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  1. hypsar

    Lunar New Year and Juruá

    the ugliest camo I've seen for a long time ...
  2. now its more like "not to put economic bonuses to any flag, that is being giveaway" but anyway what was decided in one way in one day could be decided in another way in some other day ... as i said it is dull and lacks any creativity - look at this horror camo which was revealed today ...
  3. valentines flag could give 10% extra commander exp, if this is too rich then lets say 5%. some other flag some other stuff - its not that difficult ... an i dont worry about missions - i can probably do them all and have done all of them so far ... mostly ... except puerto rico but this was fck up from the beginning ... they are just so fcking dull - meaningless mission for meaningless price ....
  4. ok, this one time - "killing" smbdy for valentines mission does not look odd to you? perhaps mission without killing would suit more valentines spirit, like spotting, caping ... and regarding prizes - 10 smthg should equal to 10 smthg ... and those meaningless flags - give them some conditional meaning ffs - some flags on some ships give some small benefits ...
  5. another great example of creativity in wg/lesta today 4 camos and a meaningless flag ... lol - i suppose it tells how much we are worth to them
  6. hypsar

    The best thing WG ever made

    today they are just able to copy/paste ships, add ugly camo and sell it in different versions and while i dont like this video that much it is lightyears ahead of their current state ...
  7. hypsar

    Jurua in the shop

    ugliest fcking camo ...
  8. hypsar

    Some ships can't be sold.

    why would you buy a ship to sell it? it gets really weird here ...
  9. how cute - in the topic which leads to opportunities to spend more money 2 wg/lesta staff members complete with each other ... but in the rest of the topics you rarely see any of them to say smthg useful ... lol
  10. wg/lesta follows performance of each and every ship very carefully and so this thread is not needed
  11. so this prime fck up was worth absolutely nothing ... lol ... how pathetic ... wg/lesta has become really miserable. and btw do you know what you can do with these credits after lubricating them in virgin olive oil? right!
  12. how creative - new tokens ... office in s petersburgh is in dire need of stolichnaya vodka to come up with new ideas
  13. buying alaska in its current stage ie like throwing money away wg/lesta should offer a refund to those who request it to hope that anybody from staff would answer smthg meaningful instead of some frivolity ...
  14. hypsar

    False Advertising Claim

    got my laugh when the drop from the container was 1 camo - cheap cheap wg/lesta for next could i suggest also credits - 50k, or even better - 10k
  15. rare opportunity to make wg/lesta pay - boycott next tournament(s)