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  1. Northern_Nightowl

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got 1000 Doubloons, 15k coal, 7 premium days and 25 dragon flags out of containers earned in the birthday event (2 by my T10 ships, 2 with missions). And I just bought another SC with 2000 community tokens. Lucky me: Regards, Nightowl
  2. Northern_Nightowl

    The ship you regret the most having spent the resources on

    Graf Spee for Doubloons that I earned ingame. But only because only a few days later, the HSF ships came out, and I couldn't resist buying a HSF Spee (and my Harekaze). I now sit with twin ships in my port, where the standard SPee mainly rusts around. I would have preferred to buy a Dunkerque instead, if I had known that I could get a HSF Spee... Regards, Nightowl
  3. Yeah, the most efficient tactic for me there was, assuming a standard order of battle of one BB, one DD and one cruiser each, that each ship blocks one ring and waits for the Reds to come. It was eased by having German hydro ships (either DD or CL) in front. Charging through the middle was much more aleatory in its outcome and going round most often illusory due to a lack of time. I agree to agree! I grinded out my Normandie on the current brawls session and looks forward for more. Isn't the lineup in clan battles also just encompassing "few ships that are viable over and over"? But indeed, there were a fair share of Andrea Doria's and T-61 around. And going by the numbers of Shinonomes I saw, lots of veterans must have been also active lately. Regards, Nightowl
  4. Northern_Nightowl

    Iowa Still Worth It?

    What are those better options? Just asking, as the Iowa is presently the lone tech tree T9 BB that I have, so I surely lack comparison data. But I am sure about one thing: I'm most often favouring the Iowa over the Georgia (I have both), 3 more main gun barrels are really handy. The speed boost of Georgia only seldom make it up for having around 5k more health on Iowa. And an advantage of Iowa over the Colorado and the North Carolina: you can't get uptiered by two steps as it is common at T7 and T8. Regards, Nightowl
  5. Northern_Nightowl

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I feel it always as being a really tough game when your opponents in Brawls are in a complete 3 people division, whereas you enter the battle randomly and have to make do with whatever teammate the MM allocated you. It even tougher IMHO when this division encompasses a CV. The actual game was on "Shatter", Teammates: Warspite, Devonshire and I drove a Fubuki. Opponents: Leander, Andrea Doria, E. Loewenhardt. I felt like if we all were to go for the caps, it would have been a loss, as the enemy team could have easily whittled us down with fire. Indeed, the CV engaged quickly with its bombers, I took a hit while driving through H5. The Red CV pilot also set up an air patrol just above the shortest entrance way to the caps (square F5). The question obviously was: "How can we outplay and outsmart a team that is likely communicating via voice?" I recalled that my DD had a motorboost that, I guessed, should work the time needed to flank up to the right of the big island at G6-F6, announcing my intend to do so in the game chat: Our Devonshire was obviously not sharing this view and voiced his concerns in an expletive way. He progressed straight ahead to the caps and got sunk. Meanwhile, I finished my run up the island coast as intended and I saw a nice big, juicy target sitting in a narrow channel without much room to manoeuvre: BOOM! Yes, the detonation was lucky. But even without it, our Warspite (not visible on the map, he was in front of the F5-island IIRC) would have had a foe in from of him that lost a good deal of his fighting strength and health. Now, I had a thought of engaging the red Leander that also was in an unnerving proximity to me (a mere 7 km on my 9 o'clock). But another option crossed my mind: I recalled that CVs in brawls on "Shatter" like hugging islands, when having been spawned on top, they are often to be found on the C line. Additionally, in this battle, the red planes always entered our field of vision around C6, I had the opinion that some of them bifurcated somewhat to the right towards C7 before disappearing. So, it was a sound hypothesis that the red CV choose to hide nearby the big island of C6-D6. Hence, I progressed northwards, to find that the idea was correct: The carrier indeed was there. Disregarding my stealth and safety, I engaged with all weapons available. I landed three torpedoes on him and shot the last 1000 and a little of healthpoints away with my guns. It cost me the remainder of my health, I burned down due to a fire set up by some planes IIRC (may also have been the CV's secondaries), but I thought that it was a good tradeoff. This came out true, our Warspite sank the Leander with one AP salvo through the bow, and we managed to win against this division. That was an intense and satisfying battle for me and likely also for our jovial Warspite driver. I hope that the Devonshire captain is also happy with the result... N.B. The battle screenshots are taken out of the replay. I guess that the UI is somewhat buggy due to the fact that I pre-installed the upcoming update which may interact badly with my mods. This should account especially for the failed updates of our HP bars and map positions. Regards, Nightowl
  6. Northern_Nightowl

    Spot what's wrong.....

