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    T8 feels really like an odd choice for this mode, as well as the presence of BB and CV. T4-T6 with submarines, DD and some CL would make much more sense (I know, we are talking WG here!). I played 1 game because I happen to have a T8 ship, so I'm not excluded like probably quite a good part of the newer players. I was on the attacking team, and my impression is that - as long as the team composition shipwise is not too lopsided, and the attackers are not vastly inferior skillwise - the defending team is doomed pretty much by default. After all, you just have to sink 4 hapless cargo ships to win, regardless of your own losses. Knowing exactly which route the convoy will be sailing makes the task even easier.
  2. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/3-days-of-premium-account/
  3. Piratenmaedchen

    Pirate day 2021

    Aye. But sure as hell I won't grind for weeks with my pirate yacht for a random T5, when only one particular T5 would be of interest to me.
  4. Piratenmaedchen

    Pirate day 2021

    Has yet to happen to me, and probably won't ever. Where is this partial reward (ship) in the current Dockyard?
  5. Piratenmaedchen

    Pirate day 2021

    800 dubloons contain 5,2 kg gold with a material value of 250.000,00 €. Who would pay that much for this simple digital item?
  6. It's even easier for me! I got 1 (!) gift container and 1 token for my main ship, and even if I would force myself to play the Oklahoma (and the less torturous Blyska and Kirov), I would still end up with 4 tokens. And what should I do with 4 tokens anyway? Buy 4 expandable camos? Or start a collection which will remain unfinished until the game shuts down? This anniversary (my first and probably last one) was over after just a single game. 5 intense minutes of celebration. Arrr!
  7. Piratenmaedchen

    Vigenère mission chain: a possible hidden code?

    WG inscribed bonus codes on every map's ocean floor to lure players into using these sad sci-fi jokes of WW2 submarines...
  8. Piratenmaedchen

    Pirate day 2021

    Arrrr! ☠
  9. Piratenmaedchen

    Transaction Error

    Ich bin noch nicht so lange dabei, daß ich den Fehler auf dieses Update eingrenzen kann, aber nachdem mir dieses tolle PERSÖNLICHE ANGEBOT angezeigt wurde, ging nichts mehr. Egal, was ich machen wollte, Tarnung wechseln, Container öffnen etc. - jedesmal kam TRANSACTION ERROR. Und zwar sowohl bevor ich das Angebot weggeklickt habe, als auch danach. Ich mußte das Spiel neu starten.
  10. Piratenmaedchen


    Ah, thanks. I guess I am too new to reflexively expect WG to fail hard at even such small things.
  11. Piratenmaedchen


    After logging in, I got this weird notification. Never knew I had that stuff, but why is it deducted? Odd numbers, btw.
  12. Piratenmaedchen

    Was ist derzeit eigentlich mit den Coop Matches los?

    Mangels altem Namen kann ich da nicht mitreden, aber ich bin ziemlich sicher, daß man mit paarundfünfzig % WR nicht mehr rot sein sollte.