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  1. I'm getting lots of freebies from WG and I'm not even playing anymore due to how Sh*t the gameplay/ balance has become so I wouldn't worry other than how desperate WG are getting
  2. Axilian_1

    What ships you play lately?

    None - taking a nice long holiday from the sh*tshow that is WoWs with subs
  3. Axilian_1

    Are Co-ops are going better ?

    I wouldn't put any money on it with WG's record
  4. Axilian_1

    What to do against Subs

    I'm =avoiding this sub garbage by not playing at all. They've been warned multiple times and tbh the only time they've shown any sign of listening was when their income was threatened (and then only until things died down after which they've gone back to their dishonest ways)
  5. Axilian_1

    Is this from World of WARSHIPS or its a fraud?

    My thoughts exactly I got one myself plus one of those we've missed you emails which I thought ironic as I only just ceased playing this PoS farce of a game due to the fact my threshold has finally been reached with the utter shite WG are trying to scam the playbase with
  6. Axilian_1

    SUB POLL for the benefit of YABBACOE.

    Let's be honest the only way WG will ever listen ( and then as only for a short time as shown in the aftermath of the CC walkout) is if if it hurts their pocket by for example review bombing Steam etc
  7. Axilian_1

    How do I counter subs? I am clueless, pls help

    My counter was easy - I stopped playing this p*ss poorly balanced game
  8. Axilian_1

    Discounts and Doubloon Returns on Purchases

    sounding a little desperate Mind you no effect on me - I've barely logged in since the abomination that is Subs reared it's ugly head again
  9. Played with them in PvP + Co-op mow - and they are Horrendous The whole DCP system is still an absolute joke - you DCP the sub just waits and pings again Sub detection also hardly works - I hydroed and couldn't spot a sub that was almost directly below me even though the DD in smoke 4km away behind an island was !!!!! . The sub just popped up torped me and dived before I had any chance at all to react - and this is balanced and entertaining gameplay - I don't think so
  10. As taken Directly from the Encyclopaedia Britannia 'Barring a brief period in 1942–43, when U-boats operated successfully in so-called wolf packs, submarines have always been solo performers ' You tell me how Submarines fit in a game a game specifically based around team play and fleet actions Answer : THEY DON'T as seen all the time in matches where the sub player does nothing for his team and just lurks and kill steals
  11. Axilian_1

    Tier 10 Destroyers and Anti-Ship Guided Missiles

    Pity they couldn't see the same with subs
  12. Axilian_1

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    I don't report subs or Cv's - I just don't play this PoS game atm while we have crap like subs in it
  13. Logged on - saw I had finally accumulated 20000 Community tokens - Bought Leningrad Then saw subs were back Logged off Guess the Leningrad will rot in port and never get it's maiden voyage
  14. Axilian_1

    Submarines coming tomorrow......

    Unfortunately already here and still absolutely shite gameplay what I've just seen - Time to take a break
  15. Time to go and play a game with some sort of decent game design and one that actually listens to it's player base (i.e. not a WG one)