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  1. JTJ22

    Why can dd's outgun battleships?

    So a DD is allowed to play like a tier 1 player and get away with it? You're a dd main so obviously you think they should be allowed to eat 13 broadsides from bb's...
  2. JTJ22

    Why can dd's outgun battleships?

    I can get the replay. I had already taken some damage from previous combat and was at 80k, he was able to burn me down in about more than a minute taking 13 hits from me AND landing no torps because I know how to WASD.
  3. JTJ22

    Why can dd's outgun battleships?

    As I said I know they're a counter... with their torpedoes. Also him sailing in a straight line not even dodging is a joke. Yes it was AP too.
  4. Call it salt or whatever, was in a 1v1 with a Haragumo in my kremlin, had 80k hp, he was full hp. He was sailing broadside in a straight line, not even changing throttle at all, i landed 13 shells on him in 2 salvos and couldn't kill him, yet within those 2 salvos he was able to deal 80K damage to me with 1 fire WITHOUT landing any torps I dodged them all... how on earth can a bb ESPECIALLY a kremlin land this many broadside hits and not kill him. Why on EARTH can a DD get away with playing like an absolute moron, not dodging anything, missing all his torps get away with being hit that many times and not dying, why am I being punished for playing the 1v1 as well as possible? I know DD's are meant to counter BB's but this is ridiculous, genuinely feels like there's nothing you can do about it. and people wonder why their bb's are sat at the back of the map sniping?