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  1. RuneSlayers

    Der LETZTE Post gewinnt

    @GuydeLusignanhat damit angefangen Btw.
  2. RuneSlayers

    WG ändert Flagge ohne Info

    Guter Einwand die Logo-Geschichte. Das dürfte in der Tat der Hintergrund sein.
  3. RuneSlayers

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    Well...yes, some kind of compensation would indeed be nice. Let's say an exta supercontainer or something like that
  4. RuneSlayers

    Der LETZTE Post gewinnt

    Ok...hier xD
  5. War überraschenderweise gar nicht mal sooooooo schlecht. Noch etwas Räucherspeck dran, dann war's sogar ganz lecker
  6. RuneSlayers


    That's it.
  7. Gleich zwei Gründe für unangenehme Bauchschmerzen
  8. RuneSlayers


    Is playing with the regular client an option for you? Your PC specs would be interesting in this regard.
  9. Mhm...lecker Fleisch. Da bekomme ich nur beim Anschauen schon Hunger. Meine Frau hat sich für heute bei uns so ein Kartoffel-Rosenkohl-Gröstl vorgenommen...ich probiers mal
  10. RuneSlayers

    PSA: new rewards for innactive accounts...?

    Well, the T-V container comes after 90 days. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/recruiting_station/
  11. RuneSlayers

    Anfänger sucht nach Hilfe

    Willkommen im Forum und im Game Auch immer empfehlenswert, ein Blick ins Wiki. https://wiki.wargaming.net/de/World_of_Warships
  12. RuneSlayers

    Der LETZTE Post gewinnt

    Aber nicht doch...süß xD
  13. RuneSlayers

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    On the EU Twitch stream on thursday they gave a (little) bit of "more information". Well, technically it was mostly the same as we got before. WG promised again that they have no intention to stop the birthday rewards. The rewards will come back as soon as the "technical difficulties" are solved. As it was with the prime gaming loot, which also came back. The system which assigns the birthday gifts was reworked...so says WG...and this rework didn't happen as planned. The new system crashed, a lot has gone wrong and so all took much much longer then planned. They are working on resolving the ongoing issues but no new ETA at the moment. Then again the promise that all affected players will get their gifts after the final fix. So...lots of text for just all the "infos" we had before. Still no explaining why this only affects the EU server for example or why some players recently got their gifts.