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  1. 747BeerDrop

    General CV related discussions.

    Getting stuck with the autopilot is not nice! It happens often. Steering while flying, can we have it?
  2. 747BeerDrop

    Highway to Hell

    FlYiNg in this game is awesome fun!
  3. 747BeerDrop

    Anti Ship missiles in World Of Warships?

    Katyusha rocket launcher module, yummy yumm !
  4. 747BeerDrop

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    The German Silver CV`s are much more fun than the Graf Zeppelin Premium. @TheWarJaC Dear WG, please rework the Graf Zeppelin and please make is as much playable fun as the new German Silver CVs. Thank you. The new German CV`s are super fun...The real awesome bombing from the high ceiling, the fast torps to kill DD`s and the cool super low strike rockets. All great joy! 52 plane kills :)
  5. 747BeerDrop

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Playing submarines is super fun. Best is to have a catastrophe stats account and then to score 100-150K in submarine battles. The sub battle stats are not accounted for on stat websites. C`mon WG, bring the subs to random matches...So many want to play subs !
  6. 747BeerDrop

    Lenin, does it worth?

    Lenin is maximum worthy, it`s a good ship
  7. 747BeerDrop

    RADAR JAM Device

    If a radar jammer gets implemented, then I would suggest that we also get a device that makes the radar jammer inoperable.
  8. 747BeerDrop

    Server down?

    Logged in now - Authentication server is overloaded
  9. 747BeerDrop

    Server down?

    Down / Server Auth Overload
  10. 747BeerDrop

    Impossible de se connecter

    Same - Can`t connect
  11. 747BeerDrop

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    Indeed - Perhaps some form of additional sub counterplay would be handy for all ships.
  12. 747BeerDrop

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    I like the submarine gameplay. Timing exactly when to dive up, launch the torpedos at the right time, and then to fastly dive down again. What I dont like: I find the ping mechanic UI too fiddly. The UI square crosshair and the way the aiming works seem to not match the rest of the games targeting user interface. I hope WG will work further on the submarine-targeting user interface. So far I have only done a few submarine matches, I`m looking forward to explore the submarines more "in-depth" :D I`ve done a little video about my submarine experience It would be interesting to hear what others think about the Submarine ping mechanic... Wishing everyone a healthy life and fun in WoWs !