus

    Dead-eye is gone but...

    Saw flammu's vid yesterday. That will be fun to experience 😂😂
  6. Setterus

    Dead-eye is gone but...

    Don't know about Marco polo as I don't have it but.. -Alsace was and will always be a great bb. The guns are well knows to be inaccurate from times to times. -Cruisers was always being damage dealers and in general he spammers, that's why you can blap them in one salvo with a bb if you re lucky. -DD torps was always the bigger threat to bb's and I have the most dev strikes on them with torpedoes so play smart there. I'd never specced for deadeye so I can say to you that bb's are the same it was before that. What you're experiencing is the lack of a skill that wasn't in game few months ago and it's not now either. Give yourself some time to adjust to old gameplay and it will be fine.
  7. Setterus

    Sound issues

    First thing I did was to run it in vanilla mode to be sure nothing conflicts with it.Nothing changed. Didn't repair the client tho. As I'm off town ill try to do it when I go back again.
  8. Setterus

    Sound issues

    so i'm not alone. Tried everything. I hope they'll fix it
  9. Setterus

    Sound issues

    So I always had some small sound problems such as torpedo warning not hearing etc, but after today's update torpedo warning came back to life which was a surprise to me. But after first battle I notice that if I have heavy environmental sound from allied ships, my guns are close to muted behaving as if I have my wide dynamic range on, but is off. Anyone facing the same or any suggestions?
  10. This. I find smoke on my gearing a little bit useless outside of defence (smoke and run when detected). I prefer daring's smoke with many charges and short duration
  11. Des memes and gearing. I did reset US and German cruisers. I don't think I'll do it again. Not even for a RB ship. I'd rather stay with my ships and leave the game as is. Auto mode and f2p when prem ends
  12. I'd rather grind the silver line and pass this. Hizen was already heavy for my stomach and I don't think I'm in the mood to spend any more money to someone who milks out players at the first line of sight. I know is not going to happened and of course is an idea from another universe, but after all those things with loot boxes, skill reworks, deadeye in and out, player base deserves to have this ship free of charge and just by playing the game. Just my honest opinion here.
  13. Setterus

    Fletcher changes

    i suppose yes. Awful change. Not bothers me a lot tbh but sometimes need all torps and can't use them..
  14. Setterus

    Fletcher changes

    Why oh why they split torpedo angles? Not been able to fire all torps ahead at steep angle now..
  15. Setterus

    Great captain rework still holding strong

    Not a single bb of mine have deadeye. Not a single cruiser have spotted build. All captains reseted before update kicks. Now I have a bunch of ships which acting exactly the same and just doing dailies. I left gw2 to come here before update due to many extra time(Tnx covid :/) and guess.... I'm back to my old game and left this in pc logging in playing a battle and g logging out. No interest at all unfortunately cause that so called build diversity,, is only for premium ships with one captain, but that requires me to give a lot of milk to do it. I was watching the game for years and know it was awesome but now is nothing else but a money sink. So no. I'll just keep it f2p for now. Remaining premium days 110ish and that's it. Feeling sorry for vets that have experience of what it was while see what it becomes. Guess I'm happy I manage to play 3 months of what it was at least....