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  1. Shiplife

    What do I need to do more to win?

    The only way to win is to quit this shipfest of a game.
  2. Shiplife

    What is your blessed ship?

    For me it's Kaga.
  3. Shiplife

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Hello there, I'dl ike to join, thank you.
  4. Shiplife

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    Hello! Seeing as bot h of these ships are getting removed, which one would you buy (assuming you have neither)? Simple poll included, opinions welcomed! Thank you. Motivational picture included, but not related.
  5. Shiplife

    Pinnacle of Boredom: Watching Competitive Play

    I read this in Trump's voice.
  6. Shiplife

    Cv are in a fine state

    Flamu is such a manbaby. Can't stand his arrogant attitude.
  7. Hello, is anyone else missing the warning that your ship is spotted on your CV? Pretty annoying.
  8. Shiplife

    Accuracy of Thunderer vs Georgia

    The reason I am getting one of those is, they are both being removed from the shop.
  9. Hello, just a simple question, but a very important one due to my impeding decision of purchase. Could you compare the precision of the cannons for me please? I have heard that both have BC dispersion, but how similar are they to each other? Thank you.
  10. Now the question remians, whether to get the Thunderer or Georgia with coal. Thanks.
  11. When? Can not see any announcemets regarding this.
  12. Shiplife

    List of undocumented CV changes in 0.9.9

    Just played Lexington, TiTs pattern is still horizontal, same as all other rockets. Graff Zeppelin had also vertical ellipse, right? Anyone can confirm how is it looking now?
  13. Shiplife

    List of undocumented CV changes in 0.9.9

    All the rockets have the same shape of the pattern now. Wasn't mentioned either, right? What i mean is:
  14. Shiplife

    Why not just add a button? (CV)

    As I wrote in the OP:
  15. Shiplife

    Why not just add a button? (CV)

    Why though? It would function exactly like predrops, just without the messed up ordnance statistics (and without the occasional friendly fire :D )