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    How to play a Cruiser

    Hello, I've started playing two days ago, played through TI-IV with the german Destroyers and Cruisers and was pretty fun against the mostly bots. Then I got to T V with the Königsberg and obiously I understand that playing against humans is vastly different then against bots. But after playing like 15 matches I honestly still have no clue what I'm supposed to do and usually just am totally useless every time. I just get blown up everytime an enemy starts shooting at me often losing 3/4 of my health by one hit (onetime I even got legit oneshot with the first enemy salvo...). So I try to hang back, let the experienced players take the front and use cover in order to make use of the long range of my guns (got the upgrade) and give a bit of support fire but I get outranged by the battleships anyway and anchoring behind cover waiting for someone to get close enough doesn't seem totally right to me? And on the other hand I also feel like dont deal damage. Obiously my accuracy is pretty bad as a newcomer but even IF i manage to hit something I don't think I even deal any damage. On the long distance I use the AP Shells but maybe thats wrong? (Although I tried HE Shells and I dont think it really made a difference). I understand there are different parts of ships that take different damage, but damn... I'm usually just glad if I can hit anything at all on a moving and dodging target in 15km distance. I would be glad if someone had a few tips on how I should play, or on what I should focus. Or maybe I just picked the completely wrong ship to play as a new player? (The Tier VI Nürnberg one doesn't really seem like a real upgrade to me though, basically the same ship with a bit more health)