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  1. Kaczkorski

    0.9.10 - General Feedback

    Even if you are correct what do you want me to do - upgrade my PC so just I can play World of Warships ? ....I tell you what - since my 'low-end' PC seems to run perfectly fine with Warthunder I will just play that instead - they are just about to realease a major update for their naval forces which will finally feature heavy battle ships proper - whats there not to like ? How about you start with removing bloatware - like your ridiculous 'Games Centre' which Im sick of ctrl+alt+deleting whenever I run the game... Thank you for your speedy response anyway
  2. Kaczkorski

    0.9.10 - General Feedback

    Another bug Game freezes totally when in game menu - example collecting a container - which by the way DOES NOT APPEAR on screen either. This update is absolutely awful - did you actually test it before release ? Doesnt look like it.
  3. Kaczkorski


    Same here - this is already discussed on the latest update thread. 1. Can you please sort this out ASAP 2. Will the weekend event (combat mission to get the russian flag) be extended ? I find the game unplayable So much of an update - more of a massive [edited] up, well done. ....No dont you edit me - it was a massive c_o_c_k_ up
  4. Kaczkorski

    0.9.10 - General Feedback

    This - exactly the same issue. The whole battle felt like the ping was super high, but then the enemy ships looked transparent, my guns didnt fire tracers etc, just like you describe. I have zero mods and this only started happening after the last update. Please fix this asap - game is unplayable !!
  5. Kaczkorski

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    The invite system ( invite a 'shipmate') still gives you both those ships - I got a Lima Diana straight away and apparently need to grind a tier 6 to get a warspite (in a container presumably ???)
  6. Kaczkorski

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Just started playing last week and forcing me to use the Game Centre is rather irritating (I was launching directly). Mind you, you can still close the game centre after launching the game... I got into the game by an invite code - gave me a Tier II Diana and a Tier VI Warspite. I thought it was very generous but having read through forums it seems that WG are starting to get desperate to get new players in - I play Warthunder a lot & but for some reason Gajin dont need to give out Rank 4 premium ships/tank/aircraft in WT to new players. Mind you, WT PvE totally sucks in every way, in every vehicle, which is why I started playing WoW because I heard its a much better co-op experience :)
  7. Kaczkorski

    Problem Launching Game

    Yup, same here - That is terrible...there is no need for that What you can do after you start the game is CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+esc & close the game centre down once the game launched....for some strange reason the game still runs perfectly.