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  1. U69_2020


    Last bundle today... SURPRISE MECHANICS!
  2. U69_2020

    AXIS clan renamed???

    We have ships named after mass murderers... Stalingrad, Lenin... I am waiting for the Mao, or the Pol Pot.
  3. U69_2020

    Secret Mission bugged

    I had some hope that finishing the easy missions might unlock the not so easy ones, but njet. Got the reward crates (why they are called "containers", idk - they are wooden crates)... and finito.
  4. U69_2020

    Turkish ship

    How about that pirate ship, the Oruc Bey?
  5. U69_2020

    Secret Mission bugged

    Now I understand how voting works in Russia and Belarus. Comrade, make your choice - you get what we want you to get regardless what you choose.
  6. U69_2020

    Secret Mission bugged

    Then I see no problem with doing the easy mission for the greater reward.
  7. U69_2020

    Secret Mission bugged

    And what reward do you get? The greater one?
  8. U69_2020


  9. U69_2020


    WG should skip that temporal Halloween stuff and focus on permanent submarines instead.
  10. U69_2020

    How do i get close with German BBs?

    Sounds fine to me! More love for historical ships.
  11. U69_2020

    How do i get close with German BBs?

    Why not "play at least 100 random battles with a ship and achieve a win rate of at least 50% to unlock the next higher tier"? 😁
  12. U69_2020

    C. Colombo TX Italian BB paper design from where??

    Lesta caféteria, table 4, napkin box.
  13. I have to cut the connection at least once per hour and start looking for another VPN server that manages to get through to WoWs with acceptable losses....
  14. U69_2020

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    In those games, every success or failure is earned by you and you alone.