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  1. Noticed yesterday 9.12 started to download the pre 10.0 file. On checking progress WOWS showed that it was updating and underneath the updating bar was another bar saying I was no 2 in the queue, and then another bar underneath that one saying I was no 3 in the queue, no activity at all was registered in task manager, after no movement or change after 6 hours I closed WOWS down. Restarted a couple of hours later and no update activity at all, and was able to run WOWS ok. Then this morning Exactly the same problems happened again, in the same order and same results. Just wondered if any body else has come across this before?
  2. Brickdust_Express

    five epochs of the Navy

    It,s ok got it, thanks for looking
  3. Brickdust_Express

    five epochs of the Navy

    Trying to complete Five Epochs Of The Navy (Epoch 3) Have managed to get all the stars required to activate the final task, but I don,t understand what the final task is. Below are the screen shot of the 3rd Epoch finish. Can anyone explain to me what this actually means to this tired old brain, what I need to do to complete this 3rd Epoch. Thanks in advance.
  4. Brickdust_Express

    Ex Royal Navy matelot seeks clan.

    Thank you to all clans who sent me invites but I,ve now got into a clan. Admin could you please close the post down thankyou.
  5. Brickdust_Express

    Dockyard Mission

    ok thanks to all, please excuse my slow learning curve.
  6. Brickdust_Express

    Can you help

    TY CptMinia
  7. Brickdust_Express

    Dockyard Mission

    I,ve been slowly working through the Dockyard Mission and I notice one of the conditions for completing the second part of the Mission says that you have to get 100 incapacitation ribbons using a tier VI - X aircraft carrier. Now I freely admit that I may be misunderstanding this but if not, it would mean that if you did not have a aircraft carrier already you would not be able to complete the mission to acquire the Anchorage at the end. The only way I see it is, to complete this mission would entail having to purchase a aircraft carrier. Now if my understanding is correct this should not be happening. Could somebody please help me out and let me know if my thinking is wrong and maybe explain it to me. Thanks.
  8. Brickdust_Express


    Something had been nagging at my tiny mind about torpedoes for a few days now, and then it came to me. Why if a ship has torpedo tubes on each side of the centerline of the ship, does it take as long to aim and fire from the side that has not already been fired as it does if the ships torpedo tubes are on the ships centerline. In other words it is not true to life, as a ship in real life with torpedoes set on both sides of a ship would be able to fire both sides at the same time. I accept there may be a case of artistic licence in the programming of WOW but I just thought I,d put it out there for interest. Any thoughts?
  9. Brickdust_Express

    Ex Royal Navy matelot seeks clan.

    Hi, as stated, I,m a old pensioner who is also ex RN with 23 years service looking for a English speaking clan who would be willing to accept me into the fold and show me the ropes, and have a bit of patience whilst doing it. Would be really grateful for the chance to learn this side of WOW. Thanks for reading.
  10. Brickdust_Express

    Can you help

    As ever Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu you are so very helpful, thankyou. Just thought, have I got this right I can be in a clan and just playing the standard games that I do at present and that will also help the clan? And if called upon I could enter into a full clan battle now and then if the clan is short of a player for particular day or such (as I,m at my computer everyday and evening) using the three temporary tier 10 ships that WOW has allotted me for the duration of this present clan season.
  11. Brickdust_Express

    Can you help

    Thanks for that, as I said been bugging me.
  12. Brickdust_Express

    Can you help

    I,m interested in playing in a clan. I,m not looking for a clan here I might mention. I have had a few invites to clans when I first started on WOW,s and on my first invite I accepted, but because I was newbe I did not have a clue on how it worked ( I might add this was before the current season started ). 1/ I accepted the first invite I had, and I went to the clan,s pages every day and I was scoring certain items (not very much ), and quite understandably I was dropped from the clan ( did,nt realise the clan was a Russian one - I think ).The point here I am asking is reference to being in a clan and it not being a clan season, Which type of battle helps your scores for the clan? 2/ Which type of battles are for clans in the clan season? 3/ Is it worth my being in a clan as at my age my my speed of reaction, and thought processes etc are not what they use to be, but being a old time Royal Navy pensioner I do enjoy playing this game immensely, and it certain helps in passing the lockdown time. On a completely different track, I wonder if some kind soul could explain the following diagram for me. I,ve been trying to complete this Dockyard mission for quite sometime, the thing I don,t understand is what do the national flags indicate? As can be seen for the lower mission condition I am making headway, but for the upper condition absolutely nothing since I started. This is really bugging me as to why I cannot progress. I do use the correct tier ships but do,nt seem to get anywhere. Any help with any of my questions really appreciated.
  13. Brickdust_Express

    Settings problem

  14. Brickdust_Express

    Settings problem

    Thankyou CptMinia for your input, never knew what Discord was until now. So I will have to get a headset next time I get out and take advantage of this new (to me ) resource.
  15. Brickdust_Express

    What to do now

    Cheers shipmates couple of good answers there. Thanks so much for the screen shots and explanations. I enjoy this game but for me it,s difficult to remember everything that is written. I can pick up things so much quicker with a picture attached. Much appreciated.