    You now what? I guess that WoWS is adamant of not being partisan to those Flatearthers - the Enemy surely was at the antipodes of the game globe and hence, below the horizon of us mere mortals. Regards, Nightowl
  7. Hello! I'm pondering the commander skillset of my Fletcher. It's geared towards torpedo usage, even eschewing the gun range module: The present long term planning for the commanding guy is eventually to get Radio direction finding (so as to reduce the element of surprise around caps), but right now, I'm unsure about the next possible actions: doing nothing and continuing collecting CXP for more options later taking the tube fill right now to reduce the loading time. Issue: While I recall some battle situations where I had to wait for my tube to get loaded, it doesn't happen this often that I feel this skill as mandatory in the light of other options taking Adrenaline rush, because it could somewhat supersede the tube fill in light of a Fletcher's role that encompasses DD hunting and hence, trading some health for damage I see myself now and then avoiding a fight with an enemy DD and more so, seldom going into smoke farming situations against cruisers and BB because I'm sometimes not confident about my ability to outtrade the foes in fire effects and to outlast them in health. The fire setting skill could eventually help On the other hand, I feel quite well with being a torpedo man as I quite often manage to hit even manoeuvring targets. The fish speed skill may enhance this gameplay. Issue: It may also take away valuable skill points that could have been spent on other options I'm looking for some input by fellow players to help me decide. So, comments will be appreciated! Regards, Nightowl
  8. Northern_Nightowl

    Summer Sales

    What do you mean with struggling? If you understand that some people may strictly manage their stocks, well, then it could be a reason fpr naked ships, yes. I won't use one for instance in a Coop game or maybe also in a low tier random match as I will rather save some stock for higher tier games. Regards, Nightowl
  9. Northern_Nightowl

    Battleship line advice

    Please allow me to disagree - in my own opinion, I do see the Iowa as a handy upgrade to the North Carolina. Personally, I do not feel any manoeuvrability issues while getting several advantages with the ship: - guns that feel or are actually a tad more precise (better or more consistent salvo groupings) - more health - less disadvantage when getting uptiered. In T9, you'll get at maximum ships one tier higher than you to fight, whereas in T8, you may eventually struggle against the same T10. I would always choose the Iowa over the North Carolina whenever possible. Otherwise, I concur with the opinions against the Italian BB, their biggest disadvantage surely is a true shotgun pattern (for me, they feel as being in the same "precision class" as the French Normandie) combined with a sub-par reload. Regards, Nightowl
  10. Northern_Nightowl

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Ranked tonight, the Reds hat a single DD remaining. All of our ships began to flock towards the middle of the map and driving in circular search patterns - I couldn't be helped but to remember the board game Scotland Yard, it was as if my team chased Mr. DD-X... Regards, Nightowl
  11. Northern_Nightowl

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Baddest SC that I got until now (daily login sourced): 100 AA flags (that's why I didn't bother to take a screencap)... Well, those flags will also eventually get used up. Albeit would have preferred stuff for fires, flooding, healing teams or ship speed... Regards, Nightowl
  12. Northern_Nightowl

    DD Turret armor

    This is a fitting demonstration on how irony from @Humorpalanta backfires when tried in a narrowband communication channel as the written form on forums is... Regards, Nightowl
  13. Northern_Nightowl

    This is beyond ridiculous and not even fun

    Yabba, could you clarify to me what kind of game mechanic exactly is randomised? Because: true randomness for two events happening with equal probability, like a perfect coin flip, does actually lead to a 50-50 repartition of the results in the long term. Going by your statement, if two identical ships are in queue, then they are evenly distributed on the two teams and there's no consideration which players are already sorted in. But this ain't true mathematical randomness, as eg. the time of day and behavioural patterns of ship preferences (BB liked, CV disliked, some lines favoured over others...) will allow some reasonable predictions. Do I understand it correctly that some unpredictability in teams stems from the impossibility to know beforehand which ships will be in queue for battle and randomness (which quality, actually? Are you using a cryptographical robust RNG?) is only used for determining the actual team of any competitor? Curious, Nightowl
  14. Northern_Nightowl

    This is beyond ridiculous and not even fun

    Your statistical sample of roundabout 50 games is really, really small compared to the total amount of games in one day that I assume being at least a 6-digit number. So, it's fully within the realms of normality to have random patterns emerging that puzzles the brain of any human, as our innate way of thinking is exactly to search for patterns and to assume reasons behind them. This is also the way how superstitions are born and propagated, or, as some other person wrote above, a confirmation bias. About divisions: I want to share an experience that I had just yesterday. While I was intensively playing brawls in my MAASS, I landed in a game where the opposing team was build of a 3-person division. The other two people with me, guys from the KITEN clan, were also divisioned (Scharnhorst and Atlanta). Seeing this, I asked through the in-game chat whether we could also coordinate our game play. We won and then they invited me to join them both in their division and Discord voice chat. We had good laughs, nice battles and played the game as it also proposes itself to be played: with teamwork! I think that nobody had the impression of being exploited or only serving as supporter of some selfish guy. Winning as a team should simply erase any thinking of selfishness and considerations about your result compared to your teammates, as winning should be the goal, or not? Regards, Nightowl
  15. Northern_Nightowl

    The torpedo paradox

    Hello @___V_E_N_O_M___, may I quite shamelessly advertise for a hopefully nice thread, Tutoring thread, BDA and tactics corner? It's build to serve as a learning resource and to collect exactly the kind of questions that you posted here. BTW, you're actually doing the same thing as I did, or rather, I'm still doing: using the HAREKAZE as a learning vessel. For me, it works to use the limits of your own detectability and sail there (5,4 km visual with commander skills, generally 6km against hydro and the respective radar ranges when confronted with that kind of vessel), so as you will stay unspotted but have the opportunity for as short as possible ranges for your weapons. Otherwise, I can confirm that by conforming to these hints posted above and that I'm also applying, you're taking a step to get better. Regards, Nightowl