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  1. U69_2020

    Angeblich Schiff verkauft ???

    Ich neige dazu, Äußerungen mit "!!!" als Verschwörungstheorien abzutun.
  2. U69_2020

    Terrible State of the Playerbase

    So "competitive modes" have effectively become bum fights?
  3. Keine Sorge, die schützende Hand von WG nimmt sich der Sache an: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/275 American supercarrier United States Detectability range by Air: 22.54 km to 15.53 km.
  4. U69_2020

    Just got Scheillefen!

    Now let's talk about the massive war crimes of the W40K Empire (Exterminatus orders etc.), because I see some poster here proudly displaying a certain patch.
  5. Wie sehr wirkt sich das denn auf eine voll ausgebaute Agincourt aus? Die haben ja vermutlich so einige nur wegen der Sekundärartillerie gekauft.
  6. U69_2020

    Just got Scheillefen!

    You got what?
  7. U69_2020

    Terrible State of the Playerbase

    Playerbase 2022:
  8. U69_2020

    I never thought that I would say this.

    I don't think you need additional consumables in 2 vs. 2 brawls. How often do those battles last long enough to pop a 3rd smoke?
  9. 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  10. Because there was a mission for 50k BXP in the T7/T8 team, and this is not something you can do casually within a single day if you got a life. I don't think many players managed to finish that mission and even start playing T9/T10 before you prevented them to do so by removing the game mode entirely.
  11. U69_2020

    Here we go: New monetization scheme for rare ships

    Don't give WG ideas to introduce NFTs...