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  1. ajg12345

    PT 0.10.3 - Axis vs. Allies

    Same happened to me caps stayed at 300 all battle we destroyed all enemy ships and the game ended in a draw even though we won after 5 mins had to sail around for 10 mins doing nothing
  2. ajg12345

    PT 0.10.3 - Hamburg Dockyard: ZF-6

    I completed all 22 stages of the ship and it said i had been rewarded with the ship but it never turned up in my port.
  3. ajg12345

    Bot AI

    Is it me or is BOT AI is lower than a pencil eraser, i fired some torpedoes at a target and the nearest allied destroyer was over 8km away and then the destroyer suddenly started steaming towards the target i had fired at and he could surely see the torpedos in the water due to the warnings, and he had plenty of space to maneuver around the torpedoes, but no it activated the engine overload as he had flames coming out of his funnels and speed right into the path of my torpedoes. didn't even bother trying to maneuver away from them, then i get a disciplinary for hitting him. Come on world of warships my old zx spectrum had more intelligence then the bots in the game.